Concerned Resident Writes

Dearborn Heights Police Department intimidating Voters


On Saturday, September 5, 2013, A Police Officer, while in uniform and driving a marked police car stopped at Zuboks Bait Store.  Zuboks is located on Van Born Road in Taylor.  Van Born Road is the dividing line between Dearborn Heights and Taylor.  The owners of Zubok’s are Dearborn Heights residents.  The officer tried to intimidate the owners/residents to remove the sign of a candidate running against the current Mayor.  The Dearborn Heights Police Union has endorsed the Mayor.  I wonder how this investigation will turn out considering the Chief of Police in his off time has been campaigning for the Mayor.

Please Note,

I removed the Name of the officer from the original email I received.


9 thoughts on “Concerned Resident Writes”

  1. Truthtelling,

    I am all for our police force and would even increase my taxes for them to have a higher salary and more benefits.

    I would more than welcome the officer/s in these two stories coming forth and giving their sides of what happened..

    However, this will probably not happen so there is no other way to view the “other sides” of these stories.

    The problem is that we the tax paying citizens never get a chance to hear the complete story but are responsible for paying the bill if they are guilty of these allegations. If we are paying for something we should at least be given the courtesy of knowing what exactly it is we are paying for.

    There is no reason why a closed meeting ( no video or audio) every few months be held for I.D. carrying citizens who are registered voters in Dearborn Heights be held to address sensitive matters.

    We call our mayor and council persons to task for allegations that are leveled against them. No one should be above the law, espeically those who have sworn to uphold it.


  2. Grandma Suzanne,

    There is multiple sides to every story, we should not judge this officer without having the full version of the fact. He may be following up with owners on police related matters?

    As you said those officers put their life on the job to provide safe and secured neighborhood, and they have no time for such allegations.


  3. Wow, now that is something that really needs to be investigated. I can just hear what council’s response will be if this matter is brought up at a council meeting. “I’m sorry we can’t talk about it this because it is a confidential matter”.

    Truthtelling, this officer had no right to say anything to a Taylor business as he was out of his jurisdiction. I think your questions as to whether he was in uniform and in one of “our” police cars needs to be answered.

    Bitsy08, don’t hold your breath about the Dearborn Press and Guide. Now if one of Janet Badalow’s supporters were to do this it would be front line news.

    Some of our police don’t like Janet Badalow because she will follow-up on complaints. One complaint she received was that one of our officers, on duty, went to an hour and a half doctor’s appointment in Allen Park and left the squad car running the whole time.As a girlfriend of a former fireman and the wife of a former police officer I will be the first to say that our police and fire members should be given top pay and benefits because of the very dangerous work they do. However, betraying the public’s trust should not be tolerated. Not only did this jerk betray the residents he is supposed to serve, he also betrayed his brother officers who do an outstanding service to our community. Thankfully, the jerks are a very small minority but the notoriety of what these jerk officers do, spoils the whole integrity of our police force.


  4. Is that officer was on duty or off duty? in city full gear uniform? Is that store in Dearborn Heights or Taylor? Is the officer was conducting a stop for cause if on duty? Is the store in violation of any regulations? is the officer logged in the incident? Is the store owners filed a claim with the local, county, state, federal authorities if they felt their right been violated?

    I hope this is not a case of police political intimidation.


  5. Can anyone report this to the Press & Guide? I think both of these are noteworthy news items for the paper. Citizens need to find out what is going on in their city.


  6. Geez. Is this another thing that’s against the Charter or just plain common sense that a police officer, Captain, any city employee shouldn’t be canvassing for ANY elected offical? If brought before the council, will they investigate this? My God! It’s one thing after another with this guy. I was told that there are Paletko signs in front of a liquor store on Warren and Gulley, close to the street. Another infraction or can they post those signs if they have the permission of the owner?
    Do you know, Kathy?


  7. This is nothing new, really. A few of our “authorities” did it last election, and the one before that. No one wants to say anything because “they”, and I mean only a few, will hound you into the ground. This is one way that our honorable police lose the respect from the citizens. The worst part of it is that it reflects upon those who do not do it.


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