The Car That Should Have Never Been.

At the last council meeting Councilwoman Badalow brought up the leased car for CEDD Director some very interesting developments on that front. For one according to the Press and Guide,

She brought up the item again and shared new information she gathered.

She said she had been in conversations with Keith Hernandez, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Director of Community Planning and Development, and he indicated that such a lease does not meet the guidelines for acceptable use for CDBG funds.

The exchange between Councilman Berry, Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton, and Councilwoman Badalow is very interesting,

Councilman Tom Berry said it is a bad time to bring up making changes because the city budget has already been approved for the year.

“If we’re so focused on reducing our expenses or our overhead, why didn’t we bring this up during budget deliberations?” Berry said. “If you wanted to do something the time to do it was back when we were going through budgets, not now when we’re trying to discredit people for their positions or their jobs or to make a position or a point on something that we cannot act on.”

Badalow and Hicks-Clayton each countered that they did not vote for the 2013-14 budget.

“The reason it’s coming up now again … this was put on our agenda,” Badalow said. “I certainly didn’t put it on the agenda; it didn’t come from me.”

What did Mayor Paletko say,

Mayor Daniel Paletko said they pulled the car request from the agenda and aren’t requesting it any longer.

“But we keep hearing speeches about it,” Paletko said.

There you have it folks he pulled the car request and isn’t requesting it any longer so we should all shut up now.. Sorry Mr. Mayor, but you used CDBG Grant funds to pay for a car for 3 years that clearly wasn’t allowed. You took money away from deserving and needy people to give your department head a PERK.  So no I think Mr. Mayor you have to answer to this shame on you.

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10 thoughts on “The Car That Should Have Never Been.”

  1. drheights48127,

    My comment stated that neither councilwoman Badlow nor Horvath suppose to follow up with HUD or the state, if they were given the correct answers according to the rules and regulations by the responsible city officials who are responsible for those programs.

    Absolutely they have the right and its their duty to follow-up when they feel its necessarily and in the best interest of DH.

    And as i said the council members and the mayor should thank both of them a lot for their effort and courage. .


  2. The fact is that HUD “could” come back to the city and ask for their money back. They probably will be investigating the funds given and how they were used, to say nothing about the director and his activities. The mayor has since taken this off the agenda. He’s hoping most likely that this will shut down the talk. And perhaps he’ll give the director his car anyway, even though it’s not according to HUD rules. Hasn’t stopped him before. You can’t believe him nor, in my opinion, can you trust him. And you certainly can’t hope the council will stand up to him; not as they stand now.
    David Bowie says:
    But I’ve never caught a glimpse
    Of how the others must see the faker
    Where’s your shame
    You’ve left us up to our necks in it.”


  3. This director is the city official entrusted to represent the city with HUD, he is trusted to give the mayor and council the advice and consultations about HUD funding. His words should be the final words to the city, and he should be the person who contact HUD for clarifications. NOT councilwoman Badelow or other council members as councilwoman Horvath stated in previous council meetings about the NSP funding.

    How HUD will be judging his competency after councilwoman Badlow inquiry? And their communications with her?


  4. This car lease issues should never mushroomed to this level, The director of that department should’ve presented immediately to the council a list of his daily HUD eligible activities including the projects and programs that he has to travel to for inspections and follow-ups. This director should’ve never bragged about his personal activities and special services that necessitated the needs for a lease car.

    This director should’ve know the rules and regulations surrounding this matter and he should have the competency and knowledge required from him to be in his position.

    Councilwoman Badalow should’ve not needed to consulte HUD Detroit field office as she stated to obtain the correct information about how the CDBG funds can be used or not used???.

    The council and the mayor should thanks councilwoman Badalow for her extra effort and commitment to serve the residents of the city as better as possible.

    The meals on wheels is an important and honorable services needed to continue to serve the most vulnerable and silent persons in our neighborhood. Their dignities and honours should never be joportise.

    This director of community development should’ve been actively working to secure funding for this program, even if he has to shift funds from other programs and projects.

    That is his JOB fox! Community services to eligible activities under CDBG.

    His salary is paid from HUD fundings! And according to HUD training is also eligible activity, I think after what councilwoman Badlow disclosed during the city council meeting, the mayor should order him to get an extensive training in HUD related rules and regulations. and report on his progress to council to restore his competency status with them.


  5. I agree when I ran same thing was said to me. Your right about people talking about this subject all over the city.

    No employee should have a leased car including the Mayor. If he’s re-elected and council stays as is with in a year he will be asking for a new car.


  6. I think Councilwoman Badalow was appropriate in the information she provided on this issue. There are few issues that have been as widely talked about in the city. It is only appropriate that someone on the council or in the administration provided closure to citizens on this issue. One of the biggest complaints that citizens have is that they bring an issue up, hear happy talk and then nothing happens and they are left hanging. I think getting the facts reported on the topic helped all.


  7. Is this director still working for the city? which car he drive? and what the federal government will do to recover their funds?

    The regulations councilwoman Badalow talked about are very basic, how come he or somebody in his department don’t know about?


  8. Councilman Berry,

    If one of your stores manager at Bell Tire fail to implement corporate policies either because they ignored the rules or didn’t understand them, what you will do with that manager? For sure not cover up-the miss? specially if it involve some government regulations?

    Because it will come-back to haunt you later as the operation general manager.

    The public trusted you to safeguard their taxes by hiring the best qualified employees to provide city services. Please, just remember that and act accordingly.

    You are known to be an honest and straightforward public official and councilwoman Badalow presented evidence regarding the car lease based on that director claims. You should thank her for helping you and the other council members in this matter. Not trying to close the subject.

    Without her effort the council probably approved the lease.


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