Councilman States Opinion in The Press And Guide

OPINION: Dearborn Heights Council should take direct approach to budget

By Tom Berry

For those following the 2012 -13 budget deliberation in Dearborn Heights, you know I am in disagreement with the approach the administration is taking toward our budgetary issues.

The budget is heavily dependent upon revenues generated from tickets written by police, early retirements and a four-day work week.

In my opinion a direct approach to resolve the issue is more effective.

According to a study conducted by Plante Moran in February, it reveals our police force is staffed with 20 percent more employees than other cities with similar populations. It also suggests if the city went into receivership, the police department would be the first place where cuts would be made. Reducing the department by 12 officers is a savings of more than $850,000, with no loss of the essential service.

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16 thoughts on “Councilman States Opinion in The Press And Guide”

  1. So you are implying that Dearborn Heights residents are wife beaters and thieves? Because I don’t recall “Uncle Tom” as you put it having that as a campaign slogan, and he represents us all. Cmon now. Play nice.


  2. FBI Statistics, at least as of 2010, do not reflect a “ridiculous” amount when compared with the nationwide average in those categories. If Fraud is categorized as “larceny” DH is about 17% below the national average for instances per 100,000 people. If you call fraud “property crime” we are slightly less than the national average at 2930 incidents per 100,000. If you classify wife beating as aggravated assault than we are also right on par with the national average at 250 incidents per 100,000.

    So unless these incidents skyrocketed in the past couple years or incidents were not reported in the data- your perception of events does not correlate with existing data. We do have more car thieves and burglaries. That is higher than the national average.


  3. Private, his comments about the Police Department have cost him way more votes than he thinks. I for one was in a conversation with residents/Veterans at a local VFW hall a few days ago that voted for the Headlee Override and are furious that he has the nerve say to lay off police officers. In my family alone he has lost five votes if he chooses to run again or run for Mayor in the future. The more he talks the more it’s obvious he has no leadership skills. I will actually help campaign for whoever runs against him.


  4. Cut 12 without any loss to essential services?? I do not believe it nor would I want to take a chance and find out….Mr. Berry has no clue nor does the rest of the council. The council is a joke….cut pubic safety at the time we need it most.and keep a senior center open just because the senior’s are whining and you do not want to lose a vote.


  5. It saddens and frightens me to read that you have profiled people you’re responsible to serve and protect…


  6. Eddie G – The question posed to you was – “What constituents are you talking about”? – NOT what is a constituent. No need to respond – your message is (sadly) all too clear.


  7. For those that attended the budget meetings. Mr. Berry suggested that the top heavy police dept. put their senior employees with management jobs back on patrol. Therefore first response abilities will not be affected. Unfortunately, the only way to do this is to lay-off the lowest seniority officers. True the senior personnel will still get their higher rates of pay but that is Union contract and related to rant. Not something that Council can affect. In theory the effect will not be felt by residents when calling 911.


  8. Your so gun ho on laying off officers..I do not get it our city our streets are protect by the police officer..look at the crime in the cities who are running under staffed ..I do know Tom you are making a lot of citizens very angry with this..police and fire should be the last thing you should worry about laying off and taken away from ..Tom I ask you again will you protect our streets chase bad guys I’m sure not !


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