The Rats on The South End of The City are Breathing a sigh of relief..

It seems that the proposed rat control program the city has been “pursuing” may have died before even starting.  City attorney Gary Miotke has made a decision that a right of entry onto property to inspect for rat infestations does not exist and therefore it cannot be done.  He cites the Fourth Amendment search and seizure as the basis for this decision.  While this would apply if the ordinance officers were going in to write violations and/or tickets, does it apply to health and safety issues?  He also states that a rat control program would not be a benefit to the city, but would open the city up to liability.  Currently the city ordinance officers may either direct a resident to hire at their own cost a pest control company to bait for rats on their property, or they give them city supplied rodenticides (rat poison) and instruct them, in at least once instance I am aware of, to just sprinkle it around the yard. Read the rest  South Heights Blog

Anyone who’s watched this administration operate over the past eight years wont be surprised at this. If Dearborn can do this for the past 70 years without a problem why not Dearborn Heights? Watch out Dearborn residents of your city just might decide to start suing you because Vector control came to their back yards to take care of Rats on the property.  The administration has been meeting with people affected by the Rat problem for months and months all the while telling them that they are going to do something about it.

There is already a large problem along the borders where rats from DH enter into Dearborn and because of that the Director of the Residential Services Department and the Chief of Staff in the Mayor’s office gave the approval for Dearborn’s Vector Control officers to train the DH ordinance officers, at no cost, and to provide whatever aid and assistance necessary to get the DH Vector program up and running. Oh, and by doing so, the two cities would be sharing services which would qualify both cities to receive State funding through a grant program for shared services. This offer was made back in January of this year. To date no training has happened, Dearborn Vector Control has not received a single request from DH officials for assistance. All the forms, literature. handouts, etc used by Dearborn were given to DH city hall back in November 2012. This leads me to believe that despite all the lip service given by the mayor’s office and department heads, there is no real desire to deal with the rat situation. I have spoken at length to Bill Zimmer, the mayor, several council members and ordinance officers, and while they all say let’s get it done, no one actually manages to do anything.

Comment made on the South Heights Blog by, John Davidson



6 thoughts on “The Rats on The South End of The City are Breathing a sigh of relief..”

  1. I was told by someone who knows that only two people can overrule Miotke. That would be Ken Baron and the mayor. Time for both of you to bite the bullet and overrule Miotke. These rats are a health hazard and therefore eminent domain doesn’t exist. I don’t want any more excuses. I want action on the part of the mayor, Ken Baron, and the rest of the council. It looks like the 4-legged rats aren’t the only ones in our city. If Dearborn and other cities can go onto your property by making our Ordinance Officers, Vector Control Officers, then it’s time to step up and get them trained. Enough with the excuses. I know I’m not going to let this go and neither should anyone else. If necessary, we should choose a council meeting and all attend AND ALL SPEAK TO THIS INACTION and DEMAND ACTION.


  2. Mr. Mayor, I can’t believe there isn’t a thing you can do for these citizens.
    Sittin on your butt, while your residents live with this?
    You sir, are a complete disgrace. I shouldn’t even call you sir!
    And miotke, shame on you. What if this was in your backyard, or neighborhood? Don’t you think you act differently if this was the case?
    Would you want rats near your children?
    Boy, are these people are really blindfolded, or just dumb?


  3. We need a real attorney- not Miotke. This man makes a ton of money off the taxpayers, but does nothing to help. He thinks his only job is to back up the Mayor. He is supposed to represent the City Council too, but always stabs them in the back. His opinions always favor the Mayor. I guess that’s why he still on the payroll.


  4. Oh brother!!!! Its time to rid ourselves of this administration and get some new blood in there.


  5. Sounds like we have RATS in our City Council the Mayor and now Miotke.Now the time for Marge Horvath to open her big mouth and tell what she going to do. Seeing DETROIT has RATS DETROIT HEIGHTS has them to.People please wake up its time to elect the RATS out of office.We need a change.


  6. It is very hard for me to understand how the city that borders Dearborn Heights has been and is still taking care of their rat problem using this same program and that a lot of other communities have adopted because it works, has rejected this valuable tool. This program was handed to the administration of Dearborn Heights on a silver platter, they would be receiving free training, shared grants to operate the program and they are just throwing it away. I think that this city needs to find out the difference between a regular Ordinance officer and a Vector Control Specialist.
    It all falls back into the Mayor’s hands, if he really wanted to make this program work he could. It’s time for this Mayor to start thinking about the residents of his city and doing what is best for them and it is also time for the residents of this city to start fighting to get the services from the city that they are paying for. There is no reason why we should have to live with RATS and the problems that they are causing.
    Mayor what are you going to do about this infestation now? I know just keep giving us more promises until after the election and then forget what you have been elected to do. Just remember one thing Mayor the residents of this city are your BOSS and we can fire you!!!!!!!!!!


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