A Chance To Shape Things To Come…

VoteThis year the residents of Dearborn Heights have a chance to shape things to come in the City. For several months I’ve known that several of the City Council members are not running again for City Council. Councilwoman Horvath and Badalow told me months ago they wouldn’t be running again. I would like to say thank you for your years of service and dedication to our City I would like to thank them for giving the chance to others to serve their City and try running for office. Those Council members who are leaving will be missed, but I hope they will lend their selves in an advisory capacity to new Council members when elected. Your knowledge of our City will be invaluable to the City’s future Council members and I hope would be used when needed and given when asked for.

There are so many in our City well qualified to run for City Council I hope to see their names on the ballot come November.  With so many seats opening up there is a real chance to get some very qualified people to the Council.  Running against an incumbent candidate  90% of the time is a losing endeavor unless there is an issue surrounding the election. This time however there’s an open field something exciting about being able to shape something so significant in our City yes a real shift to The City’s government is on the way.  We should all play a part in that shift either by running for one of those many seats opening up or by supporting those that do.

This is not the year to let a few thousand voters decide for you who could sit on the City Council for maybe the next 10 years. This election is already being cast as a  small election many are already ‘writing it off’ saying

 “no one is going to come out and vote.”

You know what that means the same people who make the decision in all the other small elections will be deciding this one too. Unless we get ourselves energized and organized then this years election will end up like all the others.

A small election is a local election on an off-year nothing on the national front to get people out to vote.

I find that funny considering a local election is as important as a national election. The Council race is  important the Council ‘hold the purse strings’ and we need people who are independent thinkers. Candidates who will be a vote for the ‘residents’ and  no one else. If your interested in running for office you can pick up a packet at the

City Clerks Office at City Hall


6 thoughts on “A Chance To Shape Things To Come…”

  1. And along with the HO, “and one more anonymous says”, I was under the impression that cuts would be made. Did Paletko make any additional cuts after the HO passed? I “could” be wrong but I don’t think so. Pay attention, Cindy. I don’t believe he’s done one damn thing more to save this city money. What a lack of leadership.


  2. My assessment went down $2,300. My house is now worth approximately $70,000. It USED to be worth $125,000 but now I’d be happy to get $70,000 – if I was thinking of selling that is.


  3. I’m not quite sure what you’re talking about, Mona. The mayor is going to run again. That’s what he’s said anyway. I don’t believe there’s any limit on how many years he can hold office.


  4. You didn’t get a tax bill, you got your assessment notice which states at the top in very large letters, “THIS IS NOT A TAX BILL”.

    I called the Assessor’s office and found that in some parts of the city the assessed value did go down considerably. In other parts, it went up. This is based on actual sales in the city. I just saw an article in this morning’s paper about how home values throughout the metro area are going up. Frankly, I’d rather have the value of my home increase. It means that the value of my largest investment is increasing. From a broader perspective, it means that times are getting better and the economy is starting to slowly rebound. That’s good news for all of us.

    As for the Headlee Override vote, was it your understanding that values would go down another 12% or that values in the past had gone down 12%? I know the value of my home has decreased almost 40% over the last 6 years.

    No matter how much your assessed value has increased, the taxable value is the one that determines how much your taxes will be. Unless you do something to the property like add a garage or increase the square footage of your house, the taxable value can only go up at the rate of inflation for people who owned the house in the previous year. I think the inflation reate was was 2.4% this year. If the taxes can only go up by 2.4% or so each year, i think it will take a long time for the city to get back to the income they had a few years ago.


  5. Got my tax bill today. vALUE WENT UP 4000.00. Pass the ho because taxable value will be going down as much as 12 percent. Got screwed again. Lies lies and more lies. Never stops.


  6. The mayor has a war chest kathy. My fear is that he will put one of his minions
    In place, with the cash to run. He has money in his campaign fund and can do what he wants with it. Even support someone against our best interest, but will gain another puppet for his show. He is the master puppeter as we know.


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