Let’s Make Use of The Justice Center..

There’s a second floor of the justice center let’s use it for the seniors clubs/meetings. It’s safe, the police are in the same building, it’s centrally located in the city and plenty of parking. Due away with the over head cost of the Eton Center and utilized free available city owned space at no extra cost to the taxpayers.  This way they would not have to work around the schedules of the the Berwyn or Richard A. Young centers who have many activities taking place in each of those places.



8 thoughts on “Let’s Make Use of The Justice Center..”

  1. I think using the justice center is a great idea. There really is no room at the Young Center for senior services. If there is lots of vacant space on the second floor we should go for it. Kathy if you lead the charge just lets us know and your supportors on this issue will back you up at the council meeting you attend to present- just let us know the date. You have my email.


  2. I feel that’s a great idea to utilize the vacant space. Will this be a suggestion at the next council meeting?


  3. I feel that’s a great idea to utilize vacant space and save money. Have you spoken with anyone in the city about this idea?


  4. I don’t understand why you couldn’t hold the get togethers at either city hall or what about the building that used to house the police department? I find it hard to believe that there are SO many events that had been housed at Eton that they can’t all be held at Berwyn. It also seems to me that with three spaces already available (Berwyn, RAYoung, City Hall) that you can’t fit those events in. I don’t like the idea of the seniors in the Justice Center. I just think that would cause more problems than our police department should have to deal with.


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