The Taxpayers are the Backup Plan for the Mayor..

The Mayor of Dearborn Heights for the past two years has blamed the financial problems of the city on; the drop in taxable value of homes, and the drop in state shared revenue.

$4.1 million annual loss in property tax revenues over the last two years, an annual loss of $3.2 million in state revenue sharing and a loss of $1.1 million in court generated revenues for a total loss to date of $8.4 million in annual revenues. Source: Press and Guide October 04, 2011

Yes it’s true that taxes collected on homes went down and yes state shared revenue declined, but this started years before the bubble exploded in his face. Year after year if you look back on the budgets you can see the decline the problem was the Mayor did nothing to prepare the city for this. The only backup plan the Mayor had was HO (Headlee Override) the tax the voters agreed to and an item on  tax bill labeled

“city tax” It seems that the city was able to do some sleight of hand with police and fire protection pensions and increase the millage pursuant to Public Act 345, an obscure law approved by the voters 10 to 15 years ago. Source: Press and Guide October 04, 2011

While the Mayor was telling all those people at the town hall meetings to expect city services to get cut scaring  everyone talking about getting rid of police and fire. He didn’t say a word about act 345 found on you tax as “city tax” that’s doubled over the past couple of years. With another large group of police expected to retire in the next few years that “city tax” will only be going up.

This year you saw an increase in the police budget this increase was overtime that the police gave up in a letter of understanding. That concession the police agreed to give up for one year along with holiday pay I thank them for that but again the mayor did a temporary fix just long enough to get the HO money’s. There never seems to be a permanent solution to the financial troubles for the city just push it on down the road and have the taxpayer pick up the tab later on. The only permanent solution the Mayor and for that matter the council has is to go to the taxpayer and the employees of the city.

From the Press and Guide October 04, 2011 there’s an interesting line,

 starting in balance for 2011, at about $36.3 million, with a deficit of about $1 million in 2012, growing to about $6 million by 2015. It wasn’t explained how the $8.4 million in lost annual revenue was absorbed for 2010 and 2011.

Thinking back on all of this has it ever been explained?  Not only that when you talk of having a surplus of 2.0 million and you don’t reach that surplus doesn’t that say the deficit reduction plan is now behind by 2.5 million the 2 million surplus the mayor said we would have and didn’t and 500,000.00 added to the deficit. When the Mayor is running around town telling everyone who will listen that it was the housing markets fault or it’s the fault of the state not giving us enough money. When do you say it’s your fault?  When do you take responsibility for not acting sooner when everyone who opened a newspaper, listened to a radio or watched TV knew what was going on all across this nation. How out of touch do you have to be? You had several council members on several different occasions years before pointing out what was happening to the fund balance. I was at one meeting when the decline in state shared revenue was pointed out to the Mayor. Yet another meeting when a council member asked when cuts are going to start being made because fund balance was going down? Nothing from the Mayor except to say that the city was in great shape.

Imagine if the city had a Mayor that was in touch with the finances of the city, a mayor that paid attention. A mayor that wasn’t so arrogant to just disregard the council concerns. Imagine a mayor that was proactive not sitting around waiting for the taxpayers to clean up his mess.  That’s just what he did he had all of us clean up his mess and then let him run around town taking credit for it. If the city had a mayor that paid attention and was proactive chances are there wouldn’t have been a need for the Headlee Override. We’ll never know because the city doesn’t have a Mayor that’s proactive we don’t have a mayor that’s in touch with whats happening.

November 05, 2013 is election day in Dearborn Heights it’s time for a change in this city and it’s time for the residents of this city to start asking some hard questions. It’s time that each and every one of us look at the numbers and the time line of some of the events that have taken place over the past 5 years.





13 thoughts on “The Taxpayers are the Backup Plan for the Mayor..”

  1. I have to agree with Kathy, Tony. I wouldn’t brag about make a good politician. But yes, just like a politician, it’s easy to undermine someone and then not give any FACTS to back it up. Are you a Republican by any chance?


  2. LOL Tony you’re right most politicians either don’t answer our questions or out right lie when they do answer a question or give half answers. It’s very hard to find a politician that will answer questions with full answers. On the other hand most people believe what they want to, or simply no longer can see the truth when it’s presented to them because they’ve been lied to so often that the truth looks like a lie.


  3. I really do not think that she knows more about the city or business than I do. The reason that I would not consider running for mayor is because I do not want to take a pay cut.


