Is This What The Residents Said Yes To?

When the administration came before the residents of this city and laid out for us just why they needed us to Pass the HO was it to give, give, give. Didn’t the Mayor say he was getting rid of Longevity, wasn’t the Eton center all but closed, wasn’t there supposed to be major cuts. Didn’t he say that this was going to be used to keep the city a float during this financial crises. Now you have the Mayor doing another letter of understanding giving away as much as they are going to get maybe more to the DPW. The Mayor wants to give this same agreement to Department heads who at this point don’t get to roll in half of what they will be able to roll into their pensions if this council Okay it and they will.  Why not? Who’s to stop them from doing so these are the people who’re supposed to be protecting the chickens from the fox instead they are holding the door open for the fox and putting out a Welcome Mat telling him to come right in.

I don’t think this is what the residents had in mind when they Cast a Yes Vote for HO, but hey maybe I’m wrong. Tuesday the 22nd of May there will be a study session before the council meeting. At that meeting they will  to discuss just what will be given to department heads to come back to work after they retire. From everything said at the May 12th meeting the Mayor fully intends to make the Ordinance as laid out in the letter of understanding with the DPW supervisors.  If the council votes this in well what can I say  okay I’m just a wee bit pissed after reading the letter of understanding. I’m just a wee bit sick and tired of watching the same thing happen over and over. Do what you want, or should I say what the Mayor wants and gets away with  always what do I care I only live here and pay taxes here like everyone else. Hell let the Fox eat all the chickens what difference could it possible make at this point.


16 thoughts on “Is This What The Residents Said Yes To?”

  1. True, however the Law specifically states that an unpaid water bill is ADDED TO THE HOMEOWNER’S PROPERTY TAX.

    I think I’ll post this to the State as a question.

    If they answer me, I’ll post it here.


  2. The question I asked at the meeting was how much is pa 345 going to go up ? So when I was told only the amount for the ho would increase taxes. My taxes have not decreased they have increased because of pa 345 over the last several years that was the reason for my question,.I am aware of the fact pa 345 is a seperate tax. When they said their would be no increase in pa 345 they flat out lied. The increase to pa 345 is not a rumor and the info is correct. Mercy me slap my hand I don’t know what came over me but I meant treasurer Riley.
    ALL THE COUNCIL MEMBERS VOTED YES FOR THE INCREASE TO PA 345. After the vote Marge stated pa 345 is the only tax the council can raise without voter approval. You can watch the council meeting and see for your own eyes and ears.


  3. Vegas,
    I think you are confused. John (Jack) O’Reilly is the mayor of DEARBORN. And I’m not sure who the “favorite son” is. If you are talking about the Treasurer, John RILEY, he IS NOT related (obviously) to John (Jack) O’REILLY. Also, the H.O. does NOT increase PA 345. Nobody lied. PA 345 goes up for other reasons. I know that you post here frequently, but yet many times you post misinformation. The last thing the city needs is more rumors!


  4. I understand perfectly well. By Law, an unpaid water bill is added to the property tax. An unpaid property tax is a lien against the property (a paid property tax is not). Therefore, an unpaid water bill is a lien against the property (a paid water bill is not). THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE.

    My issue is that the Law that requires adding an unpaid water bill to the property tax never envisioned using water funds for anything other than water. It did not anticipate using water funds to pay legal bills from lawsuits or as a piggy bank to shore up the General Fund.

    If the definition of “water” becomes too broad or if the non-water charges are not paid back, water could be priced out of our reach. Let’s not let the City use the water fund as an illegal way to tax our property by going around the Headlee guidelines.

    Let’s make sure that the water fund pays for water (and its direct expenses) only and that all loans are paid back in full and on time.


  5. So, the city council voted to increase the millage for Act 345. Those who voted in favor of the millage increase would be the ones who did not tell the truth. Do you know which council members voted for or against the millage?


  6. Good answer. Just because something is a lien against someone’s property doesn’t make it a property tax. Water bills, sidewalk repairs or other special assessments may appear on your tax bill, but they aren’t considered property tax. Think about the instructions from IRS when preparing your return: amounts on the tax bill paid for delinquent water, sidewalk repairs, etc are not considered taxes and cannot be used as a deduction.

