Pre Employment Psychological Evaluations…

Was just wondering if a council member could explain to me why so much money budgeted for pre employment psychological evaluation? For a City with a hiring freeze I just thought 249,527.55 amount budget before payment is just a little high.

How many of these does the City do every year?

Dose the City go through the whole amount in one year?

If not why isn’t less put in that budget?

Maybe the City could put less in that budget or better yet why have a budget for it and put in for payment as those services used. Just seems instead of letting that money sit waiting to get used the City could use it some place else.































Four evaluations @ 400.00 each. you can find this on the City Website under City Council agendas claims 1 Number 6-5


10 thoughts on “Pre Employment Psychological Evaluations…”

  1. I want to clairify my statement where I said that is the contractual line used by other depts. It is not for other dept. it is strictly for PD but it is used for many other things within the PD.


  2. As for a hiring freeze. We are trying to fill the jobs that have been vacated for various reasons and are part of the budget. These are not new positions.


  3. This line is contractural services. It covers a multitude of things in many departments. Don’t take the responsibility of this particular job lightly. I have never done this job but what I am told it is very stressfull. When you call for help (911) you want to be sure the person on the other line can handle your call in a calm way. Think about the calls they receive?


  4. Do we need to have a Ph.D doing this???? Who else except a Ph.D or psychiatrist would be qualified to provide a psychological evaluation? Maybe the kid working the McDonald’s drive-thru has some free time to do it for us. That ought to save us some money and maybe we could get fries with each report.


  5. I would say yes and would all so like to say that someone pointed out to me that those money’s might be used for several things not just this. Anyone being hired to the police department should absolutely have a Thorough evaluation.


  6. WOW!!

    I can understand why an evaluation might be desired for 911 dispatchers. Still, the overall budget amount seems to be very high. What specific service was the $1600 charge for? I’d like to see an itemized list of the services rendered against the total budget amount for a year.

    Do we need to have a Ph.D doing this work?

    How many 911 dispatchers do we have anyway?


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