Letters of Understanding Have Very Big Price Tags On Them.

Over the past year there’s been several letters of understanding between the City and various unions. These are not cheap not for the City.  How I understand it is something like this after a contract is negotiated and signed its then closed until the agreed upon date for it to be opened and renegotiated. If the City goes to one of the unions asking them to make concession before the open up date they call this a letter of understanding. The City did a letter of understanding with the police officers union this was to have them give up their Holiday Pay that they did. What was the price tag for it? Either next year or the following the sweetener that was given to the police union is going to kick in. The City will have to pay and pay big for this who’s thinking about this and who’s making the allowances  for the money that’s paid out?  This isn’t a hundred thousand this is much more from what I’ve been told.

Maybe it’s just me but the administration sits down and negotiates with these unions and within a few months of the contract being agreed on and signed they go back to them with letters of understanding. Now I could be off on the timing, but I find it hard to believe that at the time of negotiations you would have some indication that you would need these concessions and ask for them then. Going to them with Hat In Hand puts the City at a weaker negotiating position. Making the concessions the City gives larger and more expensive. I guess I’m just not a big fan of  these letters of understanding it’s just pushing things down the road to be dealt with later at a higher price tag.


11 thoughts on “Letters of Understanding Have Very Big Price Tags On Them.”

  1. Marge Horvath is a far classier person than this writer. You shouldn’t use someone else’s name. Please remember a police officer carries a weapon and puts his/her life on the line every time they go to work. And let’s not forget the stress of their families


  2. Part of the “understanding” should require that the funds “be there” and identify a contingency plan if they are not.


  3. Look guys, I am tired of being lied to by union members, council members, the mayor, other city officials and city employees. I try to attend or at least watch the city council meetings but I am distracted and confused with all this kindergarten sniping and deceptive practices going on between you all that is not openly discussed in the public forums. I am tired of secret deals being classified as confidential so the voters are not allowed to sit in and actually hear and see what is going on.

    Our city is about to drown and the ones who are supposed to be WORKING FOR the city (all of the above) are arguing as to who gets to junp in the lifeboat first and none of you give a damn about the citizens who are going to drown. I am sick to death of all this selfish, self centered, self focused crap. WE ARE A CITY, A COMMUNITY OF PEOPLE – NOT AN INDIVIDUAL ENTITY!!

    It sounds like it is time to get a state mandated financial manager who will take over, clean house and start all over. There are plenty of well qualified people out there that would love to have your all your jobs and we don’t have far to look either with most of the cities bordering ours laying off scores of people.


  4. Marty, for you information the Police Dept. was offered the same deal as the Fire Dept. and they said no thanks. As for not reading the contract HOW DARE YOU SAY WE DID NOT READ IT. Why don’t you tell everyone what you will be getting back in 2013 and going forward. I know you must be a police officer. You will be made whole again beginning in 2013 going forward. I SHOULDA BEEN A COP.


  5. I’ve been putting them and adding a number behind anonymous we ask that you don’t use anonymous without a number to many of the. You can be anonymous 3 1 and 2 taken, or make a screen name.



  6. Kathy, you got it wrong. There is no sweetener in the Police letter of understanding. The sweetener is in the Fire Department contract. In year three they get their so called pay cut back plus a raise for their trouble. Important to note: The council voted for it without even without reading it. They just applauded because the attm said, “pay cut”. No one read it or did the math.


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