Spend Baby Spend.

Like most of you I watch what I spend. When times are tough you cut down when you’re in the Red you’re supposed to cut down on your spending. Good news folks the Mayor has just given a green light to all of us to spend yes that’s right spend that money even when you’re in the hole. The Mayor with his CPA has discovered a new way a way that allows you to spend even when you’re in a deficit. The 2013-2014 budget spends almost 1 million more than last year and yes we still have a deficit of 5.5 million. Yes he did submit a deficit reduction plan to the state, but does anyone know how much he brought down that deficit? The answer is he didn’t he added to it, but by all means spend more I don’t know maybe he’s on to something. Maybe the rest of the population can’t wrap their heads around such (out of the box thinking.)

Since I have been associated with the city, it is my opinion that we have been consistently and intentionally misled by the administration and we are all told what they think we want to hear. Source: WALTER J. PRUSIEWICZ City Clerk.




3 thoughts on “Spend Baby Spend.”

  1. Wow, kathy you called this along time ago. The money captured from the HO,
    Is not the mayors piggy bank.


  2. So who can get us the proper info ., about all the figuers once and for all.ALL THIS IS SO CONFUSING.Are we in dept or not ?????? I thought everything should be shown to us.Where is this being spent apart from what the clerk said? I am looking for proof in black and white about everything the clerk has said and the mayore is saying we have the right it is OUR money


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