Eight Million Dollar Rainy Day Fund What Happened To It?

dan paletkoWhen Mayor Dan Paletko took office the City of Dearborn Heights had a “Rainy Day Fund” of 8 million dollars. What happened to it? For someone with a CPA bragging about his great ability to balance budgets and keep the City afloat during these trying times. Blah, Blah, Blah we’ve been hearing it for years. In his time in office he’s gone through 8 million dollars in savings and put the City in a deficit that’s in the millions. Whether your supporter of Mayor Dan Paletko or not you have to ask the intelligent question what has he really done?

While the Mayor would like to tell all of us about the surplus budget he’s having. I’d like to bring all of us here in Dearborn Heights back to reality. The Headlee Override, and MMRMA those two things are what’s given the City a surplus budget. Not one thing the Mayor has done nothing he’s cut the taxpayers, and a refund check gave the City a surplus. So to all of us congratulations we are part of the reason the Mayor can stand and take credit he doesn’t deserve to take for a surplus budget.


4 thoughts on “Eight Million Dollar Rainy Day Fund What Happened To It?”

  1. To claim surplus you have to be out of debits? There is no GENERAL FUND BALANCE (GFB) SURPLUS in FY 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 not even in 2014 according to the city proposal.

    Just to make you more happy, and according to the city FY proposed
    2013-14 budget as published on city website, and if everything goes according to the mayor’s figures, the general fund balance will be in the “Hole” in the “Negative” in “Red-Ink” in the “Minus” in “Debit” or call it what ever except GFB surplus.

    The hole will be $1,989,312.00 dollar deep (according to the mayor estimate) at the end of June 2014. This debits must be paid to the Sanitary Levy fund. Its part of the deffest but reported in different line item.

    The city government needs to pinch penny’s to get out of debits. It toke only few years to sink few millions under.

    And without the citizens approval to HO, God only know what the situation will be.

    God bless our city voters. They deserve all the credit and a responsible spending policy.


  2. With no offence!!!!!!

    What surplus you are talking about? According to the city 2013-14 document on city website, Page 4, the general fund balance is in “red ink”. Get your facts together please. Read page 4.

    If you referring to the difference between the proposed revenue and the expenditures for the FY ending June 30/2013 then you may be correct, but so far no final $$$$$$ yet, its up to April only? and we are in the midden of September 2013

    And for FY ending June 30/2014 its all in the air, the budget is a proposal not facts. We will know the correct numbers next year some time similar to this year.

    Please check the city numbers as reported on the following website, under 2012 and check general fund box then lock for general fund balance down the page and see for yourself.



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