It’s That Time Of Year Again…

You know it’s an election year when local politicians use the public air waves to stand at the microphone at a public meeting and endlessly “blab” on about all their accomplishments. Things have gotten very bad when a resident has to state before he starts to talk that he’s not running for election. At the last CCM that’s just what happened when Mr. Pilot took to the microphone after two politicians running for re-election.

I’ve written about it before it bothers me that they aren’t limited to 3 minutes like the rest of us. It bothers me that someone who might be running against them can’t stand up and talk about all of their accomplishments. They start out talking or making an announcement about something and end up listing all the glorious things they’ve done or are doing. Oh Mr. Anderson would like to say a few words about the bill being worked on in Lansing. It goes from that to who he knows in the city and how far back he goes. That’s done because this would be the first time that anyone has seen him at a council meeting.

( In fairness he isn’t the state rep for us that’s why he hasn’t been to one of our council meetings.)

Webb whose become an expert at this will be at just about every meeting until election day. I have to say I went to the kitchen during her I’m all that and a bag of chips session. Having listened to this the last time she ran and watching certain people up at that table promote what she’s doing. The same way I object to politicians who are in office and running for re-election have accesses to the senior centers. They do this by bring in some thing directed at the seniors like senior safety day, or something like it. Then they come back to the meeting to let everyone know how it went what they did and how successful the event was. Funny thing is in the off season you normally don’t here about all of it.

Let’s be clear it’s their job to do these things and they are good things they are doing just wish they wouldn’t use our public air waves to promote their campaigns no matter how well they disguise it. I propose this, during election year if your running for office and want to announce an event for seniors, veterans what ever you submit the information to the council chair and have it read at the council meeting by one of the council members. No names mentioned just time and place of the event.

If your running for state rep and have an announcement about a new bill new legislation you can submit it to council chair and have the council discuss it without names. No more self promotion or the promotion of Mayor endorsed candidates. Same thing goes for the Mayors show every candidate he’s endorsing ends up on that show he’s been doing it for years.

I would all so like to see the council do a new letter online only. To save on the cost of printing set to come out either once a month to discuss all the issues at council meetings, or every two weeks. This news letter can be used to make announcements for these politicians without their names. No advertising for anyone link to newsletter under the councils page on the city website. If the Mayor can have a show the council can have a newsletter. Council members can write their views on any given subject before the council and pass important information to the public.


5 thoughts on “It’s That Time Of Year Again…”

  1. I agree with this. It is extremly vital we find effective ways to communiocate with our residents and neighbors. Via e-mail updates, newsletters, PSA in local media sources. This includes, but should not be limited to upcoming events, issues at hand, City Council news/agenda items and questions, ordinance questions & concerns- generally a pool of information.

    I will rpesent this suggestion and we will go from there…..

    Thank you for shairng your suggestions.

    Lisa Hicks-Clayton
    Dearborn Heights Councilwoman


  2. Not everyone has access in this city to a computer. I would recommend having online but printing a certain amount of issues and having them available at City Hall for pick up when people that want one.


  3. Not just a news letter on up coming events that’s fine to add that but I think a news letter explaining certain things that are on an agenda. Take the new ordnance just pasted concerning properties in the city. What it is what it means how it effects us and the city.

    Oh there’s so much that could be added to it just a thought.


  4. I like the on-line newsletter. Redford Township’s City Clerk sends one out every week to a subscriber list via e-mail announcing upcoming dates, etc. Our City website does have an activity calendar. However, I don’t believe, from what I see, it is utilized to its full potential.

    Please keep those suggestions coming!


  5. Kathy, as the English would say “You are spot on”. Webb said she would brief, if that was brief in her book I wonder what amount of time a regular statement would take.

    I agree to having an announcement read by a council member.


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