DPW Letter Of Understanding Approved For Department Heads.

DPW letter of understanding approved for department heads. Some modifications made to this the department heads are capped at 55k when they retire and come back to work. Longevity not included in this cap. There’s a savings here according to the paper work. That savings is in healthcare by bring these people back the city doesn’t have to hire someone new and give them healthcare. The department heads who retire and come back to work will have their healthcare through the retirement healthcare. The other savings according to some is the city won’t be losing its talented personal the city’s “knowledge base.”

The situation being what it is the city has to save money anyway it can. This stared out as a good idea what it ended up being is left to each individual to decide for themselves if it’s really worth it. Only time will tell if this measure will truly save the city money. Department heads in the past weren’t able to roll in vacation and sick days into their pensions they can now.

Did the city miss out on an opportunity here like getting some new people “fresh blood” in the city. The potential for new ideas, the potential for creative ideas the city has been operating for the past 20 years with the same old same old. While things have changed dramatically all around us the city is stuck in the mud. Some may say “if its not broke don’t fix it” well who says its not broken.

I was surprised that Councilman Berry voted in Favor of this considering what he had to say about the recreation director indicating how much money the city would save if this department head left the city’s employment. Why would you approve this measure if this department head is one of several who will be retiring and coming back to the city. I hope you can let us know.


5 thoughts on “DPW Letter Of Understanding Approved For Department Heads.”

  1. The Department Heads that take the re-employment package will not be able to roll in anything into their FAC.


  2. And the BIGGER problem for all of these sweet “retirement” deals
    (DROP and non-DROP) is that once they are signed, no matter how bad they are, they become LEGALLY ENFORCEABLE.

    Just ask anyone who has ever co-signed on someone else’s loan what *THAT* means.


  3. I cannot believe that the council including Mr. Berry supported this letter of understanding and retirement package. Is this not the same as the drop program that was given to the police and fire that the council is so now against. At election time we will hear all of them talk bad about this program and that it was a mistake.
    I agree with Linda and Suzanne, but the new blood we need is on the council.


  4. I agree with Linda. If you wish to remain working then don’t retire. Period. We need new blood in this city not the same old tired blood doing the same old tired things. The only ones profiting from this arrange is the individual and not the city.


  5. People who retire should not come back to work. If they wany to work, they should not retire. We should be preparing new talent to fill these positions. Retirees should only work if there is an exceptional situation where there is no candidate available to fill a position.

    What is this sh!t??

    Are the taxpayers just one big piggybank?

    Are other communities doing this?


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