  4. So, Tony, you’d rather take a chance on our do-nothing current mayor than take a chance on Janet whom you “think” would destroy our city? Based on what? She’s only one person. When she votes against something, she gets out-voted by the rest. You think Apigian knows what’s going on? I think he votes with the majority so he won’t have to work. We need new blood and Janet is it!


  5. Only 10 show a post, but than that read it, they just don’t post.
    And as far as dogging janet, if u don’t like it, why didn’t u run for mayor tony? U talk about new blood. Exactly. She knows more about the city than u do.


  6. Tony

    I respect your opinion, but I would take issue with the fact that she’s done nothing while on the council her along with some others some who no longer sit on the council have tried to make changes. She’s been yelled at by the Mayor on more than one occasion along with a few other council members while trying to get to the bottom of some major issues that have taken place over the years. I’ve seen her over and over again try to get things passed on the council only to have her fellow council members show no support. What I’ve seen is council members bring their personal dislike for one another to the council table and allowing that to guide their vote. I’m not talking about dislike for councilwoman Badalow alone far from it they; past and present council members have all done this. They are suppose to be looking out for the best interest of the residents of the city not find a way to screw one another.
    The council as a whole has indeed voted on most of the issues they complain about, but I would ask you to please go back and see the NO vote and who cast that NO vote on many of those very same issues you are talking about. Before we take shots at the council lets all so keep in mind that many of the issues they have been forced to vote on have happened with very little information given and what information given has been given in to many cases has been given at the last minute. Something that council woman Badalow and others have been very vocal about.

    I’ve watched over the years time and time again council asking for complete information, more information reports and so on only to never get it and the issue gets lost in the other things that are just around the corner. Does the council lack follow through? Yes they do. Have they been on the right track many times only to stop the pressure? Yes. Again I would like to take you back to the NSP program and a certain woman that was hired for a position one of two that was created by the council. That person was hired within days of those positions being created, and did not do the civil service testing required under the description/rules put forth by the council. When council tried for months to get to the bottom of why that person was still working for the city. Never having worked or paid for by the NSP grant as was stated in the letter sent to her by the Mayor.
    The position created by the council was to be posted this never happened the mayor was in clear violation of so many things, but council was yelled at and belittled over and over again when they tried to pursue this. Mainly councilwoman Horvath and councilwoman Badalow who both suffered the wrath of the Mayor. What they lacked at that time was the support of their fellow council members who sat on their hands not doing a dam thing. If at that time they would have stood united they would have taken care of what needed to be done. Instead a woman stayed working in the city for over a year in violation of the job as put down by the council. Later she sued the city and a settlement was reached and she was paid 10,000.00. That’s just one example of what council has tried to do over these many years.

    As far as only having 10 people coming to the blog I’m very happy to disappoint you. You do not have access to my stats I’m very happy and proud to say that it’s in the hundreds that come to this blog on the daily. It’s been my pleasure to write here and to post what I hope is helpful information about the city that we live in. Even your comment that I could so easily just click delete on I feel has a right to go here. So no worries Tony your comment on why everyone should not vote for councilwoman Badalow for Mayor is being seen by hundreds. I’m sure they will take it into consideration when they do their research on who to vote for come this November.


  7. Janet is not the answer and will destroy our city. We need new blood and not someone from council that has done nothing to make a change, but still blames the mayor. The council has agreed and voted on most the issues that they complain about. I am so happy that only about 10 people still follow this blog.


  8. Here’s, the change, vote for janet badalow for mayor.
    She warned the mayor several times about this, and it fell upon
    Deaf ears!
    The mayor must think we r his golden parachute or something.
    I’m not his parachute, and neither is anyone else!
    Cut the lines from the idiot, and vote in janet!
    And for those that read this blog and always ridicule the support
    For her, put a sock in it. You obviously hav far bigger issues than our city!


  9. It’s difficult to share first responder services with other cities because Dearborn Heights Fire Fighters and Police Officers work under PA 345. That is a special tax that we all pay to help support the departments. Most cities around Dearborn Heights do not. The citizens of DH voted in PA 345 many,many years ago not 10 or 15 as stated.


  10. I get the Dearborn Patch every morning and in the comment section, a reader commented that according to Paletko, the reason Dearborn and DH didn’t share fire services was “Dearborn’s fault,” although Dearborn was able to share with Melvindale. What does that say to you?


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