IT Should Be For The Whole City.

When you contract someone to do a job wouldn’t you contract for the full job? As many of you know the City of Dearborn contracted with the City of Dearborn Heights to do our IT. Last I looked the Justice Center and Police are part of the City right. Neither one of these departments are included in the IT contract with the City of Dearborn why? The police department has someone on staff doing that departments IT.


4 thoughts on “IT Should Be For The Whole City.”

  1. Marge is correct. In laymans terms consider it this way. If you have Microsoft on your laptop and Apple apps on your i-phone you can’t call one company’s help desk and have all your IT questions answered. The Dearborn IT department is providing support for the system used primarily at city hall. It is the software that many municipalities have. The hardware is also similar or same. The police department has substantially different software & hardware, including radios and other devices. There is an officer assigned to handle IT at the police dept.


  2. Since the court and police records can be highly confidential they need someone who has been seriously vetted.


  3. I imagine that that Police IT work is very specialized–having to deal with dispatch, 911, computers in cars and links to the State systems (LIEN, license plates, ID’s VIN’s, etc.). The same holds true for Court IT systems, which must maintain a database of court records. Does the same source in Dearborn handle their City, Court and Police IT services? Why weren’t these questions asked before?


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