New Organization In Dearborn Heights

DEARBORN HEIGHTS -The Dearborn Heights Community Organization (DHCO) was established months ago, but has already left a mark. Its presence and importance have become visible.

Since launching DHCO members have raised concerns about the Crestwood School District (CSD) to the U.S. Department of Justice.

The active engagement of its members at board of education meetings have prompted change. Recently two new faculty members were hired to work in the ESL department and assist Arabic speaking foreign students.

The Arab American Anti-Discrimination Committee, and the Arab American Civil Rights League have also been instrumental in the process of getting the changes implemented.

After DHCO President Hassan Bazzi appeared before the CSD various times addressing the issue of drug abuse among the youth, a meeting was called to discuss the issue, and included the police chief, mayor, city council, teachers and representatives from local hospitals.

The DHCO’s work is proof that getting involved by showing up to a school board meeting, and sharing concerns can lead to change. “We are getting somewhere,” DHCO Treasurer Amer Saleh said. Read The Rest


35 thoughts on “New Organization In Dearborn Heights”

  1. Okay everyone I am going to try and start an organization in District 7 of Dearborn Heights. The boundries are from the Southfield Service Drive to Telegraph and Outer Drive to Van Born and Darmouth to Van Born. That is going to be a lot of ground to cover but I hope to be able to post a flyer at every house before the weather turns too cold. Anyone that would be interested in helping start the organization and/or hand out flyers please let me know. The email for this organization is d7dhco@yahoo.ocm Email me there and I will send you a sample of the flyer I have made up for your comments, concerns and questions.

    I hope someone will step forward and make an organization for the Westwood Schood District of Dearborn Heights. That way we can have three sister organizations in Dearbon Heights

    It would be great to cover all of District 7 homes and perhaps have a meeting after the first of the year to elect a board and write a mission and charter. DHCO has offered off help so we are already ahead of the game.

    Now to make it clear. I want to see all of the of tribes in Dearborn Heights represented in this organization. Everyone is welcome, homeowners as well as renters.

    So come on EVERYONE and let’s get this started.


  2. I completely understand his point. You are not getting mine. So I will make it simpler. Should this group as it sits, represent someone who does not give input to them? Seems foolish to me.

    Fact is- anon does not want to join and at the same time wants everyone to be upset with the group because they are doing their job. How do you know they are being dishonest? How do you know that the group intends to represent only one ethnic group?

    Do you have their charter? Their mission statement? No one here criticizing them has even attended one meeting I would wager, or for that matter actually met anyone in the group.

    Why not give the group a try before you condemn them for being dishonest?


  3. Instead of just jaw-boning about this I did make contact with the group and they were very welcoming. They are going to let me know when their next meeting is. Their fight against drugs in the Crestwood School District was in the interest of all. Yes, they also asked for Halal food (but Catholics decades before were able to get fish on Fridays in public schools). ELS, so what is the big deal about that – I thought we wanted all Americans to speak English.

    This is the exact reason things don’t get done in our city, state and country; we are too busy focusing on our differences instead of the human commonality we all share. Give this group a chance, if anything we can learn from them and maybe start a similiar one in District 7.


  4. What…,

    I think you’re missing Anon2’s point. The organization says they represent everyone. They deny that they only represent one group. And yet all their agenda so far has only been all about one specific group. You can say that they shouldn’t be expected to represent people of other groups until those people join, but that is a direct contradiction to what the group has said and done to this point. I agree with Anon2 in that when the group’s actions reflect their rhetoric then they could/should be seen as a credible honest group. Otherwise then they should just admit what they are/do and be honest about it.

    But unfortunately it seems like people these days would rather not be so honest.


  5. Your expectations are unrealistic. If the group truly is about local harmony among diverse groups, then I am sure they would welcome anyone. But you cannot expect one culture to represent another. That would be preseumptuous on their part- right? Would you really want the group- with its present makeup to represent you?

    Is there membership presently skewed? Perhaps. But instead of saying the group has no merit- maybe they are worth a try first.


