Give Just Three Examples.

For those of you that think I complain to much I ask that you post three (3) things this Mayor has done in the past 4 years to improve our City.

What has he done to bring up our property values?
What has he done done to improve infrastructure of the City?
What successful cost saving measures has he brought to the City?


25 thoughts on “Give Just Three Examples.”

  1. The music from the ice cream truck that passes my house in the evening is considerably softer since the ordinance passed, so at least one of them is doing it right.


  2. As a community leader, I work everyday to bring programs to our residents meeting needs directly head on. In addition, daily drive arounds with residents, working together to resolve blight issues in our City. Reviewing and pointing out budget weaknesses…..asking the questions. Writing oridinance proposals which will directly impact the safety of our residents and hold animal owners accountable. And yes, working for landlord/bank/homeowner accountable and fair application of exisiting ordinances.

    Solutions take concise thought. Unfortunately the process may not move as quickly as we may like. It is vital for residents, city leaders (inlcuding govt. leaders) and City Officials work together.

    I cannot, and will not speak for anyone else besides myself, for which I am qualified. However, I am working deligently to serve our City and our residents, making decisions in the best interest of both.

    I am available four days per week at City building’s to meet and hear your concerns. You may call or e-mail 7 days per week.

    There are issues in Dearborn Heights which must be addressed. Work with me.

    Respectfully Requested,

    Lisa Hicks-Clayton
    Dearborn Heights Councilwoman


  3. My house has been paid for for a long time. I don’t borrow against it, so equity isn’t a particularly big concern. I have no plans to put it on the market, so I’m not looking to make a fast buck.

    To me, it represents affordable security in a good neightbohood, not to mention the fact that I’m not shoveling $$ up a Banker’s ass.

    If you live with debt and I don’t, which one of us is *REALLY* clueless?


  4. Good girl Linda… You stay smart. You keep hanging on to that “dead weight” you call your home in this city.

    Couple questions?
    How much value do you think your home has dropped in the last 5 years?
    How long do you think it will take to just bring it back to 2007 values?

    With the exception of a very few areas of this city, if your answer is within the next 10 years, you need to go stand in the back of the line.

    You’re in more denial and clueless than the powers that be in city hall….


  5. I know from past experience that if they do not observe the law being broken then they won’t do anything. They will just thank you for the information, and if they don’t observe it while they’re working then nothing happens. And my point was not choice of music, my point was that people outright disrespect the laws in this city and they get away with it…if you’re part of a “protected group” of course. That’s Detroit, plain and simple.


  6. He’s probably approaching individuals hoping they’ll be stupid enough to sell because he knows that the Bankers (who own the bank-owned homes) will sit on their cookies until the price goes up.


  7. Since the ordinance officers don’t work at night, why don’t you take down the name of the company and their license plate and report them to the ordinance officers. I have no doubt they’ll take it from there. Don’t just complain. Be pro-active, people. I just had one go by my house and I kind of enjoyed the music. Besides, how long does it take them to go down the block? One minute? Two minutes? Lord, people. Get a grip!


  8. Yeah, they passed an ordinance and it is NEVER enforced. I have at least 4-5 different ice cream trucks driving by my house each night blasting their music. Way to go city ordinance enforcement!


  9. To be specific, Tom Berry said something to the effect that DH real estate is in high demand, not that it has “gone up”. Of course it’s in high demand when it’s selling dirt cheap. There is a certain realtor (at least one i know of) who goes around door to door trying to get people to sell their homes at a low price because he has a waiting list of people (mostly from Dearborn I’m told) who are willing to buy it “today” if the price is low. Low home sale prices are killing us — especially encouraging so many rentals. Looks to me like Big Dog is more and more right every day.


  10. Indeed we do need to start working together that starts with the Council and the Mayor. I’v been saying that this country needs to put all this two party nonsense to the side for the betterment of our country. I will say that aspect of the council has defiantly gotten better.

    Thank you for reminding me about the street lights he did do that his first year in office for a very large savings. My issue with the health care is this. He wrapped all of the savings in the negotiation with the police officers union. Came before the council told them if you don’t pass the PO contract we will not get the health care savings. I was there in the council chambers that night

    I said after the meeting and in the days that followed they were never going to see the savings. I told several council members this even before the vote. Not that I’m any expert far from it just didn’t sit well with me it was another or else from the Mayor to the council those never work out well.

    I thank you for letting us all know that there were some things being done over the last 4 years. They might not have been as bold and creative as the street light project, but they are something.


  11. Maybe the next time we negotiate a contract that spends money we don’t yet have, the contract language should say “assuming that the money is there…” and contain a contingency plan for what to do if the money is not there.


  12. And how many times has the Mayor gotten up and walked out rather than listen to a citizen?

    We deserve better leadership than that.


