I Can’t Hear You..

hear-nothing Who does this most remind you of the council, the mayor or both?

As a resident do you feel that council listens to you?

Would you be surprised to know that the Councils main job is watching your tax dollar and how that money is spent.

Has the council done a good job watching how your money is spent?

The day-to-day operations of the City is the Job of the Mayor not the council.

How many of you feel the Mayor has done a good job listening to your issues?


Just a few of the many questions all of us have to ask ourselves on election day.


8 thoughts on “I Can’t Hear You..”

  1. Dear, Starry Nigh
    “The libraries have operated on their own financial track. They sink or swim alone”
    That is true in your books and I respect that.
    But the fact is: The libraries millage that passes by the voters to support their bond and operation did not include a provision to create a separate authority responsible for them.
    Therefore the administration can separate them or include them in the budget, segregate them or integrate them with the revenue, record their expenditures the same way or differently from other city department. That will not change the fact that the libraries are part of the city administration and the responsibility to balance their budget
    Therefore, the mayor should act accordingly in this matter. He should take full responsibility for those libraries and inform the public and the council about what was done in the past 3years to balance their budget, what cuts or operations streamlining he implemented to reduce their deficit and what programs should eliminated to balance their budget. That is not an easy job to perform.
    Taking the easy way is what this administration and council done last week by asking the voters for more TAXES. The philosophy of:
    To become an airliner captain you must be able to tack full responsibility for your plan and navigate safely in all situations and landing without crashing.
    Navigating a water vessel in deep water above all obstacles is easy and less dangerous. The real test for the captain will be: navigating the obstacles in shallow water and bring the ship one piece to save harbor.
    When you are holding the steering wheel you are the driver responsible for driving the car safely to the destination.
    You can crash, sink, and have an accident and then ask others to pay the price with you, but there is a price you pay personally some time depending on the circumstances and the degree of your personnel fault. You may banned from flying, stripped from your maritime certifications and your driving license suspended.
    Those examples apply to municipalities’ mayors. They may missed manage or faced financial difficulties among other budgetary obstacles outside their control, but failed to resolve them,
    You can’t just say: Oh it’s not me when you in-charge
    Mayors can ask tax payers to bail them out, but some time there is a price they have pay personally similar to the captains and the car drivers and depending on the circumstances also. For example: Voters may oust them from office or agree to help them and approve the tax increase or denied them more taxes and simply ask them to sharpen their pencils and balance the budget.
    Paying for public services is a civic duty when proving to be reasonable, applicable and necessary to operate a save community.


  2. The surplus is paying a deficit reduction plan over the next five? Years I heard. The city cannot absorb the libraries and have operated on that basis for over a decade. With TIFA possibly not paying the bond soon for the justice center, that also will fall on the city as well. The libraries are not considered in the deficit reduction plan and never have been.

    And the bond does not go away. If a building is closed, or both are it/they will sit there, the bond being paid down year by year out of the existing millage for a long time and unopened. It will be an embarassment and hurt the community it has worked so hard to maintain.

    The libraries have operated on their own financial track. They sink or swim alone.


  3. Dear One Guy,

    The libraries services are part of the city administration, and their millage should be part of the city revenue.

    Their operating and bond payment should be part of the city budget according to municipal accounting standard since the libraries responsibilities and functions are not independent and have no separate authority officially responsible for their daily operations.

    In a nut shell; sample English; Those two libraries budget and operations responsibilities stop at the disk of the Mayor. The final decisions are his responsibility not the library director or the friends of library or the library board.

    Mayor Paletko submitted to the council the 2013-14 budget with $1,562,723.00 yes over one and half million SURPLUS. See for yourself on city web site by clicking on city budget.

    The mayor and council asked the voters last year to approve 3 mills. their emotional request was full of promises to streamline the city budget and cut loopholes and increase efficiency at large.

    They did not exclude the libraries, and informed us that Oh, by the way the libraries are not included and we need additional millage next year. The mayor, the treasurer and the council know about the short fall of the libraries millage. But choose not to address the issue.

    Anyway their is no issue at all.

