The Mayor In His Own Words…

Paletko said one of the biggest budget increases was from fringe healthcare benefits, which increased about 6 percent overall. information from

Paletko anticipates about a $1 million increase in the police  budget by way of salary step increases, overtime and fringe benefits.

Information from page issue/ideas scroll down to News Articles, at the bottom. “Mayor presents 2013-2014 budget.

So what is it Mr. Mayor are you confused?  When presenting your budget to the council healthcare has increased 6 percent. When talking to a room full of residents, you saved the City so much in healthcare. You stand before the residents and make that claim. However the numbers say something different. And you apparently do to.

Fact: Mr. Mayor you had your assistant for over a year negotiating with the Dearborn Heights Police officers union. You thanked her in an open council meeting for the year-long hard work she put in.

Fact: Mr. Mayor you told the council if they did not vote YES on this contract there would be no healthcare saving.

Fact: Mr. Mayor there has never been healthcare savings it was all just a balloon full of more of your “hot air”


2 thoughts on “The Mayor In His Own Words…”

  1. To be able to figure out the city budget figures from year to year, you must understand how to figure yourself around those figures, because when start comparing the figures from one year to figures from another year, your head will spin and you need to figure out a way to spin out of those figures.


  2. Part of the political field is a section called Screens and MIrrors, and the art of confusion. If done moderately and kept under control by the politician player, that will be fine and dandy. Unfortunately, most politicians lose oversight and start believing their own created “Screens and MIrrors” That is when becoming confused themselves.


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