Why The City Should Hire More Ordinance Officers

Many people have asked why don’t we have more ordinance officers? I started thinking why not hire more if they are part-time and the City has the cars for them to use. The City should have at least 7 to 8 ordinance officers and they should work on weekends too. Yes, why weekends you ask? Well number one thing I hear over and over how many things get done in violation of the charter over the weekend when there isn’t anyone watching. You might be asking like what?

Well one thing that gets done without people pulling a permit for ‘new roofs’. Another is cutting of trees while many feel they should be able to cut the trees on their property without interference from the City the fact remains there is an ordnance for this. Depending on the size of the tree that’s cut the property owner has to replace those trees some place else in the city. So on the weekends not one single ordinance officer travels the City  the City is closed so there’s no one to call. The City needs money right? I don’t suggest this just for the City to get extra revenue there’s something more important than that, I’m talking about making our City look it’s best. If you own property in any City not just ours it’s your responsibility to keep it clean at the very least. It’s not fair to the rest of the home owners who keep their property up.

The City’s Ordinance officers are part-time and their hours have been cut more because of Obama Care so they are down to 28 hours a week. They have to come back into the City Hall and file their reports so that means less time on the road. While I was talking with one Council member a few months back I asked the very simple question why aren’t they able to file their reports right from the address that they are at and take photos of the property and attach it to the report. All while sitting in their cars this is very easy to do with Ipads, Notebooks and so on there are many and not all that expensive that can be used and most have cameras on them. To report an ordinance violation you can call but to find this number you have to click on Building and Engineering Department under City Government on the City website after being taking to that page you will see this For information on Property Maintenance & Ordinance Enforcement click here. Your then taken to another page and you will see this;

Guide to Property Maintenance Ordinances

Message From the Mayor . . . .

Dear Fellow Dearborn Heights Resident:

One of the keys to helping keep Dearborn Heights a great place to live and work is ensuring each of our homes and yards are properly maintained.

Clean, well-maintained neighborhoods do much more than just make our city a pleasant place to live. Neighborhoods whose homeowners perform routine, basic maintenance on their structures and yards consistently enjoy lower crime rates and substantially higher property values.

In some cases, the City has enforceable codes that mandate certain maintenance-related responsibilities. Adherence to these codes, along with some good common sense, will ensure our neighborhoods remain a desirable place to live and work.

I hope you will join me by taking an active role in helping keep Dearborn Heights a great place to live. Set some time aside this year to clean and maintain your home and yard. If we all do our part, we will all reap the rewards of a better community.


Dan Paletko


This site highlights several suggestions on ways you can make your homes and yards more attractive, as well as highlighting the intent of several of our more frequently-overlooked maintenance-related codes.

You have to scroll past this and past the other information to the bottom and there you will find the number there’s no way to email. While I understand this is under the Building and Engineering Department might I suggest that you put the number right on the home page to call, and there might be those that would like to send an email to report a violation if an email is sent to a mail box they could get it right away while they are on the road. The Ordinance officer while still out on the road could go to the address and take a look.  The Council person I was talking with liked the idea and was going to look into getting this done in my humble opinion I believe this would be a win, win for the City extra revenue that could be generated from more Ordinance officers and better management of their time the City would come out ahead. The most important aspect of all of this is the way the City will look.

Do you think the City should hire more ordinance officers? If anyone has an idea put it in a comment.


7 thoughts on “Why The City Should Hire More Ordinance Officers”

  1. From my understanding after asking about this plan this was proposed by the Mayor if my information is correct. I would like to add that the City shouldn’t hire any more full time ordinance officers stick with part-time and hire more.


  2. LISA, why do we need a supervisory position created which is a pay increase? Mohammed Sobh is in charge of the building dept and ordinance works out of building dept. He has a take home car and unlimited gas use on the cities dollar. Keith Holder can continue to work under his boss Mohammed Sobh and the city can save the money for their defict reduction plan you voted on.


  3. Jan 23. .Mayor Paletko announced the proposed re-organization of the Ordinance Department. Keith Holder, senior ordinance officer, will fill a supervisory position leading the ordinance department. A third ordinance officer will be added.In addition, part time positions will remain. The three full time officers will complete the state required Department of Agriculture 100 hours training in animal control and additional training in vector control. In addition, ordinance officers will work staggered schedules which will include nights and weekends.

    This was posted on Lisa Hicks Clayton’s facebook page. If this is proposed – how do we make it accepted. Contact your council person with your feedback.


  4. When Diane worked in the Building Dept., I always e-mailed her about violations I had discovered. I just sent a test e-mail and it hasn’t come back so it is still active. The address is:
    The only problem I’ve found lately is that it SEEMS that no one is monitoring it so sending in an e-mail doesn’t get you anywhere.


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