Why Now?


Three months after Council couldn’t agree on an appointment for the vacancy at the council table and less than three months to the election. Council chair has put it on this weeks agenda for another vote. ThIs hasn’t happened before to my knowledge if it has someone please give a year that it did. There  is a system in place to handle this you voted no one received the majority there is an election why the games? This will give an unfair advantage to whom ever they appoint. Just by being able to put the words “retain” so and so on campaign literature gives the impression to most that someone has been sitting in that set for some time. Doesn’t matter that they’ve only been appointed for less  than three months most people don’t know that what a brainfart.



brain fart (plural brain farts)

  1. (idiomatic, informal) A lapse in the thought process; an inability to think or remember something clearly.
  2. (idiomatic, informal) Something illconsidered and said or done impulsively

5 thoughts on “Why Now?”

  1. The legal opinion was from 1995 and Mr. Miotke had a different read on it than Janet Badalow. The charter does not say anything about a time period for filling vacant elective offices. It is very vague. However people should remember our charter was written in 1968 and if you recall history it was a simpler time when people entire companies didn’t consider bankruptcy a strategy, and a person was considered honest based on his Father’s good name and his handshake. It’s just a different world today. You can argue any side of the interpretation – but the bottom line is that there was no open discussion and given that the Council has operated for up to 9 months without a 7th member in the past, no reason to appoint anyone (including me) with only 4 meetings before the election.


  2. The answer to your question can be found in today’s Press and Guide. M. Horvath, K. Baron, N. Apigian and T. Berry all voted to put Joe Kozinski into a council seat. Joe served on council from 78-99 ( with Baron and Horvath) and was Chair from 96-99 when he lost both the Chair and his seat in election. I am disappointed that after a 3 month lag and with no evident reason Tom Berry requested this be put back on the agenda for a vote and it passed. Watch the council meeting – As I stated in my application to fill the seat – I’m not a politician, I’m a business professional with 25 years of Computer Systems, Fianance and Labor Relations experience. All relative to the budget and I’m willing to serve the community…..it’s now up to voters to decide who will serve them best.


  3. Maybe they have come to an agreement behind the scenes and want to give that person an advantage.

    I’ll be curious to see who they “elect.”


  4. I was going to say – that’s the definition of (here place councilman’s name) but I thought that would be too mean. The truth sometimes hurts.


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