My Version Of The Budget Wrap Up…

I was disappointed in the entire budget. Eton stays open, the clerk, the assessor and HR all get at least additional part time help. Cuts were not deep enough.
Substantial money was taken from police department with reason. $500,000 cut was overtime used to compensate for writing tickets – as Janet Badalow said we shouldn’t incentizie people to do their jobs. Both Chief and Mayor stated that legislation passed last year prevented them from telling officers to write tickets. The legislation actually prevents a them telling police how MANY tickets to write. – saying to police to do their job and enforce the law (traffic or otherwise) is reasonable. Enforcement of laws is part of job description. This cut does not impact the ability for police to provide security and protection for residents.

The above is a comment put on here by Citizen 1 I’ve posted it at the start of this blog post because I think there are many here in the city feeling they’ve been bamboozled.

It’s a well know fact that the Mayor has used the Police department as a revenue generating machine to balance his budget. He’s turned them into a department that no longer writes tickets as part of their job, but only if they get paid overtime to do so. When the over time stopped so did the tickets some refer to this as Blue FluI refer to it as a break down in how the system is supposed to work. While others would like to lay blame at the feet of the police I think the blame starts and ends with this administration who went along with this and encouraged it as long as it was making them look good. I don’t care when it started if this was how it was before this administration he should have put a stop to it when he first took office. That wasn’t the case. We would like to blame the police union for getting a great contract well they asked and it was given to them by this administration. This administration who said they had to and we all know the story by now for the Health Care savings that never came. The over-time is out of control and this administration can’t stop it the council has cut some of it, but why hasn’t the Mayor before this?

You have an administration that wants to give department heads something that people are calling a DROP for them. The difference is when the officers come back to work for 5 years they don’t collect their pensions. With this new agreement the Mayor is willing to bring them back with full salary and give them their pensions. Again the same sorry excuse  being used “savings in health care.” People not only have we not seen this great savings it’s gone up and will continue to do so. They clam that we don’t want to have a talent drain on the city that’s another reason they use to have them take the early out and come back to work. Sorry to say, but the deputy director of the recreation department has been working for the city for 24 years. By all accounts she’s good at her job and has a very good understanding as to how that department runs. After 24 years you mean to tell me there is still some great insight to the job that the director needs to teach her. That’s a reason to bring him back after he retires at his full salary and pension.

All the up roar made over closing the Eton center it was never going to happen folks the Mayor can’t afford to loss his bloc of voters. While I’m grateful for the town hall meetings about the HO what was the point? It seems to me the only reason for those “town hall meetings” was to lie to the residents, scare the seniors and well get us to “Save Our City.” Are we saving our city? As said during all of that the HO wasn’t going to be enough cuts were going to be made to make up the rest. So where are the CUTS couple of people good people from what I’ve been told lost their jobs. The city has to come up with $800,000.00 a year in savings in-order to get out of the deficit it’s now in. If you look at the budget the Mayor claims a surplus at the end of the budget year (wink, wink) come on anyone can make anything look good on paper. Move a number here over-estimate the revenues and “VOILA!” you have just made a balanced budget with a surplus. When those numbers don’t come to pass well we’ll just deal with that further on down the road.

I hope for all our sakes his numbers are right, but if past history has taught me anything with this administration it’s more of the same smoke and mirrors. We’ve been down this road before that’s what got us here to start with.  I’ve heard the Library will be going for a Millage come this next year, water rates will continue to rise replacing the revenue not generated from traffic tickets and so will ACT 345.  The city can’t operate without people to run it and those people don’t and can’t work for free. So where does that leave us well if you believe the Mayor we’ll be just fine if you don’t believe him and let’s just wait and see this next year what it brings we could be up the “creek without a paddle. ”


13 thoughts on “My Version Of The Budget Wrap Up…”

  1. Dear Mr. Old Gezzer,

    The budget (porposed) was passed for 2012-2013 fiscal year. There are no police cuts. I for one would not sacrifice our public safety or essential services. The addition of an acessor is based on the need and an already understaffed department, which does effect our work load and productivity. (which I would like to add, this department is very productive for our City,thus our residents). The Eton Center, written in the proposed budget, remains in the budget. However, there is no line item or Council approval for a roof replacement of $165k. I am working with other government leaders for a grant or other source to pay for a repair/patch up. Currently, an unofficial bid has come in at $5-6000.00. I researching this detail now. I would not look to the City to pay for a replacement on a building we do not own.

