Call it anything, but a surplus budget please.

Mr. Mayor please stop calling the extra money in the budget a surplus because it’s not. How can you claim that when you still have a deficit? How can you make that claim when people are still working in the City at a 10% decrease in salary? That isn’t a true statement when the City is still closed one day a week. You can’t claim surplus when the city is still understaffed.

Surplus only applies after,
The deficit in the City is paid down.
When the City is open 5 days a week.
When employees of the City get their 10% back.
When the City is at full staffing levels.


8 thoughts on “Call it anything, but a surplus budget please.”

  1. “mona:
    AUGUST 7, 2013 AT 10:58 AM
    Smoke and mirrors, kathy. That’s all this is.”


    Were the smoke coming from? and how large the mirrors are?


  2. Any new adjustment to the city budget? Do we have the numbers up-to June 2013? Is the surplus still there?


  3. I understand that Dearborn Heights may not be up to date with the technology, but why can’t our council members pick up there own council packages instead of wasting a police officers time.
    Also with our population on the downside do we still really need to pay for 7 council members or could we cut back to 5 like some other cities that I have read about?


  4. Tony says,

    They may not have access to computer or email! The city clerk want 100% electronic.

    In this age of technology, Grand-MA Dearborn Heights still not up-to-speed with it, Grand-MA need help!

    Councilwomen Badalow: Please assist in this matter and put a council resolution mandating the agenda to be emailed to the council members!

    So you can use your own Lap-top during the meeting! The clerk is doing fantastic job by loading all public information on line. It’s about time we have that breed of elected official in action for our city.

    Common-Guys, get out of stone electronic age.

    Change is needed in city hall and November is 2 month away!


  5. A couple weeks ago when I was visiting my parents I noticed a police car pull into the driveway of a home down the block. This home is also the home of a council person. After a few minutes and as the officer was walking back to his car I approached him and explained that my elderly parents live down the street and I just wanted to make sure that everything was ok before I left. The officer who turned out to be a sergeant stated that everything was ok and that he was just delivering council packages. I am furious that we are paying tax dollars to have a police sergeant deliver council packages. Next time the council complains about what our city employee’s are getting or not giving back they better check how much it is costing for that sergeant to deliver council packages.


  6. drheights48127,

    The budget document suppose to list the outstanding internal loans, that way you can tell how much the real deficit is! not the surplus.


    Read the back up of the budget resolution on 5-28-13
    “Budget adoption motions” on 13-A

    It say :Fiscal 2013-14 surplus budget”

    Why emphasizing “Surplus”? it’s odd!

    I wonder why 2 council women voted NO


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