Extended Holiday.

Had a very interesting conversation with a City Council member this past week we got to talking about the city being closed one day a week and this council member pointed out that because of the City closing one day a week workers will only be working 4 days in a two week period of time. Normally the 24th and 25th of December would have been off this year those days fell on Monday and Tuesday, but with the City closing on Fridays this year that fell on the 21st of December so City workers had from the 21st of December until the 26th off. Today being the first day back they work today and tomorrow and then off Friday the 28th until January 2nd 2013.

The City would need to find 300,000.00 dollars  to open the City back up on Fridays money that isn’t available and doesn’t look like there will be any time soon.  The council member I talked with and at least one other are not in favor of the Friday closer some are even asking if this is really saving the city any money?  There are many over at City hall that say work is falling behind because of the shortened work week and departments dealing with less staff. For all the worries employees had when the shortened work week was first put forth most employees are very happy with the shortened work week and hope that it stays this way. Some in the City would like the day of the closer moved to mid-week while others say that this would interrupt work flow. The whole reason Friday was the day chosen was to give employes that might need it a chance to get another job Friday-Sunday.

How do you feel about the City being closed on Friday? Has the Friday closer interfered with you doing business with the City?


10 thoughts on “Extended Holiday.”

  1. Sooooooooo, what did Paletko do about it? Sounds like absolutely nothing. Typical Paletko. As for the question about how the city being closed on Friday is impacting me, no impact whatsoever.


  2. As far as saving the city money with the Friday closure, I don’t see how that could happen with the dpw working overtime on Fridays or whatever days the city gave them & it wasn’t always an emergency. Since when is cutting grass an emergency? When we had that meeting with Paletko over a year ago & he suggested a 4 day work week. Someone asked him if there would be overtime.
    His words ‘There will be absolutely no overtime unless it was an emergency’ An emergency being a water main break, problems from a storm. Then word began to trickle in that the dpw workers were cutting grass on
    Friday’s & weekends. Co-workers went to talk to Paletko & he claimed he wasn’t aware of them doing that. If he wasn’t authorizing that work then who was.
    It’s true that the majority don’t want to resume work on Friday’s & that includes me. We’ve gotten used to 4 days of work. We already know that we aren’t getting any raises & our contract isn’t up until 2016.


  3. I would think that this would affect the part time works the full-time employees have health insurance. Part-time employees do not if they are working 30 hours or more a week they would need to be insured.


  4. Linda, you are very spot on. If Obamacare says 30 hours is full-time and he was voted in by union members- the city should consider 30 hours as full-time for all union members and keep the non-union members at 40 hours. A savings of 10 hours per week per union member is a big savings for the city. If the union doesn’t like that, let them take it up with the president they voted for as he is the one who set the rules.


  5. $300,000 a year in savings is a good amount of money. However, I am concerned that this amount will be spent unwise because the decision makers know it is there. Once example is last fall when some leaders wanted to spend $60,000 to hire a firm when there was another firm just as competent for half the price. If Councilwoman Badalow hadn’t questioned and dogged the issue the additional $30,000. would have been spent in the blinking of an eye.

    My question is where is the above $300,000. going to.


  6. I’m sure I already know the answer to this question but has anyone done a study (ha!) on staggering people and their hours so that the city isn’t really closed down for a day? Would the costs of running the building be prohibitive? These are things that “should” have been done but I’d bet with our mayor were never done.


  7. Has the shortened week saved any money in salaries or benefits?? It’s time to see the NUMBERS.

    Full- time employees with “full time” city-provided benefits should work a full week, with no overtime if that is necessary to save money (since we end up paying for it anyway).

    Part-time employees with limited or no city-provided benefits can work any schedule they and the city agree to.

    Keep in mind that Obamacare defines FULL TIME as 30 hours per week. I sure hope that someone is paying attention to that.


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