  13. Kathy, if you truly look back and don’t just focus on predetermined notions that the Mayor has done nothing some items will stand out. The Mayor did start making changes in the city and cutting back. Although these cuts may not have been enough he acted with the information given to him. He was given information that the health care savings were going to be tremendous to the city when he went to his employees. When this was not the case, instead of listening to his explanation (and the health care experts) everyone accused him a being a liar. He made cuts through attrition with city employees. He cross trained (sorry for the lack of a better word) employees in the AFSCME union to operate with less manpower etc and still get your streets plowed etc. Many positions were cut within the Police Department as well through attrition to avoid layoffs. Did you know that as money savings he took the time to investigate and find that we were being billed for city streetlights that did not even exist in our city anymore? We also have part time employees with no benefits replacing full time positions in the city as well. I know your personal opinions of the man and I’m not saying he is perfect. What I am saying is for everyone on here to say he has done nothing for this city is inaccurate. On a final note I will say regardless of what side you are on or how anyone feels about him or the Council, this city needs to start working together. We have fallen into the trap that Politicians have used for years, blame the other political party for every shortcoming instead of buckling down and doing what’s right.


  14. Veryconcerned69

    I would like you to go to the page on this blog called city council meetings. There you will find some segments of city council meetings I posted in 2010. These are but a sample of what the council has put up with. You can find this at the top of the main page. I would all so like to point out that there are those on the council that raised a red flag going back 4 years. They tried more than once to point out that state shared revenue was on the decline as was the city tax base. When they asked to start making the cuts back then he would not listen.

    Frankly speaking this was not something that just hit us all of a sudden unless you lived under a rock everyone knew what was happening. Instead of working with those who were trying to put us in better shape for what was coming he ignored them. This is a man that stood and gave the state of the city address telling everyone there that the City was in great shape. Six weeks later he was announcing the city was in a deficit. You want to tell me that happened in six weeks. Look back at the budgets every year the state shared revenue was going down.

    When you see things on the decline you make adjustments for those things you are proactive. There are city’s here in Michigan that made changes early on to get their city in line for what was coming. For over a year there was talk all over the news media what the Governor had in mind this was not a secrete every city knew what he was planing on doing.

    One thing I will say the Mayor is a master at what he does no one does it better.


  15. Lady D, lets look at it this way. Lets compare welfare reform to State revenue sharing. Cities and welfare recipients were given money from the state for years and years and years and they both expected it. Governor Snyder immediately cut off state revenue sharing from the cities but decided to phase out welfare because it was unfair to cut them off like he has done to all cities. He didn’t advise the cities you have X amount of time like he did to people on welfare. It was a major blow to all cities. Blame Mayor Paletko all you want but the last study done there was only two cities in Wayne County not in financial trouble.(Dbn Hts was not one of the two) You can say he withholds information from Council but if you have attended any meetings you will see that it is the Council that is unprofessional and argumentative against the Mayor. I was at one meeting where a citizen stood up and said she couldn’t take Councils attitudes and unprofessionalism and walked out. That’s a problem.


  16. Are you sure we’re above water? That’s what we thought last time, too. Then, we ended up with the HO which, if I understand it correctly, won’t cover our entire shortage, only part of it.

    I’m expecting to see my summer tax bill any day now. I wonder how it will compare to last year’s bill.


  17. NOT buying that excuse. The cities, and that includes ours, are not crumbling because of the Governor. I am not a fan of his but he is only trying to stop this runaway train with his hands.

    The struggling cities are in this mess due to the lack of leadership. At many levels. Over many years. These so called leaders took their eye of the ball. And instead of looking in the mirror, they continue to blame everyone and everything but themselves.

    Locally, I am refering to the mayor. Some Council and Department Heads aren’t
    clean in this either.

    Their weakness was exposed in this economic climate. And their inability to recognize and prepare for this fallout is shameful.

    Conducting business the “normal” way was not going to cut it. Drastic measures, gutsy decisions and true leadership was and remains the only solution.

    The fast and false rising property values, otherwise known as the cities’ “golden goose” became the ultimate cash cow. So our leaders spent it faster and faster.

    Then it burst. Bigger than they ever imagined. But the $$$ was already spent or accounted for. Ridiculous buyouts, pensions, contracts, and other bennies were already “negotiated”.

    OH shittttt.

    And now, summer of 2012, and still no answers. Still no solutions. Still the same leadership.

    However, the real shame lies in us. The citizens. We continue to elect the same token leaders. We continue to buy their hollow threats. We continue to believe the farce that “all cities have these problems”.

    But not all is bad. Our leaders did approve an ordinance to make the ice cream man play his music “not so loud” on his truck….




  19. They fight with the mayor, Private, because he won’t give them the information to do their job. He withholds everything. The problem is then that after the fight, they give in. What was the point?


  20. Nothing has got any better, but according to Tom Berry it has ,he said property has gone up I would like t know where as I know someone who lost her home she owed 75 thousand and the bank sold for ten thousand. Oh sure it is better!!!!!!!!! I see no progress


  21. To make it fair you really should word it “What has the mayor or the council done”.
    In my opinion the council has done nothing except fight with the mayor. Everything the council has past is costing the city money. The mayor is not perfect, but at least we are still above water.


  22. This might be true, but if we want to talk about whats happening here we are labeled as complainers and some other not very nice words. So to give a chance to those who think this blog is all about complaining I’ve given a chance to put up something he’s done hell just give me one thing he’s done to better the city.


  23. Those aren’t really fair questions if you are asking only in Dbn Hts. In this economy I think we can ask every Mayor in every city this and the replies would be the same. BigBoy in Dearborn as well. SouthEastern Michigan is crumbling as a whole due to our current Governor and his cuts to the cities.


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