    I assure you and all our residents of Dearborn Heights, I will continue to work to best represent our residents, work at recognizing and meeting their needs and building our communtiy stronger for tomorrow. It si important to utilize available resources and come together as a community.

    Please feel free to contact me anytime at


  2. Private,
    Oh, believe me, I have! And I agree with you 100%. I was only referring to the police department because “Old Geezer” mentioned the threatened layoffs. But, you are right. Both police and fire and extremely top heavy!


  3. MeMyselfAndI,

    I agree, but have you looked at the firefighters contract and they will be promoting more this week. I believe the pd has 1 supervisor for every 3 officers and the fd has 1 supervisor for every 1 firefighter. Pd gave up 2 captains, a deputy chief and several other promotions while the fd is adding promotions. Look at the contracts everyday at each fire hall you have a captain, lieutenant, 2 pump operators=2 sergeants and 2 firefighters…..on weekdays add a chief, deputy chief, fire marshall and the fire inspectors. Now thats a joke!!!!


  4. Old Geezer,
    I agree with your entire post! Well said. One thing that I would like to add: the police department is extremely “top heavy”. If they put some of the lieutenants, captains, and sergeants back on the road, they wouldn’t need to lay anybody off. Problem solved. More officers on the road and no need to cut the staff. Take a look at the PD budget. It’s a joke how many “supervisors” they have.


  5. i just heard that there was a recommendation by a council member at last Tuesday’s council meeting to lay-off 16 police officers as part of balancing the budget, Yet the vote to give our whining city clerk another person in his department, and one for HR and the Assessor’s office plus at least a $165,000.00 to repair the Eton Center was approved..

    Oh wonderful, we are already being called Detroit Heights and our brilliant council wants to lay-off 16 police officers. We need to hire more not lay them off and that goes for the fire department and the DPW. These are the departments that keep this city safe and functioning.

    The city clerk’s duties should be resourced out.. He knew what he was getting into when he campaigned for the position and now all he is doing is whining. If anything we need more ordinance officers to help keep our city from becoming Detroit.

    Recall the mayor and the council and hire two CPA’s that will take over what duties our non-functional mayor and council cannot seem to accomplish. Twice a month the CPA’s will submit a report at a meeting that can be attended by all city voters.

    Close the Eton Center and bring the activities over to Berwyn, we own that building so we should use it and keep that in good repair (why should we pay $165,000.00 to repair a building we do not own but lay off police!!!?. Those few seniors in the south end that use Eton can take SMART busses from the closed Eton center over to Berwyn. These old geezers (and I am an old geezer myself) that are whining about closing Eton will just have to deal with it. Yeah, yeah I know you have paid taxes for decades in this city but so what; there are way more of us old geezers that don’t use Eton than do and we have a right to say where we want are taxes to go to.

    Don’t let council or the mayor balance the budget crisis they created by taking away our essential serivices. Give them all the boot.


  6. The ballpark quote was $145,000 but that was ballpark. No one has shown actual quotes even though they were given 4 weeks to procure quotes a few months back. I’ve been told the $145,000 is a ballpark because the contractors did not climb up and do thorough inspections for official quotes.


  7. The entire budget is a sham. By Septenber 1st you will hear how the numbers just didn,t pan out. I don,t believe the business sense to build a good budget is available within the city government. The governing of this city is a runaway train. No one seems to want to stop it.


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