If Only It Was True

Old campaign literature from when the Mayor ran the first time for Mayor.



4 thoughts on “If Only It Was True”

  1. His Fiscal Responsibility drove DH in to a hole full of “READ INK” (the economy played a big role but its effect was on all the region)

    Check out the site below and the city figures and rating, and since you are their, compare the surrounding cities to us? Those cities mayors use to ask how DH was doing better than them? Wondering what they are saying now? Their are either in the same shape or better.

    Be careful from getting splashed with red ink.



  2. He should use the same poster but updating the pictures. Its such beautiful piece of campaign literature for a family man mayor!

    Family values are such big deal for a lot of voters and will be the base for casting their votes..

    He should also use the same language! The poster word resembling a perfect mayor characteristics.


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