We Deserve Better.

The cat without a name
The cat without a name (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I find this very disturbing below is a comment that was put up on the blog I think we deserve better don’t you?


I had a neighbor who died recently. Come to find out she had 11 cats in her house which her husband wasn’t allowed to get rid of. Now that she’s gone, he’s faced with getting rid of the cats. He called the Mayor’s office today and this is what he was told: Just close the door and let them die. Does that sound like anyone we know? I’ve got a pretty good idea who said that but WHOEVER said it doesn’t need to hold the position in the Mayor’s office any longer. Who hires these people? These classless, unprofessional, unhelpful people are working in our mayor’s office. How do these people get into office? And what the hell is wrong with you Mr Mayor that you won’t fire them? Your office is an embarrassment.

This comment was posted earlier in the week.


19 thoughts on “We Deserve Better.”

  1. Publicity would change the balance of power (just ask the Wayne County Executive). But the only person who can carry this further is the person who called the Mayor’s office in the first place.


  2. Doesn’t it sound like to you, Linda, that whomever made the statement in the mayor’s office is certainly not going to say – I did it. We were told by Marge that this family was advised to call the police station. Nothing was said about – yes, I said that. Can’t blame them. But then again I don’t know what they’re afraid of. Our mayor is certainly not going to fire anyone. Look who he has working for him? If ever there’s a case for someone losing their job, she’s it!


  3. It sounds like the only way they’re going to get some help is to contact the Media. The public needs to know where they can go in this economy to deal with animal problems. Each of the broadcast networks has a Consumer Advocate. This is the kind of thing they deal with.

    [And, the person in the Mayor’s office who made the suggestion should be FIRED IMMEDIATELY!]


  4. I don’t come to this blog for “stories” and gossip. I come for the truth. I also don’t come to tell stories. I tell the truth. Put it wherever you want to put it.


  5. Wow. Whether you want to believe it or not, this “story” is true. It was told to me (unsolicited) at the funeral home by the deceased’s out-of-town relatives. They started to tell me about the cats and told me they couldn’t find ANYONE to take them. The Michigan Humane Society said they wouldn’t take them without paperwork of their shots, etc. The police said – “It’s not our job.” Critter Control didn’t want any part of it. Then they said – do you want to hear what the mayor’s office told us? I said – Oh, God. I’m afraid of what they told you. He said – “they told us to just shut the door (with the cats inside) and let them die.” That is the truth as it was told to me. I mentioned a name from the mayor’s office and they said – that “sounds” like it. I’m not sure they remember the name of the person they spoke with. They had made several calls at this point to find someone to take them. All I can do is encourage them to come forward but it’s up to them now. As for the rest of you “doubting Thomas’s,” knowing some of the escapades that have happened with the mayor’s “staff,” why would you doubt it? And if you still doubt me, who cares? I did make one call to the Canton office of the MHS and they told me to bring the cats there. I also contacted two rescue groups with no response. Why Detroit MHS chose to refuse them I don’t know.


  6. You continue to post and follow-up on outrages statements Marge. How dare you tell someone else not to respond to your post. Who do you think you are?
    If you come to this blog, expect to be challenged. Not everyone is buying the B.S. the Council is selling!


  7. Until the husband of the deceased cat horder stands up in public at a council meeting and voices this accusation directly to the Mayor, I am just going to put it in the category of gossip.


  8. Kids are getting shot every day in Detroit, Ficano is up to his eyeballs in corruption, numerous cities are on the brink of bankruptcy — and you think some stupid cat comment is big news for TV??? I’m sure ALL the news channels will be sure to open with this “Breaking News” story! LOL, get real.


  9. Bitsy08 if you would be kind enough to please call Councilwoman Horvath and give the name of the person who did the calling. As you can see she has called the Mayors office about this and I think it would be very helpful if she could talk with the man directly.


  10. I just spoke with the Mayor’s office. According to Ronnie this person was told to call the Police Dept. When they did they were told to contact either the Dearborn Animal Shelter or the Taylor Animal Shelter. What I would like to know is who this person is and how can I get in touch with them? This needs a follow up. And for all of you who don’t have the courage to put you name to anything you write on this blog, please don’t respond to my post with some of your outragous remarks.


  11. Usually when something is too outrageous to be true- it usually is. This is a comment you are getting secondhand. I have my doubts as to its authenticity.


  12. This is when I laugh that this is the Dearborn Heights “Truth” page. Anything can be made up and people on here believe it. Is there proof? Have the complainant come forward and back up his claim. He should know who he talked to.


  13. Google lists three veterinarians’ offices in Dearborn Heights.

    Any one of them can probably put the gentelman in touch with a good animal rescue organization.

    Vetselect Animal Hospital
    25049 West Warren Street, Dearborn Heights, MI
    (313) 278-0860

    Caputo Animal Hospital
    8188 South Telegraph Road, Dearborn Heights, MI
    (313) 562-8810

    Ford Road Animal Clinic
    23520 Ford Road, Dearborn Heights, MI
    (313) 562-3422


  14. Whoever said that is a representative of the Mayor and of our City’s government. Letting the cats die either inside or outside of the house (the post wasn’t clear on that) is a CRIME. I’d like to think that we can expect something loftier from the people we elect and those that they hire.

    This deserves some REAL publicity and I would encourage the person that it happened to to contact whomever they most respect in the television or print Media.


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