Election Year.

Its election year…the Mayor said when he took a shot at Councilwoman Badalow for doing her job. At the last council meeting the issue for the lease car for the director of CEDD came before the council to take a vote on. Councilwoman Badalow sent an email to the director of the CDBG grant gave him the information that was given to the council by the director of that department and the Mayor. Based on that information she was told that a leased car wasn’t covered under the grant. 3 years ago I begged one of the council members to do this very thing. At the time I didn’t believe it was covered the council member I spoke with did nothing. This was pulled from the agenda with the excuse that the car dealer ship revoked the offer. Facts do say how ever it was pulled because yet again another lie by the Mayor was exposed. Question I have for each and every member of this council where is your outrage? Instead of accusing Councilwoman Badalow you should have been directing your accusations at the Mayor for doing this. No instead you’d rather “cut of your noses despite your face.”

How backward is this City’s administration, and it’s council when a council member gets chastised on public television for doing what they are elected to do. The Mayor is pointing a finger at Janet Badalow saying she’s only doing this because it’s an election year. What about you Mr. Mayor?
All of a sudden you have the secretary in you office applying for a grant for the recreation department. Yah no wonder it’s an election year and your not running un-apposed a grant for 4,000.00 a year to help pay the directors salary. It’s an election year what about the 8 years you’ve been in office? That’s 32,000.00 dollars missed money because you didn’t care until ” an election year.”

Two years ago you wrote the animal control officer out of the budget, but now it’s “election year” you hired someone in such a hurry only to have them leave after a few days. The council passed ordinances to deal with the “pit bull” problem in the City. Ordinances that are more than sufficient to take care of the issue. How ever you wrote out the person that has to enforce them leaving the city riddled with unlicensed dogs running the streets. Leaving residents living in fear not able to walk in their own neighborhoods without being armed.

He’s done a shake up in the ordinance department hiring more ordnance officers to combat the blight that he’s turned a blind eye to in the past eight years that he’s been in office.
Again just in time for Election Year.

The South End of Dearborn Heights is getting much needed attention from the Mayor finally. Thanks to the newly established Southwest Dearborn Heights Neighborhood Association. After being ignored by the Mayor for so long they decided to take matters into their own hands.

Yep it’s an election year Mr. Mayor and you are sure trying to make yourself look good for the voters. Things you should’ve been doing all along you’re trying to do now. Unlike you councilwoman Badalow candidate for Mayor has been doing her job all these years.

Please council stop this do your jobs and stop taking childish digs. Please remember there are a couple of you up for re-election are you playing it up at council because it’s an election year. I don’t think any of you are I think there is one candidate doing that-the Mayor.


19 thoughts on “Election Year.”

  1. Dan’s or man, etc. I “think” you meant to type Dan’s our man??? Sorry, Dan, but he may be your man but he’s certainly not mine. As to what’s in your mailbox, political stuff can be mailed, thereby ending up in your mailbox as was the Paletko information found in my neighbor’s mailbox. When someone canvasses the neighborhood for a political candidate and find you’re not at home, they CANNOT put that literature in your mailbox. Hope that helps to straighten out the Paletko campaign.


  2. anxious,

    Sorry, I will take that back with full respect to your opinion. But I care for your choice. Few years ago one council candidate won the primary with one vote here in Dearborn Heights.


  3. truthtelling——-why did you make that remark about me being a surporter of the mayor? You have noe clue who I surport and dont surport Please dont asume anyhing about me you do not now me.


  4. anxious and all supporters of the current mayor,

    Tell us what the current mayor accomplished in the past 4 years? It should be very easy task.


  5. Bitsy08 Please call Ken Baron let him know that signs cannot be put on public land there are lot of business in this city put them on public land and nobody cares. I have Janet’s and Kosinski stuff in my mail box.


  6. Magnus, I am an old geezerette myself and I am really glad that you and other young people are moving into Dearborn Heights. We not only need some fresh blood in city hall but in our neighborhoods too.

    I do not use the senior centers but I know there are many in Dearborn Heights that do. Those that do feel they have the right because as long-time residents during their working years they paid taxes to support these centers and now because of Mayor Dan and his gang mishandling of the city finances the senior centers might not be there when they can use or need them.

    Janet stated at the mayoral debate that she would like to see our senior centers have multi-functions as a way of paying for these centers. There are many functions that can occur after “senior” hours for programs that can both benefit the community and raise additional revenue. This is what Janet wants to explore. I believe a volunteer committee of all age voters could be formed to explore this further. There is no reason except just plain selfishness on the part of us old goats that one building could not be used for several purposes thus making it a win-win situation.

    Mayor Dan wants the senior vote by proclaiming ” I promise not to close any senior centers”. What a twit remark. He knows darn well that the Eton Center’s roof is in bad shape and will require thousands of dollars to do just a patch job and millions to replace it in the very near future. Sure, he won’t close it, he will just let things happen to the point the building becomes unsafe and is shuttered, then he will blame “the bad times” (his famous excuse for his screw-ups) for its demise. Janet doesn’t want that to happen and she is thinking ahead of how she can save the centers, especially, Eton.

