No Planning Commission Involvement in the 5 Year Plan Update..

Suzanne brought this up in the comment section of the blog I’m putting it up here to add a few thoughts.

I am not sure how to start another topic but I feel this needs to be brought up.

During the last council meeting there was a motion presented to hire Wade & Trim to consult on revamping the city’s master plan. The master plan is a very much needed article as many of the grants that we receive are dependent on this plan.

Five years ago a new master plan had to be written because the last one written was decades old and in no way reflected the true sense of our city. Along with the planning commission (made up of neighbors/ residents who are professionals in this area) and a consulting firm, formulated a new master plan. Hiring a consultant to work with the planning commission five years ago was a wise investment since so much needed to be done.

However, at the last council meeting two department heads tried to shove through a motion to hire Wade and Trim to update our master plan for the cost of $67,000.00 without first consulting with our planning commission to see if it was necessary. It was clear to me that there must be bad blood between these two department heads and our planning commission.

Thankfully,Councilperson Badalow thought it would be best to hear from the planning commission first, before spending the $67,000.00. She said it was like putting the cart before the horse. Fortunately after some back and forth between council members the motion was never seconded so it never made it to a vote. However, knowing past history with our council chairman I have a feeling he will probably allow the motion to be put back on the table until it is finally passed. But for now the city tax payers were saved $67,000.00. Not to say we might not have to still pay that amount but if we do it will come at the recommendation of the planning commission, which is what should have been done in the first place.


Questions and many of them why is the administration the Community and Economic Director pushing for Wade and Trim while to my understanding there is another company who bid on the job for much less.

Next why is the Planning commission being pushed to the side? I was told by a council member that the State asked each city to look at their 5 year plan and see if it needs to be updated. It does not require an update if it’s decided it’s not needed. This has nothing to do with the recreation department no matter how much Director Amen tried to make it so. Councilwoman Badalow and Councilman Joseph V. Kosinski deserve high praise for what they did at the council meeting. Thank you for saving all of us $67,000.00 for now this is just one reason all of us have to pay attention to what is taking place in our City.

Read the Agendas online to see what is coming up at the council meetings call, or email and ask questions let the council members know how you feel about how they are planning on spending your money.


9 thoughts on “No Planning Commission Involvement in the 5 Year Plan Update..”

  1. Marge a question for you , the Mayor and the entire council. During the town hall meetings to pass the ho you said their would be no increases in other millage. The treasurer stood up and swore this to be true. Yet the council increased the millage and now the assessor is asking to increase the millage on the December 1st bills. I would like to know why you all lied. Which to me means none of you can be believed or trusted. Please explain.


  2. I am positive Wade Trim does not bid. I would like to know how much per year they are paid. Looking over the cities expenses it would appear every department head needs a consultant. Somehow I believe that if a professional were to evaluate the department heads on their abilities, they would not pass .


  3. And when you say they are “our” city engineers, you, of course, mean that they have bid on (with other comparable firms, I hope) and been awarded contracts by the city council for various functions. They are not employees of the city. Although, from the volume of work they do it would seem that they, and they alone, perform all of the city engineering projects. I have to believe, though, that every contract they have was won in a competitive bidding process and it was impossible to find any other engineering firm in the entire metro area that could perform as well as “our” city engineers.


  4. I am watching the Council Meeting now, and they are talking about this. I just do not understand why they did not consult the planning committee, this makes NO SENSE! Just another attempt by some in our city govt, to try and get something approved without going about it the right way.
    Thank God for Janet Badalow and mr Kosinski.


  5. After watching council meetings when they approve expenditures. I realized they pay Wade Trim to do most of the cities work. Once Marge Horvath said at a meeting she would never get rid of Wade Trim they know the city inside and out. Don’t know what kind of firm this is but they clean sewers , fix roads etc. This behavior by Department heads has always made me wonder if they have the qualifications to do their jobs. Just asking.


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