    Mr. Mayor, just reduce the libraries budget, treat them as non-emergency services and pay to operate them similar to other city departments.

    And even if you choose to keep them at the same level of services, you should have no problem doing that-check your own numbers on the third page of your own budget document – Specifically under SURPASS its $1,562,723.00.

    So why more taxes?

    Please mayor don’t blame the request for one extra mill equal to $1,000,000.00 one million dollars of taxes on the library director, he reports to you. Aren’t he? and if you blaming the council than oppose the resolutions for more taxes and use your veto power to stop them.

    Otherwise go publicly and state your opposition, The republicans will probably vote for you.


  4. One Guy, I would hate to lose the libraries too but how long are the tax payers going to keep responding to “crying wolf”.

    I went all out promoting the Headlee Override, even going door-to-door myself and standing at schools passing out flyers to parents waiting for their children (had to be in the street or a public sidewalk as I wasn’t allowed on school property). I stood up at one of the town hall meetings supporting the council, the mayor and the HO and got soundly booed by a large group of people. I didn’t want to see my city go downhill, by decreasing fire, police, emergency services, DPW, senior centers and the rec centers for the children; as this is exactly what we were threatened with.

    The mayor has continued to put forth unrealistic budgets (which got us into trouble in the first place) and council has passed them; even after Councilman Apigian called one budget a fantasy!!! Just last spring the mayor and one of his appointee’s suggested we hire Wade & Trim to do a study for $60,000.00 when another company that has worked for the city offered to do it for only $30,000. Wade and Trim has been nursing off the teat of this city since I moved here 50 years ago.

    If Mayor Dan isn’t in support of this being on the ballot its probably because he can’t suck some money from it like he did with the Zoo and DIA and is currently trying to do with HYPE; while claiming its the law. Our mayor and council need to cut spending to save our libraries. One big way of doing this is to move city hall services to the police station. Our old city hall is need of a roof and boilers costing a few million dollars. By consolidating buildings that would save even more millions of dollars.. We could save the libraries by making a move like that and still have money left over.

    Lisa Farrens, thanks for your research. The problem is that geographically we are two cities trying to be one. If we go down to one library, which one will it be? This played out when a discussion of which senior center should close and boy-oh-boy was that a hot potato issue.


  5. I did a little research. Listed beside each city that surrounds DH is the population of that city and in parenthesis the number of libraries that serve their community. Dearborn/ 98,146 (3). Westland/84,094 (2 – but 1 is a Wayne County library branch, not a city library). Redford/48,362 (1). Garden City/27,692 (1) and Dearborn Heights with a population of 57,774 has 2.


  6. Simple fact is that there is no money for the libraries in the city fund. No money in the fund will keep the libraries open for the length of the bonds owed.

    The libraries are funded independently and will soon close if nothing is passed. The proposed millage should make the libraries viable for the long run and keep the doors open until the bond ends.

    This is not a game by the mayor. From what I read I am not sure he wants this on the ballot.

    The libraries get a good deal of use and from what I have seen have worked hard to become part of the area. I think it would be a travesty to see them close for a number of reasons.


  7. Oh Yah! The mayor does a great job of listening. Nothing he likes better is to attend meetings, talk about the issue at hand and giving the pretense that he really cares about what you are saying. He either does nothing or does it his way. Listening A+….Doing F.

    I will not vote for another millage either. Enough is enough. When I see the current “falling apart” city hall on Fenton closed and moved to the Taj Mahal on Beech and Inskster, then and only then will I ever even consider voting for another millage.


  8. The frustrating part is that every time something goes wrong, they say they had no idea how it happened. They always plead ignorance. I for one am tired of that excuse.

    Before you make decisions you should know the possibilities of what can go wrong. That excuse may be good for one or two times but continually, it begins to look a lot like incompetence.

    If they put a millage one the ballot for the library I refuse to support it. They need to replace the money they used to contribute from the general fund. If the general fund has no money they should think about privatizing services where they can and making other cuts beginning in the mayors office.

    Taxpayers should not be made the fall guy for their bad decisions and poor management.


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