Caroline Stewart, president of the Southwest Dearborn Heights Neighborhood Association, said there are infestations rats in her neighborhood and, despite frequent complaints, the city hasn’t done enough to fix the problem.

“Something has to be done,” Stewart said. “The residents of Dearborn Heights shouldn’t have to live in fear for themselves, or someone else, getting bitten and becoming sick because of this infestation. It affects the quality of life for all residents … nothing is being done about it.”

Mayor Daniel Paletko said he and the ordinance officers have done all they can to try to control the rat population.

Paletko said he has been in discussion with Stewart since last July. He said he has been to most of their association meetings and has heard their concerns and is trying to address them. Full Story

The Mayor in discussions with Stewart since last July are you kidding me and the Mayor in all this time never thought to ask the City attorney to write-up a new ordinance and let the council vote on it. No that would be councilman Ken Baron to do that. This poor woman and all that are having to deal with this Mayor yeah he’ll show up to your meetings nod his head take some notes tell you it’s on the top of his priority list walk away and not do a thing about it. This is just like the Mayor and people keep voting for him.


10 thoughts on “Rats!!!”

  1. While a pest control technician does not have to be an ordinance officer to treat a property for rats, only an ordinance officer can issue violation notices and/or tickets to clean up the conditions on a property that attracts the rats there, such as outside storage, junk and debris, dog droppings, ground feeding, wood in ground, trash storage, etc. Just placing poison will not solve the rat problem, you have to clean up the conditions that provide food and harborage for rats otherwise it is a waste of time and resources.


  2. When a resident says they don’t like to go to their back yard because they are worried about what’s back there is say there’s a very big rat problem. When the Mayor says he’s been in meeting with her since last June and he didn’t even have the city attorney draw up language to deal with this I’d say he doesn’t give a shit.


  3. We had big rat problem around our store because of market next to it did some reading and rats hate lava Rock can’t walk on it rips their paws. So put it all around store no more rats no more holes nothing two years now


  4. It isn’t just dog poop the rats eat it is all the wood piled up all over also and sheds which give them a place to burrow under to live. I’m not sure what the ordinance is cause I don’t make fires but I don’t think it is being followed. Also a rat certified person doesn’t have to be ordinance officer either I would not think to check and bait holes and under sheds and check people’s yards you would have to be ordinance officer just hire some summer help.


  5. Twenty years ago I lived in Inkster and they had a rat control program where people with a walking type stick would check out the holes and check under sheds for rats and put stuff there to rid city of them. We need the big cans that all our neighboring cities have to keep garbage out of reach we have people setting out bags inviting rats to our city we are just easy access to food and water.ifelt sorry for the woman at the council meeting cause she said she emailed the mayor everyday and he didn’t even know!


  6. I live by district 7 and we have RATS here. They are in my crawl space I have a guy coming today to try and help. I called the city last year about this they didn’t do a darn thing to help. If they would just police the crap people leave in their yard that would help


  7. When the mayor was presented with an oppurtunity to have help from Dearborn’s ordinance department he gave lip service then did nothing then the ordinance officer say’s I will be at all your future meeting’s well hey have to budget the time but when you are given the plum of help from a city that is not known for helping it’s nieghbor much JUMP IDIOT and take the help oh by the way MR. MAYOR keep up the good work your replacement has thier own vehicle


  8. Its not just the dog food they like. They like poop too.
    Rats will eat just about anything. And for those people that throw out their stale bread on their side walks and lawns for the birds and squirrels, that brings the rats too. I see that all over my neighborhood.


  9. What is “all they can?” I don’t believe this problem can’t be corrected. But Kathy’s right. If you’re waiting for Paletko to help, think again.


  10. I have lived in this city many years,in the south end and yes we did have rats but that was taken care of and have not seen 1 rant in at least 5 yrs.One thing that everyone with dogs need to clean up behind them every day make sure no garbage is leftwithout the lid on the can,double bag your garbage just keep your yard clean.There are so many dogs in our city some people have 3 dogs then after that 2 I counted 8 in 1 block 9houses the rats just love that food . Just be clean of dog mess


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