No Control..

When the Mayor was asked about overtime and traffic tickets being the biggest use of that overtime the Mayor said that isn’t true. Not according to what the Press and Guide wrote on April 19 2013


The biggest use of overtime is the traffic safety program. 
Traffic details, such as the one targeting speeders on Ford Road, are worked by officers on overtime. They’re also the department’s biggest source of income. Source: Press and Guide April, 19 2013

When the Mayor was asked about this at a recent meeting he said no that’s not true. I guess the Press and Guide will have to be careful just what they write from now on. I asked why these traffic officers have to work over-time to give out tickets when they are working a full shift that they are supposed to be doing just that. I was told that sometimes they have to make ‘runs’. This would be when there’s a traffic accident, a house alarm goes off, or any of the many other things that happen daily in the City.


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