Mixed Messages, Misinformation and Double Talk

All that and more at Tuesday nights council meeting March 27 2012. On one hand you have the director of the recreation department submitting a schedule of times for different senior clubs to meet. Talking about moving these clubs and meetings to different locations Berwyn Center and Richard Young center. On the other hand you have the Mayor saying he has nothing in the budget to close Eton center. Oh come on enough with the games already why are you talking about bussing them to Berwyn if you don’t plan to close down Eton.
Talk about misinformation a senior gentleman who got up a went after Councilwoman Badalow because she dared to say that they were going to close the Eton center. This man who said he doesn’t even go to the center went on to say that the council gets a pension and cars. At this point can I ask where was Council Chair to set the record straight. Why didn’t he tell the man that he’s the only one getting a pension and health care. Why didn’t the rest of the council come to the assistance of their fellow member and say we don’t get cars. Why not let this man know that they do not get gas money or reimbursement for mileage put on their cars. The council gets 9,000.00 a year of that they have given up 10%. No the council isn’t making big bucks. Council Chair should’ve put a stop to the personal attack the minute it started. I’d like to remind the Mayor while you are playing it up for the seniors of your city let me remind you that you let three people go this past week. Man up stop kissing up to the seniors because your worried about your re-election.


2 thoughts on “Mixed Messages, Misinformation and Double Talk”

  1. Let me ask a couple questions: Who did the analyzing of that project? Let me guess. Wade Trim?
    They have missed the boat a few times. Just try to disagree with them. Been there, done that, nobody cares.
    Yes, they don’t realize the magnitude of this whole Eton Center thing.


  2. I attended the meeting. There is no final decision. It appears that cost savings as presented were not as large as expected. However the numbers as presented are flawed because Parks and Recreation team only stated what the savings to their departmental budget will be. They did not include the reduction in cost for building services and they did not provide costs associated with the roof replace/repair which we all know to be pending . I am very disappointed in the people involved in the analysis – this is not the way you analyze something of this magnitude.
    During the meeting they asked Purchasing to get a quote on the cost of repair/replace the roof as that could be a key bit of information. Time line agreed to was 4 weeks.


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