Be Careful What You Wish For.

I know there are some who think a Financial Manager is the answer here in Dearborn Heights but is it? Just take a look at what happened in Flint this week.

FLINT, MI — Flint emergency manager Michael Brown imposed concessions on two union contracts Wednesday and pushed through a new city budget the night before a state hearing that could suspend Public Act 4 and diminish his authority over city operations.

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In all, Brown’s administration published 12 new executive orders, including a new waste collection fee and adoption of a proposed budget that is scheduled for public hearings over the next few months.

Also included are modified contracts for the Flint police patrol officers union and the general city employees union — the two municipal unions that hadn’t negotiated agreements on concessions with Brown’s administration over the past few weeks.

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FLINT, MI — President of the Flint Police Officers Association Kevin Smith said pay reductions imposed by executive order today appear punitive after the union and city officials could not agree on concessions during contract negotiations.

SAGINAW STREET SHOOTING07View full size(Ryan Garza | file photo) Flint Police work the scene of an April 10 shooting.

Flint emergency manager Michael Brown imposed wage and benefits reductions on the union in one of at least 12 orders signed the evening before a state hearing that could diminish his authority.

(UPDATE: Flint employees union says forced concessions won’t stick. For complete coverage, click here.)

“Unbelievable,” Smith said. “All he’s doing is he’s shoving it down our throats… Talk about demoralizing the most violent city in America.

“At this point, it’s unconstitutional, what’s going on. And I guess we’ll have to see tomorrow.”


I’m not sure what happened with the deficit reduction plan submitted by the Mayor if I can see that his plan was a fantasy and it’s based on savings he’s hoping to get from Union contracts not set to open for two more years. I would say that there are those in Lansing that will be looking at it the same way and quite possibly say NO. If the state does say no than what where will the Mayor get the money from? If he doesn’t have a way out of this how soon before Dearborn Heights gets its own FM? There are those unions in the city who took the 10% cut, but there are still some unions that did not. My question to them is what are you waiting for? Pontiac, Flint, Benton Harbor should show you that this is not a joke. They come in they don’t just strip my rights as a voter they strip your rights too.

The FM doesn’t just go after Unions as you can see in the story oh no they can impose new fees on the tax payers. They can pretty much do what ever they want to and we have nothing to say about it. Something for all of us to think about Republicans, Democrats and Independents. They don’t just take the rights away from Democrats or Independents they take them from all of us. I think as voters we can elect someone to take over this mess and clean it up. Having the right people doing the job in the first place might help things in this city.



8 thoughts on “Be Careful What You Wish For.”

  1. I’ve said in the past, an FM is NOT the answer. It will only cause more havoc in this already broken city. There needs to be a new mayor and new council. FM have authority far beyond what the taxpayer thinks will be “good”. New fees can be imposed as well as anything they want. Definitely not something DH should be hoping for!


  2. I am so tired of this mayor and this council. Not all of the members on the council but as far as I’m concerned, the majority needs to be broomed, along with the mayor. Will that happen? Most likely not. How do you think Mr. Apigian got elected? Apathetic citizens who don’t do their homework. We’ll probably end up with the same mayor and the same council. We voted in the HO and our mayor hasn’t done ODT to save our city money. I can’t believe the gall of the man to want to run again. As Vegas said – Business as usual isn’t working.


  3. We need to remember that the money that was “borrowed” from our operating funds to supplement the General Fund is scheduled to be paid back “on or before September 1, 2012.” (About 4 months from now)

    [Water-Enterprise Fund – $6,500,000
    Major Street Fund – 1,500,000
    Local Street Fund – 1,500,000
    Library Fund – 2,000,000]

    Let’s make sure that happens.

    Remember that any unpaid water bill (which could occur if rates are raised due to insufficient operating funds) is added to a homeowner’s property tax.

    The Law:

    The City Council vote:


  4. Eton Center Building Fund…

    When I was waiting for the televised City Council meeting to start, I noticed that there is going to be a fabric sale for the Eton Center Building Fund.

    Is that some alternative plan to try to keep Eton open?


  5. I too feel that a FM is a double-edged sword; however, our city administration and council are the ones that are taking us down the path to a FM. I really believed that once we passed the Headlee Override our mayor and council would get down to business. They have not. The Budget Deficit Plan is a sham and I am sure the next budget will look just like the last one. The citizens of Dearborn Heights have given the council and mayor money and time to fix it and they have done nothing. They have left us with the only viable option – a financial manager.

    It would be great to vote in a new city administration and council; however, time has run out. Plus, looking back, we chose the people in office , are the citizens of Dearborn Heights getting represented. No, we did not.


  6. When the council approves a plan that has no changes for four years in expenses and the fifth year BIG cuts to finally get out of debt who is kidding who. They just slapped a bunch of numbers on paper and gave no real thought to what they were doing. Next years budget is just as bad. This will continue until the city goes under or the city gets an FM. They don’t have the guts to change anything. Business as usual is not working.


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