Some Day.

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Yes some day maybe if the Arab American community knocks on the door long enough they’ll be let in. seeing the numbers from the CWSB election I think it might be a long time before that happens.


Hamid Soueidan 2,920 James Taylor 6,338


Zeineb Hussein 3,379 Diane Ward 6,328


14 thoughts on “Some Day.”

  1. Anonymous 1002, I believe that from what you have seen going to board meetings and volunteering in the schools for years that it may appear that the district does everything it can for all students. If you had the perspective of a family with a student with disabilities, your view, what you see would might be very different. I suspect that this might also be the case if your ethnic background were different.


  2. What I was referring to was the three different Arab American organizations that have been locking heads with the school board. When organizations have the attitude you must people by nature say I won’t.

    Change and fear run hand in hand. When it is said the school board should reflect the makeup of the students and their needs. That says arab americans want change which brings about the fear of what that will look like. Fear of the unknown is very powerful.

    An old saying ” if at first you don’t succeed try try again”.


  3. Maybe the people who voted for Ms Ward and Mr Taylor have been watching the board meetings on TV, maybe they saw the Arabic group at the meetings asking for Arab to be taught in the schools (even though the kids do not want it), or asking for the Muslim Holidays off, or asking for Hala food to be served in the cafeteria. I ask you does that sound like a group that wants the best for ALL students, or just for the Muslim students? I know many Muslims that do want the best for all the students, the ones that were involved with the committee to pass the bond issue, those people wanted the best for all the kids. I have been attending board meetings for 10 years and have never seen any of these people in this group. Did the district need more ESL teachers? Yes they did and they hired them. They hired them because we have kids from all nationalities in this district, and some may not speak English that well. From what I have seen going to board meetings, and volunteering in the schools for years, this district does everything it can for ALL the students here. To give in to one group of people based on religion is wrong and not what a PUBLIC school is all about. If you want your holidays off, or Arabic taught, then there are two private schools in this area.
    We are all Americans, every single one of us and this is an American Public School District.


  4. Vegas Lady

    I’ve lived in Dearborn Heights for 21 years now and it wasn’t until just recently that Arab Americans started running they left it alone for years based on what you’re saying an Arab American should have no problem getting elected. Wanda Saad who ran 4 times for CWSD was defeated by people who didn’t send one piece of literature. The voters had no idea who those candidates were or their qualifications for the job. If an Arab American running for an office is considered pushing around people then we are in trouble because then there will never be a time that an Arab American can run for elected office and not make people “feel they are being pushed around.”
    I just want to understand what you mean when you say “when left alone things will work themselves out.” Does that mean to say that the Arab American community shouldn’t run for office? If that’s the case for how long should Arab Americans leave that alone? I’m asking this question because me and many other are trying to understand what we need to do and what we are dong wrong? We want to have help from people like yourself who aren’t against the Arab Americans, but maybe are hearing things that the Arab American as a community can work on.


  5. When organizations push themselves into anything ,that always receives the response of a backlash. People don’t want to feel they are being pushed around. The vote was a direct response. Left alone things will work themselves out. Calling people racist and haters do nothing.


  6. Bitsy o8 u r absolutely correct! Everyone would always vote for the best candidate. I am not shocked that hamid did not get back in but I was shocked that zanib didn’t because i think she had the qualifications that could help the bard move forward..but that said we all need to voteandthe people have spoken let’s all band together and unite for a better tomarrow for our children.


  7. We just have to keep pushing. Ultimately, this is about bettering the community for everyone. We can’t get discouraged for getting knocked down, we just need to get up and push forward.


  8. Why sure, if you play the race game like James Taylor and Some of the board members did by brainwashing igonarant people who voted for unqualified people to run a school board. I am sure you know who you are, Race will not always be an issue since the community will be come even more unified from this election. We all know from the Dearborn Press and Guide, what Mr. Taylors intentions are and that is to divide. Reading the article and seeing the qualifications of the candidates that lost leaves me thinking “what were the voters thinking” except that they are “haters”.


  9. I looked at the backgrounds of all the candidates and I voted for the person “I considered” to be the best for the job, with the best qualifications. I DID NOT consider their ethnicity. To suggest that we vote for them based solely on that is wrong. BTW – isn’t Sam Salamey of Arabic descent? I voted for his opponent because I considered him to be the better candidate, besides which with Paletko recommending Salamey wasn’t a big turn on. Salamey was elected. When I think of past history, any people that came from another country to these United States had to go through growing pains. History repeats itself.


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