One Department Billing Another Department.

I noticed on page 17 of backups on the city website under council meetings and agendas something. The fire department put in for a fund transfer to the police over-time budget for 3,000.00 to pay for background checks. I hope a council member can answer why the police charge other departments to do these type of things? Does this happen every time they provide a service to other departments in the city? Does the HR department charge lets say the building department when they go to them to hire someone? When corporation counsel looks into something for a department does he bill that department directly taking it out of that departments budget?

Thank you in advance for any information.



3 thoughts on “One Department Billing Another Department.”

  1. This is totally normal in corporate world of accounting. Various costs are allocated based on demand or general use. (i.e. we take footage of department and allocate costs of electricity, housekeeping, etc to it).


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