    She didn’t make any nonsense statements like Mayor Dan did but she did make a promise she would give it her best in keeping them open and I believe her.


  7. First of all, so happy to see more and more of you in favor of Janet Badelow. I’ll be walking my neighborhood for Janet and I’ve asked her to send me a list of things she wanted to do over the years and why they weren’t implemented. Most of it I know was because the other 6 voted her good ideas down. I also want that list to include ideas she wants to implement right away. One of the BIG things is move City Hall to the Justice Center. With the shape City Hall is in, it just makes good business sense.
    And Anxious, I think Magnus remark about “keeping the same old people leads to the same old policy” meant people who had been on the council for some time. I have to say I agree with Magnus whole-heartedly. I’ve said over and over that DH is the ONLY city in the surrounding cities that has two senior centers; and the surrounding cities are for the most part bigger cities than DH, with more square miles and more citizens. And to pay for a new roof on a center that we don’t even own and which we pay $1 to rent EACH YEAR – and have to pay to put a new roof on it? Certainly doesn’t make good business sense to me. But Janet has said she won’t close one of them either.
    Now one thing I’ve learned about canvassing for a political figure is that political brochures, etc. CANNOT be put in the mail box and signs CANNOT be posted on public land (between the sidewalk and the street, in old gas stations, etc.).
    And by the way, Anxious. I AM a senior but I think Magnus should have included all people in his remark. Too many of us vote name recognition. How many of the people in Detroit voted for Kwame and are now kicking themselves? Let’s not make the same mistake. Time for some new ideas. Time for a new Mayor and some new council people. We have Lisa Farrens running for council and I don’t know about anyone else but what I’ve seen and heard from her tells me she’d be a GREAT council person. Bob Constan is also running and I’ve been told by someone in the know that he was really good when he was on the council before; studied the items on the agenda and made INFORMED decisions.
    We need a whole new council and 3 of them are up for re-election. I know who I’m voting for – do you?


  8. Anxious…
    I do respect older people more than you know, but I also realize new ideas are needed to keep moving forward and what worked for my grandparents probably wouldn’t work today.
    I am not really against the senior centers, but my god there has to be priorities.

    Blight, weeds, stray dogs, libraries, parks, crime, all come in way ahead of keeping up TWO senior centers. I don’t live in a senior center…I live in my house and I am tired of seeing the neighborhood around me go to hell while I continue to bust my butt to keep up my property.
    And yes…I do respect and appreciate older people, but this city needs new young families to move in and support this local economy and this current mayor is not focusing on how to make this city appealing to those people. This Mayor has no ideas that will move this city forward…he only offers patches to keep the bleeding down. He has been in charge during this decline in our cities prosperity and while I don’t blame him for 100% of it, I don’t see him pulling us out of it either.
    How can you continue to vote for the same ideas when they don’t seem to be working anymore??

    Time for a change.


  9. flowergirl,

    Please call the news, any news. those animal rely on us human to protect them from abuse, they suffer silently and endure the pain without complaining. its our responsibility to resolve their matter and make sure the authorities do what the suppose to do. Don”t be a silent witness to crime against a suffering animal. You will have nightmares about that for the rest of your live.

    Please call and relieve them from the pain. The news love animals and will rush to help you. Call asap before its to late.


  10. I’ve been trying for a very long time to get an animal control problem resolved to no avail. I’m responded to with pleasant words in order to appease me and I feel that I am disrespected. I’ve verbally confronted those in authority and now I fear retaliation and no help whatsoever. This City used to be a wonderful place to live, and we used to have the best police department, but more and more evidence points to a lack of integrity and truth and excuses and self-serving behavior. Wish I was brave enough to take my problem up with a local news station.


  11. Well Magnus I may be older but I am aware of what goes on in the city and so do all the other OLD people and by the way you wont be too far behind it comes fast. Very rude !!!!!!!!Just because a person is older they no nothing WRONG They have more experience and knowledge and the comment you made about the senior center was rude also. I am so upset by your remarks and I feel you should have more respect for the seniors that is the way I was taught.There was remarks about one of our council member about he falls asleep at meetings he is too old and I have not seen him fall asleep yet. Lets stick to the things that need to be done and how we can change things for the better insulting certain people is not the answer. You have totally insulted me and others who are OLDER


  12. anxious,

    1- She was one out of 7 votes.
    2- She voted NO on the budgets that led the city to a deficit.
    3- She informed the public about the issues the way they are.


  13. I would like to know what janet has achieved in her yrs as being on the council .She spoke about all that she wanted to do to make our city a better place.We all should know if anything was achieved and if things were not she needs to make everyone aware of the reason why.