  6. They claim to represent everybody….their words, not mine. So then you shouldn’t have to expect Latinos, African Americans, etc, to join before this group would represent them. But it is clear their actions are only to represent one group of people. I’d just like to see them be honest and not lie.


  7. If you want your views represented better, then join the group. Do you expect a group that does not share your background to represent your interests? Based on your comments, you probably would not want them to. So join then.


  8. Suzanne,
    My question still remains. Has this group done anything to represent any cause other than Arab American causes? Really, we are all Americans. So this is a group of Americans that should be concerned for all people of all backgrounds. However, they have intentionally chosen to single-out one group of people and to push for issues related specifically to them and not to others. That, I feel, is wrong. If they said “we want ESL for ALL who need it” then that is the right thing to do. But they did not say that. Why should someone from a “tribe”, as you say, have to join the group before the group will do anything to help people of that “tribe”? Again, we are all Americans and any truly representative organization should look out for and help ALL Americans.

    Until the organization looks out for everybody, they are nothing more than just another special interest group.


  9. So you’re saying right now it has only been about Arab-American issues? I’m just trying to clarify this in the spirit of not mis-leading people, that’s all. Anyone can start an organization and “say” what they are, but the proof is in their actions.

    When they argued for ESL, did they argue it for only Arabic-English, or did they insist on Spanish-English and other languages too? Everything I saw reported, even from the organization itself, has only been Arab-American issues. That’s fine, but at least be honest then and admit that’s the case. When I see the group involved in other non-Arab issues then I’ll reconsider my opinion.


  10. Anonymous 2, If the group was formed by American Arabs (sorry but I feel American should come first before the tribe’s name) it stands to reason their interests would be in the forefront, especially since it is a new group. However, as Kathy indicated all tribes are welcome to join the group; so why don’t you join them for a meeting or two and represent your tribe to see for yourself what it is all about. I am an American Hungarian and I plan to attend the next meeting. From what I have gathered American Latinos, American Africans, American Polish, American Irish….etc., are all invited to join. Can you imagine what we could accomplish if all the American tribes in Dearborn Heights joined together to make our city a better community??!!


  11. Anon2- Well, in the article it says how to join.

    “If anyone is interested in joining or w like to know more about the DHCO call 313-757-1890 or

    I am sure you would be a welcome addition. Why don’t you give them a shot and provide your input.


  12. That’s good. Can you please share with us what the DHCO has done with the immigrant groups other than Arab Americans thus far? Thanks.


  13. Is this organization representative of all the immigrant groups in Dearborn Heights? Latinos, etc? Or are we catering only to one group? If we do something like this, we should do it for everyone.


  14. Kerry,
    That’s exactly what they want. They twist everything around enough for you to just give up and then they get their way. Typical.


  15. I would love to do this we could start out small I know of a few place we could go if you don’t mind Arabic food. Do not give out your email address what ever you do mine is here on the blog you can let me know if your interested if you don’t want to do a restaurant we can do it at my house. My email for this blog is anyone interested please drop me a line I will set a date and time if the date and time don’t work out we can make it work.



  16. Why not sit down and talk about this so we can start working on the problems of keeping our city a pleasant place for all to live. I think when people are breaking bread together they are more apt to feel comfortable in opening up. Anyone want to suggest a resaurant in town that has a private dining room we could gather in and wouldn’t mind us taking up room later to talk? I will organize it. I would give out my email addresss on this public forum if I felt only people that were interested in building bridges would email; however, there are nasty people (some of the emails that Kathy has received and shared with me are just horrible) out there and I just don’t feel like dealing with them.


  17. What are you talking about:

    My stated position? Is that really what I said? Please read what I said instead of reading INTO what I said. I will not be posting any more on this subject. Everything I have posted has been twisted into something else.


