Michigan Best, Worst Fiscal Ratings


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9 thoughts on “Michigan Best, Worst Fiscal Ratings”

  1. Kathy we have allready looked into what can be done. We went to a lawyer, and were told we would have sue the city. Since we can’t fix what was done.
    Instead, we chose not too, since the city allready has too many as it is.
    We didn’t see the need to add to it. Thank you though. : )


  2. Mona

    I can’t put your comment up for legal reasons but have spoken to a council member who would like your email address to get some more information from you.
    Just put yes or no and I will pass it on or not


  3. Mona I agree but the ordinances are only a player in the beaurocracy , like the beagle issue LT would not allow police to write violation, it all just depends not on laws but who is who , I think before ordinance officers write tickets to property owners the city owned property should be properly maintained first to show an example, I do walk my dog every day and there are trees that hang to low hit you in the face while walking on sidewalk and need trimmed also side walks that are dangerous broken and uneven belonging to city property that should be repaired. Also because property value is so low now is the time to purchase every bit of property along the creek to manage the creek to hold more water in times of flood so it could avoid a flood in future instead the properties are sold to people with adjacent property at a low cost so the city can make a little more in taxes,Used to be when school got out,at end of day no loitering allowed now kids hang around for rides because of fifty percent school of choice kids are out of district now it is ok to,loiter ??????? Anything for money I guess, on the north east corner of campebell and Annapolis the cement work done by owner work not professional but looks like it passed,inspection from ordinance which brings down the city as far as quality of workmanship we will as citizens live with until replaced if ever.take a look which ordinance passed that?all these things have crossed my mind time for a change,


  4. Thanx, Big Dog.
    The mayor is so busy with covering the trail terds he has left behind, to even concern himself with the blight issue.
    If janet gets voted in, there will be a lot to uncover from him.
    Right now, he is scampering around, trying to make it appear he really gives a rats ass!
    Appearances don’t mean shit, action does volumes!


  5. Mona i’m with you 100% jail time and a good fine would be nice. And Maria yes i was the one calling this city DETROIT HEIGHTS i seen it coming years ago. I have lived here since 1960 to see this city going down. Look at the gas station on Gulley and Michigan ave it has been like that for years. What a eye sore . I have complainted to everyone from Council, Mayor, Ordinance Dept. NOTHING IS GETTING DONE. Garden City torn down two eyes sores a gas station at Ford and Middlebelt the other at Merrian and Ford Road with in a couple of months.What the Hell is wrong with this city THE MAYOR AND DEPT HEADS AND SOME COUNCIL PEOPLE.They don’t give a SHIT about the people that care. Yes Janet has my vote coming in November.Time for a BIG CHANGE.If not look out here comes DETROIT HEIGHTS………..


  6. There isn’t enough bite to the ordinances. The do process is typically 2 weeks.
    That is too long. Should be 5-7 days maybe less, and the bite should be a severe fine because of non compliance, with also jail time. Its criminal to allow someone to turn our city into this blightful mess. Stiffer fines and doing time!!
    That’s how u fix it. Then people like them won’t want to move here. Keep the junk out by doing this.


  7. Time to vote in a new Mayor and replace some council members. Many people are already calling our city Detroit Heights. This current administration has let rats and blight run rampant in our city and because it is a voting year are pretending to be interested in the problems by putting Band-Aids on the problems. But just you wait and see if these do-nothings get voted back in, all action will stop just like it did after the HO and spending on the wrong things will begin all over. Wake up Dearborn Heights and smell the coffee. Attend the council meetings or watch them on TV, you will see who truly wants the best. for Dearborn Heights Be an informed voter.


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