Take The Three Million Dollar Gift Away and See Where The City Stands.

Budget (Photo credit: Tax Credits)

As many of you know the City Council sometime back voted on a deficit reduction plan to send into the State. So how’s the City doing on that have we reached any of our goals? Not according to people who I’ve talked with we aren’t even close. Money borrowed paid back, and it looks like the city will have to barrow again. The Justice Department is well short of the foolish number the Mayor put in his budget no big surprise there. He stated not long ago at a council meeting that the city will have a balance budget. Is the Mayor stating that fact because of the HO money’s if he is that is not a true and accurate snap shot of the city’s finances.

The Mayor came before the residents of this city with hat in hand and asked for the HO it passed, but should the Mayor get to put that money in his budget giving all the city’s residents a false sense that he single handily has saved the city? I say NO the only way to understand how the city is really doing is to look at the numbers not including the HO gift given to this administration by the residents. Only then will the council be able to see the true numbers. If the deficit reduction plan is going to work the Mayor needs to come up with cost saving measures not plunk in an amount given by the residents and say look everyone I balanced the budget.

No the deficit reduction plan is falling short and according to what I’ve been told we are running a deficit budget of 500k to 800k depending on who you talk with. I’m not going to pretend to understand all the numbers, but I certainly won’t let this Mayor take credit for something he should not. If and that’s a big if the budget is balanced by the end of the year it will be because of the residents of this city that gave an extra 3 million to get it that way. Nothing to do with the skills of the Mayor keep that in mind when he’s up for re-election and running around asking for your support and for your money to run his campaign.

If your interested in knowing just where the city stands call or email your council members.



4 thoughts on “Take The Three Million Dollar Gift Away and See Where The City Stands.”

  1. What about the $25,000 that was ADDED to the Building Department’s budget? I also heard Kosinski question when we would be coming off the 4 day work-week. The answer given was that they would be talking about that soon. Once the mayor received the extra money from us, I know of no other cost-saving measures instituted by him or the council. Anyone?


  2. The city cut hours as you know the city is closed one day a week, but several people have said that isn’t a true saving early retirements was another thing done in a effort to save the city money. Hiring freeze (wink wink) I’m sure there’s more just can’t think of them off the top of my head.


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