  14. I too would like to see new leadership in this city and Janet Badalow would be a huge improvement over our current Mayor.
    I also think we need a new city council, and almost all the city department heads need to be replaced as well. Keeping the same old people leads to the same old policy and we need to clean house and get new ideas and new people in here. Unfortunately, I fear that too many voters (especially the older ones) will vote for Dan Paletko because of his name and have no idea about the “real” current state of the city.

    Oh well I guess as long as they have their precious senior centers they could care less about fixing this city.


  15. To all loggers

    So how the CPA of mayor Paletko helped the city avoiding the 5 millions general fund balance deffest? The fund balance was $5,610,300.00 surplus in 2009? According to his own figures as shown bellow.

    Mayor Canfield has no CPA and she balanced the city budget for years. I guess the CPA didn’t help at all, check the numbers bellow , no wonder why Pro-Tempt Badalow voted NO NO NO on those budgets.

    Here are the budget figures as recorded in the budget for 2010-2011.

    Fund Balance on June 30, 2009- $5,610,300.00 in black ink

    Estimated Fund Balance on June 30, 2010- $4,534,624.00 in black ink

    Estimated Fund Balance on June 30, 2011- $3,750,246.00 in black ink

    Here are the budget figures as recorded in the budget for 2013-2014.

    June 30, 2012 Defect – ($3,417,256.00) In the red ink hole

    June 30, 2013 Estimated Defect – ($1,391,956.00) In the red ink hole

    June 30, 2014 Estimated Defect – ($170,267.00) In the red ink hole

    Fund Balance Reserve-Sanitation Levy – ($1,989,312.00) must be paid from the general fund. That is (1,989,312.)+(170,267) = ($2,159,579.00) in the red ink hole on June 2014 according to his budget estimation.

    So, So, So! An estimated Fund Balance on June 30, 2011 for $3,750,246.00 in black ink

    Turned on June 30, 2012 to a defect of ($3,417,256.00) In the red ink hole??????

    From: on June 30, 2011- $3,750,246.00 in black ink
    To: on June 30, 2012 Defect – ($3,417,256.00) In the red ink hole

    Then The HO and additional taxes come in.

    This is in plan English and you can check all this figures in the city budgets documents.

    That what Ms. Badalow saw and can’t digest the numbers.s

    CPA or not, How about the other elected officials? The city Clerk finally spit the truth during city council meeting, and the mayor never answered him publicly yet. Wonder why?

    The truth is like water it will find its way to the open river.

    That enough reason to vote for Mayor candidate Janet Badalow in November 5.

    The city desperately needs her vision and conservative financial views, philosophy and practices to avoid another future tax increase.

    Not even a year pass for the tax increase and her again he requested with the council approval a new library tax increase, as if the library is not part of city administration.

    And get this: The city general fund charge the city library fund ( Both are taxpayers money) an annual fee.

    And guess what? The general fund show a surplus and the library fund needs more taxes.

    What is the difference? Taxes are Taxes wither to the general fund or to the library fund.

    The promises of no more taxes and less spending and more cut didn’t hold. Not even a year?

    God know what will happen in the next 4 years to this city financials without conservative spending measures, including stopping cars leases for city officials and paying for city business related miles


  16. I never wanted to jump to my feet and shout at a public figure like I wanted to last Tuesday when the soon to be ex-mayor Paletko took that cheap shot at Councilwoman Badalow. However, as I was sitting in the audience I heard murmurs of the people around me stating to the fact of what a ” distal end of the human gastrointestinal tract” he was. I know one thing for sure those people came away with a good idea of what type of mayor and gentleman he is not. In the long run it turned out to be good PR for Janet Badalow as she said nothing to lower herself to his level and proved that she was not only a lady but a statesperson and not merely a politician like the soon to be ex-mayor Paletko..

    Most of the people in attendance had never attended a city council meeting before and were there to give their opinions of pit bulls both pro and con. Although it is a shame our council chambers cannot be filled like that every time, those that were there got a good taste of what their mayor is really like. I also filled in the couple sitting next to me some more of what the soon to be ex-mayor Paletko has done or not during his reign. They had many friends throughout the meeting and I have a feeling that once they tell their friends, who had a first hand look at the type of person our mayor really is, well it just doesn’t get any better for Janet’s campaign than that. The soon to be ex-Mayor Paletko really shot himself in the foot is all I can say and his face turned beet red (as I am sure he heard some of the comments from audience) when he realized his remark had back-fired and put him in a very bad light.

    Oh and yesterday I found some really good fiction reading on my door step with a door hanger promoting what the soon to be ex-mayor Paletko has done in our city and why we should vote for him. If it wasn’t so glossy it would make good bathroom tissue but at least I can re-cycle it.


  17. Anyone who’s been paying attention knows he didn’t do any of these things when they counted. Now that he’s running for office, all of a sudden we have more Ordinance Officers and those officers are finally being trained to take care of the rat problem. Beforehand, he’d “done all he could.” Talk about a “Come Late Charlie.”


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