Trick or Treat Nice Treats for The DPW Supervisors Hope The City Got Something Too.

At the last meeting May 12 2012 you might have heard the Mayor referring to the DPW Supervisors letter of understanding. He made reference to it on several occasions when the council was having the first reading of the Department heads early out come back to work ordinance. Not what it’s called but what I’m going to call it.

Well the DPW supervisors letter of understanding is chuck full of all kinds of goodies. First thing that struck me is they are getting yes Getting for Free 3 years. Know correct me if I’m wrong, but the council said they did not want to give that to the department heads and that they voted that down and that is why the Mayor offered to bring them back at full salary. He said at the meeting that they already approved it for the DPW and this was the same thing just making it into an Ordinance for the department heads to get the same thing.

STOP!!! Put on the breaks here people did you not say you did not want to give them 3 years? On page 2 number 7 Amendment to Retirement Article 17. Section 2. Subsection A.8

A. Service Credit

i. Any Member who has not yet achieved thirty (30) years of service will be granted three (3) years of service credit at no cost.

That’s clear right? They are getting 3 years for free. Now if the council doesn’t want this for department heads as the Mayor said they voted against it. What is he doing saying the agreement is the same thing they agreed on for DPW and he already signed that. Council I say again be careful. So what other little goodies did the council give to the DPW? Well let’s see
all members will have his or her 2011 longevity benefit based on his or her base wage the Member received on July 1, 2011.
All Members will have his or her 2011 longevity benefit based on his or her base wage the Member received on July 1 2011 factored into his or her Final Average Compensation.
All Members will continue to receive longevity in 2012 and each year thereafter.
Eligible members will now get two (2) personal days making it 4.

Now at one time longevity was taken away right? Now if they want to come back and work for the city they have to give the city (36) months they will get their pay from what I see they can’t acquire any more credits towards their pension. Things just get better and better don’t they? Last I heard the DPW supervisors had not given up 10% I can only hope that this was given to them to get a 10% salary reduction like most of the other city employees did.

So just to wrap up, the Mayor wants the council to make an ordinance for department heads the same as this letter of understanding with the DPW supervisors. After saying at a public meeting that the council did not approve giving them (3) years great proving once more it’s not what he says it’s what he does, or in this case what he wrote. No wonder he’s in such a hurry to get them to sign off on this. As I always say when he wants something done yesterday you just know something is wrong. In this case I would say very wrong.


12 thoughts on “Trick or Treat Nice Treats for The DPW Supervisors Hope The City Got Something Too.”

  1. Vegas,
    Please read carefully. I NEVER said my job was horrific and “peanuts” was somebody else’s term.


  2. Employee
    I don,t need a job. Why would I be jealous of a job that is according to you horrific and pays peanuts to boot. You have a good thing going and you know it.


  3. Oh, please Vegas,
    Just because you’re a taxpayer means absolutely nothing. People pay EVERYBODY’S wages, whether you work for a store, the automotive industry, or a restaurant. I pay MY OWN wages since I live in this city, too. And I never said that I endured “to [too] much”. Just stating that we are ALL working for LESS than what we were when we were hired and have taken on several other jobs because they keep getting rid of people! I don’t need a “dose” of your so-called “real world”. I have worked many years in the private sector. Actually, I was paid BETTER when I worked there. I came to the city thinking that I would have security. I don’t think that anymore. It’s a shame that this administration has screwed everyone. One last thing, how do YOU know that “most people can endure alot [a lot] for your so called peanuts?” Do you REALLY know what the employees of the city actually DO? It just sound to me that you are jealous that YOU don’t work there. I said it before, get a job there if you think you can handle it!


  4. What world do you live in Vegas Lady??? You obviously have no clue about city employee pay packages. “Most” get upwards of $100,000??? Get a clue.


  5. Most people can endure alot for your so called peanuts. As a taxpayer I think your packages are to much. However if you think you endure to much quit. I don’t think you will find your peanuts elsewhere. You need a dose of the real world.


  6. Vegas,
    Apply and get a job there! You have NO idea what city employees have to endure for those “peanuts”!!


  7. Half the working people living in the city would love the pay and benefits city workers get . Most of the workers get pay and benefit packages worth upwards of $100,000 I would hardly call that peanuts. I would call them very lucky.


  8. We seem to have lost sight of what we were doing.

    Weren’t the “early outs” originally offered to reduce head at the expensive end of the spectrum, and “buying years” was offered to people who were almost qualified for retirement? Coming back and continuing to work was not part of the equation.

    Now, it’s turned into an “I’ve got mine” rush for perks and double-dipping using a patchwork of rulings that make the system far more complex and expensive than it was.

    As soon as someone feels “discriminated against” in the process, we’ll be back into lawsuits and shoveling more of our tax $$$ up lawyers’ behinds.

    Look at Wayne County!

    Is THAT what we’re becoming?

    I hope not!


  9. For the peanuts the city pays what good talent will stay here? It’s pathetic. You get what you pay for. That’s a FACT.


  10. Because all we’re doing is kicking the can down the road. We’re still going to have to address the issue later on (and probably sooner rather than later). If we want change, maybe we should start by letting department employees aspire to filling the top jobs. Otherwise, our up-and-coming talent will simply go somewhere else.


  11. C’mon Linda. If they can come back to work cheaper then I say let’s have them. But it’s if we’re not going to save anything then what’s the point???


  12. Out means out. What’s this “come back to work” shit? If we’re going to pass a new Ordinance, let’s have one for Succession Planning and create some career paths for the rest of the people in the Department.


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