The Half Way Point.

City Lights
City Lights (Photo credit: Ghassan Tabet)

December is the half way mark of the budget from all reports that I’ve had the city is still running in the red, and the deficit reduction plan is far from coming close. Another budget with unreachable revenue sold to the council by the Mayor. A one page deficit reduction plan sent into the state that all so has numbers that the city will not meet and council approved it. Makes you wonder who is really looking out for the best interest of the City and its residents? Clearly there are those on the council for what ever reason vote with all most relief and pass budgets that they know are never going to work. This isn’t anything new, but it’s worth bring back up to remind all of us what has been going on for the past 3 years or so. Council shouldn’t have passed the last 3 budgets and yet they have not every member of the council has voted these budget but the majority have thus the reason we keep getting these fictions.

When you just think back to all the promises made by the Mayor to Council the weekly meetings that never happened reports that are never given and no one ever demanding that the Mayor keep those promises he made. It’s the same story we’ve been watching and talking about for the past 3 or 4 years and nothing has changed. Interesting to see just what is going to happen in December will the council hold his feet to the fire? I can almost hear it now someone on the Council will ask about the budget and or the deficit reduction plan or both. The Mayor will answer as he always does “I’m confident”,( I’m positive), (the City is doing great.) Basically he’ll tell them “no need for you all to worry your pretty little heads about.” I hope and I say the word hope because that’s all I can do now is hope that members of our City Council is ready for bear. I hope they will have the numbers/reports in-front of them before they ask the Mayor anything. I hope they will go line by line of our budget and make him answer for each and ever number he put in that budget. I hope they will make adjustments to the budget if that’s needed I hope they won’t wait until the last-minute to say oh no what happened this time I hope our City Council gets ahead of the ball.


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    In Verizon Strike, Unions Protest Obamacare Law They Supported

    Two unions are on strike against Verizon Communications in protest of proposed company policies that the unions themselves helped bring about. The new Obamacare law, which both unions supported, dramatically hikes the cost of Verizon’s employee health care plan. Efforts to pass some of that cost on to employees have sparked outrage.

    Verizon’s health care plan is what President Obama commonly referred to as a “Cadillac plan” – expensive and luxurious – during his push to get health care legislation through Congress. The new law will levy a 40 percent tax on all health care plans with individual coverage worth more than $10,200 and family coverage worth more than $24,000.


    – – – – –

    The city should be looking at this stuff now.


  2. He’s going to be interviewed by Press and Guide and tell all the DH citizens that – I’ve done it. We’re no longer in the red. And the sad thing is, people will believe him. If they read it in the paper, they’ll believe it. That’s how he hopes to be elected again. Lies, lies, and more lies. Let’s just hope that if he is interviewed, the reporter will do an in-depth and call him on it. And Linda….you’re talking about PLANNING. We’re also talking about our mayor and our council. They don’t even know what the word means.



    Is anyone looking at how the Obamacare requirements compare to what the city provides to its employees…and how that might affect our forward-looking budgets?

    I’ve seen several articles about companies reducing employee hours to below 30/wk (the definition of “full time”) or privatizing services to make it someone else’s problem.

    As I understand it, Obamacare isn’t supposed to be fully applied until 2014.

    Now is the time to be looking at that stuff. Later will be too late.


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