The Rat Problem Wasn’t Even On The Mayors Radar..

In July of 2012 the mayor received all the information to get started on Vector control program. The City of Dearborn offered to train Dearborn Heights ordinance officers for free getting them ready for testing to become Vector Control Officers. The two city’s would qualify for shared grants the mayor knew all of this and sat on it. Not until June 2013 did the mayor instruct corporation counsel to write an opinion on this matter. That legal opinion doesn’t support the efforts of those on the south end of Dearborn Heights desperately trying to solve the rat problem.

Why would a mayor not want to support a program that’s being offered to him for free? I’m not saying the testing is free, but all training would be. The cost of rat poison would cost money, but there’s the shared grant to help pay for this. All the time and effort and this man couldn’t move in a timely manner to get the program off the ground why? It’s no wonder residents on the south side of Dearborn Heights feel forgotten. Some might say that the wheels of bureaucracy move slow in this city they only move slow when the mayor isn’t interested or just doesn’t care. He has no problem bringing things to council last-minute to vote on that happens all the time. I don’t need to go back over all the times it’s happened there’s plenty of examples on the blog.

Now with this being an election year he’ll show up to some of the association meetings blow a bunch of smoke and walk away. When he gets sick of doing this he’ll put his assistant in charge of it just like he did for the NSP program, and the program to bring city buildings up to ADA code and many other things.


3 thoughts on “The Rat Problem Wasn’t Even On The Mayors Radar..”

  1. The rat problem is ridiculous where we live. Im afraid to let my dog out and daughter play in the yard as I’m scared they will come into contact with a rodent. It’s so sad that the mayor doesn’t seem to care about this problem at all. Even though we have used every precaution to not allure rats into our yard it doesn’t matter because our neighbor has a whole population living in his backyard under his piles and piles of junk. But oh nothing can be done because no one can enter his yard? But the health of my family is being sacrificed. I’m about ready to say so long Dearborn Heights and move to a neighborhood were we don’t have to fear rats.


  2. Mr. Miotke’s response was basically. The city used to tell you if your permit violated the deed legalities. But now we, the city, only think it’s our responsability to tell you if your requested permit violates ordinance. If it doesn’t violate ordinance we’ll approve it. The problem with that is that the neighbors in the sub-division have no idea what your requested permit involved – and until you start building it they can’t take action. After the offending structure is in process of build or completed the offended neighbors can hire a lawyer at their expense and fight it.

    In my opinion: The problem is the city at one time provided a valuable service by telling a person requesting a permit – no that is not allowed by law in your sub-division. Now they expect the neighbors to know the detail of the building plan and handle it. This is not acceptable. If the city knows from the deed plan that it’s a violation of law, than they should deny the permit. – and keep the character and beauty of Dearborn Heights intact.


  3. So for almost a year the mayor has had all this information and did nothing until election time? Watch him at the council meeting last night telling everyone about the new Vector Control Program. In real estate its location, location, location. In politics its timing, timing, timing. I guess we can be happy that it is close to election time or this program would still be gathering dust.

    However, DPW director, Mr.. Zimmer, said that the ordinance officers are still preparing for the test as he doesn’t want them taking a test without adequate preparation. Mr. Zimmer said he still has to get with Dearborn and Redford regarding their VCP’s. So….maybe in another year we should have something going.

    Still unclear as to whether the VCO’s could enter backyards of suspected homes harboring rat havens. Heard a lot of yada, yada. Sure wish the “table people” had a 3 minute time limit. Wait a minute! we pay their salaries and we only get 3 minutes, something is not right here. Yep, another case of the tail wagging the dog.

    Speaking of the 3 minute thing. A resident (who was clearly nervous speaking in public) sat down and then remembered he had left something out and tried to speak. He was told he couldn’t ask speak because his three minutes were up. Yet council lawyer, Gary Miotke, blathered on in legalize in response to this resident for a lot more than 3 minutes. The resident stated that he (myself included) didn’t understand a word he said.

    This man was questioning why for almost 20 years the city would not allow people in his neighborhood to add second story additions on their houses; and low and behold there is someone adding another story to their house with no problem from the city. He and other residents had brought this to the city’s attention before and were told last night to get a lawyer to fight it until councilwoman Badalow asked legal counsel, Gary Miotke, to pursue this further.. Really, first these people were deprived of adding another level to their houses for almost 20 years (they have the papers to prove it) and now the city was telling them to get their own lawyer to fight it. This is what we pay taxes for??!!

    In the 60’s my parents were building a house in the south end. They wanted to build a story and a half house. City said no. They then submitted plans for a ranch. City said its 6 inches higher than the other houses and made them sink the basement 6 inches deeper (resulting in their basement flooding quicker than their neighbors). Lo and Behold about 2 years later a house was built in the same neighborhood or either had a story added and the city allowed it. Why?…. it was the city lawyer’s house.

    Maybe instead of hiring a lawyer these residents should hire a private investigator. I’m just saying.

    And the beat goes on.


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