No Problems Here Not at All.

Did anyone noticed  the Mayor said he didn’t have a problem with the same company  being the consultant and bidding on the job. Ron Amen referred to them in his letter to the council as being his consultant on doing the 5 year plan. This is the same company that Mr. Amen was trying to award the bid to Mr. Mayor sorry not understanding how you’re not having a problem with the same company consulting on a job that they are bidding on. Not understanding how you as the Mayor of the City would not have put a stop to this from the onset by simply following the rules laid out in the city charter. Why didn’t you say the Planning Commission will take a look at this and recommend if we need to update the 5 year plan. You didn’t do that asking the big question why?, but an even bigger question is why you would let your community and economic director push so hard for a company that is going to cost its taxpayers almost double from the next lowest bid?

Who is the company that’s bid was all most half? That would be McKenna yes the same McKenna that had to clean up the NSP mess yes the same McKenna that called out your assistant during the whole NSP Grant. Little slap on the hand taking place here Mr. Mayor?  Want to get even with this company do it on your own dime thank you very much. They are the same company used the last time we had to do this plan they are $30,000.00 cheaper and your own council has awarded this company the same job on two different occasions not to mention they did the Military Park Plan . Again Mr. Mayor you want to throw the City Charter out the window and do it your way and expect the council to Pay Double to a company that they turned down in the past.  Showing your great leadership skills once again Mr. Mayor. Oh I know Mr. Mayor you never come here you never read this blog and oh this blog is nothing but lies. All the better for me because you are a disgrace as a leader you will do anything to get even and get even for what? A company that you tried to throw under the bus over a mismanaged program. Why not just admit the truth and move on. This is my opinion based on the Mayors past history and it sure looks like he’s just repeating what he’s done in the past.

Thank goodness we have a council one council member in particular that wasn’t about to let this happen. Councilwoman Badalow stayed on top of this issue and Council voted to send it to the place that it should have started at to begin with (the Planning Commission). Mr. Mayor you always want to break the rules you always want to try to get away with things that say’s a lot about what kind of Mayor you are. One that thinks nothing about bending the truth wasting taxpayers money and breaking the rules.


4 thoughts on “No Problems Here Not at All.”

  1. It has been about name recognition for years just take a look at our City Council past and present. Why do you think Ruth changed her name back to Canfield when she ran for office. What is another joke is our council bringing back Kosinski.


  2. Did anyone else vote with Janet? Why people complain about her is beyond me. She seems to be the only one who is going to hold the mayor’s feet to the fire. I say – Thank God for Janet. I’d like to see her as Mayor but I don’t think in this city that’s going to happen. People seem to have the wool pulled over their eyes when it comes to Paletko. You know, if you don’t do your homework and find out more facts about our mayor, you shouldn’t be voting. It’s a privilege to vote but you shouldn’t just go in and vote because you “recognize the name.” I’m sure that if people did their research into this mayor, they’d be voting for someone else.


  3. The department heads have no respect for the council. They purchase things before getting council approval. They referred back to the planning commission the update proposal. Instead of doing that they came back to the council to argue for another 45 minutes only to be sent back to the planning commission. They really don’t care if they waste taxpayer money. I have never heard of a business that needs a consultant for every department head. Now that I have my bitch pen out lets go on to the council. I would like to know what is the financial situation in the city. What we get is garbage cans, fracking, and good lord you can,t sell a cat or dog in the city. Maybe sometime the city will have a more professional attitude. ( meaning the mayor, the council and the department heads) and the things that are needed for the city will finally get done.


  4. I am attending classes on Tuesday nights so I have to watch the council meetings on tv.
    I can’t even begin to tell you how angry I was when I watched the above unfold, probably a good thing I wasn’t there as I would have not been able to keep my tongue in check.
    It seems that Mr. Amen and the Mayor are real quick to spend our money and their insistance on hiring only one specific company at double the price shouts of cronnyism at the very least.
    Thank you coundilwoman Badalow for making all concerned stick to the Charter and not get swayed by the Mayor or Mr. Amen who seem bent on spending every dime of the Headlee Override.


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