    Mortgages are also liens against your property, but they aren’t taxes. Under certain circumstances liens can be placed against your property by contractors or those who perform improvements, repairs, etc. on your home if fail to pay them. Again, none of those are taxes. Your property taxes, as established by law, are only the amounts calculated by multiplying the millage rate by the taxable value of your home. And they only become a lien if they are unpaid.


  7. At the meeting with the mayor and the council about passing the Ho I asked the question what will be the increase in PA 345. The mayor , the council chair. the treasurer and members of the council all said no increase to act 345. LIED TO AGAIN. They have increase the act 345 millage and even announced they don’t need the voters permission to do so. The city is being led down the primrose path . Even favorite son John O’reilly has joined the its all about me crowd. They all need to go.


  8. Ok Linda, maybe I can explain it. You state “The first thing the HO funds should do is pay back all of the money that was borrowed from other departments to supplement the General Fund—ESPECIALLY THE WATER DEPARTMENT MONEY, WHICH IS A LIEN AGAINST ALL OF OUR PROPERTIES.” I agree that any money borrowed from other funds to supplement the general fund should be repaid. However, where I think you are confused is your statement “ESPECIALLY THE WATER DEPARTMENT MONEY, WHICH IS A LIEN AGAINST ALL OF OUR PROPERTIES.” As Ava2 tried to explain the only potential lien against your property is an UNPAID water account from a specific property. If you don’t pay your water bill, the city will transfer it to your taxes (based on certain criteria). Your summer tax bill will include unpaid water bills as determined by the water dept. Should you not pay your summer taxes then at some point in time they will be transferred to wayne county for collection. Any money borrowed from the water fund has no relation to your unpaid water bill being transferred to your taxes and becoming a lien on your property. The water bill is not a property tax since it is based on water/sewage usage. However, the unpaid water bill can become a lien on the property.


  9. Think about it. You can say the same about your property tax–the only property tax that becomes a lien against the property is an UNPAID property tax.

    That makes your water bill a PROPERTY TAX.

    I don’t see any difference.

    Show me where there is one.


  10. Linda:

    The only lien against you property from the Water Dept., is any UNPAID water bills from YOUR property.


  11. I don’t know about the rest of you but I have had it. I no longer trust the mayor or council and I feel it is time to do what Allen Park did and that is to call in the state to take a look at our books.

    I went from house to house encouraging people to vote yes on the HO and even withstood boos at the Young town hall meeting because I supported the mayor and council, really believing what was told me. I now feel the 10% pay decreases were just a ruse and I was a sucker to believe it.

    However, I can gaurantee city hall this will never happen again. The Good Lord did not give me a beautiful face but he gave me a big mouth and I intend to use it from now on. The City of Dearborn Heights has been my home for over 45 years and I don’t intend to see it go down the tubes without a fight.

    Oh and just one more thing. City clerk, keep your whining to yourself as you knew what the job entailed and what came with it. If you don’t like it, well-don’t let the back side of the door hit you in the butt when you leave!!!!



  12. This is not why I voted for the Headlee override and I hope the council makes the correct vote. The council needs to start taking blame for the shape the city is in beside the mayor and all of them need to work together. I am still waiting for the city to get that much needed part time animal control officer the ATTM promised.


  13. I think it’s time for all of us to show up at these meetings instead of just blogging. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again. This mayor is out of control and we have NO ONE to stop him. What’s with this council? Dear council: Are you going to turn him down this time or just give him the green light – AGAIN? Oh. Right. I haven’t been on the council so I don’t get to criticize. I’m fed up with all of you. I wonder if those people who voted for the HO know what’s going on? We haven’t had the cuts promised and those that were taken BEFORE the HO was passed seem to be disappearing. At this point, does anyone know the phone number for the State of Michigan? I think I might call them and tell them to COME ON IN. This mayor needs to go!


  14. The first thing the HO funds should do is pay back all of the money that was borrowed from other departments to supplement the General Fund—ESPECIALLY THE WATER DEPARTMENT MONEY, WHICH IS A LIEN AGAINST ALL OF OUR PROPERTIES.

    Then we should start making sure that the people who choose to retire actually LEAVE. (When did retirement become simply an invitation to double dip?)

    I thought the State rejected the City’s budget. What’s up with that?


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