  18. Kerry. Do you really think immigrants do not want to learn English? Is that your stated position? Do you think most do not want to learn English? This is a fallacy that is not only false on its own merits but defies common sense. How many Arab-american families do you know who have been here even one generation that have no one that speaks English, nor anyone that wants to? Cause I have seen very few cases. You have to speak English to function well in this country. To advance. To prosper. That is the world we live in. And everyone, including immigrants, knows it. English is the business language the world uses. That won’t change because of a few ESL speakers or a few signs on the road.

    Are you stating that you want immigrants to use more English but get no help? Why? Isn’t one of the main subjects in school, still English? For everyone? Why do we teach French and Spanish? Should we not teach those? Oh yeah- we want our kids to be more worldly. To have the competitive advantages a multilingual education gives you.

    I am sure your grandfather was a great guy. He probably would have taken and loved an ESL class had it been available to him. Teaching immigrants English is one of the first steps towards making responsible citizens, lets not bash people who responsibly ask.

    Sorry Suzanne for lumping you in.


  19. What are you talking about:

    My grandfather came here from another country and learned English. He didn’t expect anybody to teach him. He learned himself and was EXPECTED to do so. He did not get help from our government. He did not get help from any school. It was his own SELF-RESPONSIBLITY that made him do so. I’m sorry, but people that come here now, EXPECT and EXPECT and EXPECT. Please DO NOT to lecture me!


  20. Dear What Are You Talking About,

    Please do not group me with George.

    My family hasn’t been here for 120 years, in fact, I am only a second generation American. However, I have heard first hand the horror stories of what my grandparents had to endure when they came over here and I wish it on no one.

    I believe the greatest race on this earth is the human race, which we are ALL part of. I believe the human race is made up of many tribes ( I come from the Hungarian tribe), but just one race. Sadly, instead of working together we busy ourselves grumbling about differences instead of sharing what each tribe has to offer. In order to make Dearborn Heights a true community we need to come together and clear the air of the underlying bigotry that is not only part of our country but is alive and well in the city of Dearborn Heights.

    How on earth can we affect change in our city when we can’t make a simple change in our hearts?.


  21. George

    I initially wanted to explain to you all that is wrong with your statement. However, as I was writing down my thoughts, I realized that your mind is made up and there will be no convincing you otherwise. I will only leave you with this: be careful that none of the other religious groups who practice their faith in this country try to convert you!


  22. What are you talking about:

    Bravo!! You have echoed my thoughts exactly! Thank you for speaking up and being so straight forward! Bravo!!


  23. Kerry, George, Suzanne- As someone whose family has been in this country over 120 years, what shocks me is the same, tired, repetitive cycle played out again, and again, and again, and again with each new immigrant group that arrives in this country. You should read some posters on this board, then go look up immigrant attitudes towards Poles, towards Irish, towards Japanese, toward Germans, towards Italians. The arguments are the SAME. They don’t keep up their neighborhoods. They don’t speak English. Their pope wants to make America a puppet of the Vatican. They are dumb. They are criminals.

    You could substitute any of the above races for Arab- Americans and hear the same garbage come out of people’s mouths. What’s worse is the very same people whose parents or grandparents may have been the target of bile anti-immigrant sentiments are now choosing to participate in it with vigor!

    Our country gets stronger with each new people and culture that chooses to make our country home. As long as they come legally, and make a reasonable attempt to abide by our laws and love their neighbors, who cares. We celebrate St. Patrick’s day, Paczki Day, Cinco De Mayo, Halloween, Oktoberfest and a host of other holidays to varying degrees.

    Let us not become a country or city of elitists who live in fear of the next guy. This is a country where we do not prosecute people from organizing or speaking their minds. This group is a good thing that I hope will build bridges for years to come.


  24. Kerry

    I got your point very well just have a different way of looking at the kids that’s all. For the record I don’t think your comment was prejudice just how you feel about it. Your welcome to voice your thoughts at any time here.


  25. I’m sorry that you’re missing my point. I didn’t think my original post or the follow up was in any way “negative”. My posts were simply asking for SOME personal responsibility on the part of ALL Americans. And that’s what we all are. Americans – PERIOD!

