Will The Third Time be The Charm?

The Mayors second deficit reduction plan was turn down by the state and the council passed the third plan at Tuesdays meeting. I have a very good idea why the plan was rejected, but have to make some more calls to find out for sure. Oh and only a couple lines in the plan changed this time around. You never know maybe this time the state will accept it don’t know why they would considering where he plans to get the savings. One thing I am wondering about if the state say’s no to this plan then what. After all he’s serving up the same thing that Detroit tried and the state said no to them.


2 thoughts on “Will The Third Time be The Charm?”

  1. The plans keep getting rejected because this arrogant Mayor is a respecter of no one and lies and deceives so much that he himself no longer knows the truth. He also keeps submitting plans that use revenue he either doesn’t have yet or cannot guarantee. I am appalled at the equal incompetence of this City Council as they stand by and tolerate and agree with this person that is bringing our City to its financial knees. We need to replace every council member, the Mayor and his Assistant and every Department Head in one move at one time. That is the only hope for Dearborn Heights!


  2. One thing I’ve heard Governor Snyder say time and time again is “think outside the box,” in other words, come up with creative solutions.

    I have yet to see anything that isn’t simply tweaking of the status quo.

    I’ll be disappointed if they accept it.


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