More of the Same.

Just more of the same old same old from our Mayor,

Paletko’s 2013-14 budget assumes about $40.7 million in revenue and about $39.1 million in expenses.

The city is carrying over a deficit from the 2011-12 budget. They ended that budget year with a $3.4 million deficit. In the 2012-13 budget, which ends in June,  the city expects to have a $2 million surplus, which will reduce the deficit to about $1.4 million.

Paletko said the 2013-14 budget was prepared conservatively.

“We think this is very achievable; these are accurate numbers.

Not that long ago the Mayor pushed a police contract down the throats of the council saying at the time that the savings in health care was the reason they should vote yes on the contract. I wrote about it and said at the time that it was a lie that the city wouldn’t see any savings well sure enough look what the Mayor has to say in the Press and Guide.

Paletko said one of the biggest budget increases was from fringe healthcare benefits, which increased about 6 percent overall.


Yes those of us who’ve had the unfortunate opportunity to watch the master at work have heard all this before.  The Mayor has reassured us and the council that he’s confident and that things would have been so much worse if it wasn’t for him. When is this council going to stop letting him “blow smoke”?   I’m tired of expecting this council to do something.  They say they hold the ‘purse strings’ (and according to the City Charter, they do), but they never show they do. Each year at budget time the Mayor puts on his best show (in all honesty he runs the budget show) and the council members play their part in the show as ‘extras.’

How can the council get the Standard and Poor’s report and even consider giving the police more over time? Council who took up the torch for the Headlee Override campaigned that the City needed the money or else services to Police and Fire would be cut. But a year later they might approve a budget that has 300,000.00 in it just for over-time.

The biggest use of overtime is the traffic safety program.

Traffic details, such as the one targeting speeders on Ford Road, are worked by officers on overtime. They’re also the department’s biggest source of income.

The traffic detail was expected to generate about $3 million for the city in the current budget year.

Council Chairwoman Pro-Tem Janet Badalow said the detail hasn’t brought in the amount anticipated. It is currently closer to about $2 million in revenue.

“We’re still not really meeting the necessary revenue stream, but yet you’re asking for a $300,000 increase in overtime and you talk about being on track for (overtime of) $1.5 (million) …”

So being a million short on their revenue they still come before the council and ask for 300,000.00 more in their budget for overtime and the Mayor backs it up. You can read the full article here.



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