    I think your blog should be whatever you want it to be. It’s YOUR blog. Let people think what they want. You can change people’s thinking. Thank you for allowing me to post my feelings on the subject.


  26. Kerry

    You are entitled to your opinion just like I knew the minute I posted anything that had anything to do with Arab there would be negative comments about it. That’s what I’ve come to expect just like you expected the response you got so did I.

    Do the schools get state and federal money?

    I guess the best thing to do is keep anything relating to anything Arab should be kept off the blog. Just like many would like to see happen in the whole city. Then again what kind of message would that send to my children.

    No Kerry I don’t want to bash you I would like how ever to sit down and talk with you and others who might have questions or concerns.


  27. That is the exact response I expected. I was merely trying to say that at a minimum, people should learn the language of the country they choose to move to. If I took my wife and kids to Mexico, I’d be sure we all knew how to speak Spanish. Do you think they would teach us? Absolutely not. One more point I would like to make is that taxpayers do not pay for the operation of the school. Only rental properties do. So, your claim about paying schools taxes is incorrect. I didn’t mean any offense. I am not close minded. But, I do not agree with catering to anybody for anything. Everybody is responsible for themselves. It’s time that people become a little self sufficient instead of expecting and demanding. Again, my opinion. Jump all over me if you choose.


  28. Kathy,
    Some people go overboard with conspiracy theories, but you have to admit there is a certain favortism that goes on in this city, especially if you’re part of the “in” crowd. I know. I have heard and seen it for myself. Let’s all have equal and fair treatment in this city. If some of us get special treatment, everyone should get the same out of fairness. That is what we expect from this great country.


  29. Kathy,

    You have touched on a very, very sensitive topic as we can see from Kerry’s and your comments.
    I think both sides of the issue need to be discussed in an open but respectful manner so we can clear the air and start working together to make this OUR city and not a THEIR’S city. If we don’t work together this city will fail. Period.

    I would like to find out more about this new organization, since you have my email address please email more on it, including when the next meeting date is scheduled. Since you mentioned the work down was in the the Crestwood School District I was wondering if this organization would also include members that live in D7?


  30. George here is an excellent example of why things won’t change. Paranoid mind set the big bad boogie man is out to get all of us. If you know any thing about the country you are so worried about you should know its a country based on Religious Freedom for real Imagine that.


  31. Kerry

    We are talking about kids whose parents brought them here to this country who are in a public school paid by tax payers money. These kids have every right to learn English and it’s the job of the school to help them learn it. Where would you suggest they do that?
    The parents of these kids pay taxes too are they not entitled to the same things you would ask for your own child.

    Sorry, but offering some Halal food isn’t going to make the earth stop rotating on its axis is it? The Halal food issue was brought up when my kids went to that school. That was years ago you think you might want to move on. This organization is taking on issues that concern every child in the CSD. Like Drugs a very big problem in the High School just to name one. If you have a child in that school or Riverside for that matter you better be worried.

    Before you start to criticize and minimize what they are trying to do why not join with them to help. For the love of God are things never going to change around here? Just for the record the Arabic student population accounts for 62% of the student body in the Crestwood School District.


  32. Islam is spread by “THE SWORD”. Get used to it.
    They want everyone to change for them. Their goal is for the USA to become an Islamic state. They already have Wayne Co Politicians under their thumbs.
    They can beat up Christians on the football field according to a cowardly Judge who just wants their future support. That”s the way it works these days. IN the future, the USA will no longer be a Christian nation unless people stand up and fight!


  33. I was going not going to comment on this post for fear of sounding racist, which I certainly am NOT. But, honestly, where does the “catering” stop? It starts with halal food, then it’s “I can’t speak English so you HAVE to teach me even though I chose to move here.” I cannot imagine moving to another country without at least learning the language first. I have no issues with ANYBODY moving to the United States for a better life, but personally, I think some sort of “conforming” is necessary. Those are MY feelings about this subject. Call me racist if you choose, but that is how I feel.


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