The 2013 Election Do You Want More Of The Same?

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Give some serious thought to our 2013 election and no it’s not to early to start thinking about it. From everything I’ve heard there might be two open seats on the council and the Mayors term is up. This election has the potential to change the city and who run’s it.

There’s a lot at stake for the city going forward and it’s residents who do we want to see in charge of this city? Who will best represent us on the council? The old ways of dealing with things are just not good enough for the future of the city. The city just doesn’t need more of the same that’s not just for this Mayor,but for anyone thinking of running against him.

Instead of having the establishment hand-pick the candidates they think are good enough for us let us do the picking. Let’s not discount the younger generation just because of their age if they are willing to put in the time and effort if they have the residents best interest at heart we should foster that. Again if they put more effort then just putting their name on the ballot even though a lot can be said in just a name lets not base a vote on it.

Have some serious discussions about this with your club members, neighbors, family, and friends. Most of all ask yourself and others what you want what issues are important to you. How do you want the council to work for you, what kind of Mayor do you want to see leading this city.  Take it upon your selves to inform people about what has been going on in this city for the past three years. Ask your self and others where they want to see their city in the next 5 and 10 years.



9 thoughts on “The 2013 Election Do You Want More Of The Same?”

  1. Thank God the Mayor’s term is almost up. He is the most untouchable Mayor in the country. His staff protects him and will not let anyone see him. My whole neighborhood is infested with RATS and I called the Mayor’s office told his staff about the problem and asked if I could have an appointment to see the Mayor, I was told that they could not give me an appointment. They called the ordinance dept and told them to come out and give me a ticket. He came out and checked my yard, seen the holes being made by the rats and told me that I would have to get an exterminator at my expense ($150.00) and if I didn’t I would be fined. He also told me that the Mayor’s office told him that I was a crazy woman. I have more than 100 signatures from my neighbors and I hope a lot of backup from them. I’ll see you at the next City Council meeting. They will find out how crazy I really am!!!!!!!


  2. I think Lisa did change her mind after the mayor explained something to the council. I don’t count on her being different than the rest Sorry but the mayor gets his way no matter what because they do not stick together


  3. Blackdog…

    You’re mostly right in your summary. I don’t agree with the council members you called out, though. I too have no doubt that we are in deep****. I realized this long ago. That is why I have been quietly selling off my interests in this city. I am not going to go down with this sinking ship. I’ve put on my life jacket long ago. The people of this city are naive by what they are told. They continue to keep electing the same officials over and over. Sometimes the names change but the results stay the same. What’s the old saying…You can put makeup on a pig but its still a pig. Couldn’t be more true in this case.

    Ironically, the people who are mostly responsible for starting this fire are the ones that we expect and entrust to put the fire out. What a joke.

    Serious measures are required for resolution but the people commanding the ship are in way over their heads. If and when the people wake up will we begin to have a chance for recoverery. Until then….

    God help the people if this mayor gets re-elected.


  4. Well it would nice to see Horvath go. She makes up her mind one way or another or changes it once she makes it up. It is time for Berry to go. I think he has done enough apple polishing. I know Lisa just got elected but I hope she doesn’t roll over every time there is a tough decision to make. We need people to sit on the council who can think out side the box and not be affraid if their vote is going to hurt someones feelings. I am not saying the currant council has not made some good decisions. We need some new blood and younger. It’s the same old stuff. The city is out of date. Not all young people are into sports. There is no variety. Bad business decisions by the Mayor and the council gives him the ok. The City of Wayne has an Arabic Mayor. They have a civic center that is busy all the time with a indoor pool with a handicap lift. No I am not Arabic. It doesn’t matter. they get everyone in the community involved. everything is open. Nothing hidden behind closed doors. Dearborn Heights is a great City and I have Lived Here for 30 + years and this never should have happened. I was a business owner and if I would have made the same bad decisions the mayor has made regarding the city I would have lost my business. The City is not going to make it with the currant administration. He has given up nothing..Now he can walk away, but it is so easy for him when everyone believes his lies that he can run for mayor again. It took Detroit 2 times before they finally realized what Kilpatrick was doing. How long is it going to take Dearborn Heights. Just sit back and watch…………….


  5. Maybe once we find out who’s going to run, we should get people to back “our” candidate like they do with the major elections. That way, if Paletko is foolish enough to run again, we can get people to back someone else and finally, FINALLY, broom the guy and his wonderful assistant. Course, that’s assuming (and we know what that means) that someone else worth it will decide to run.

    What I’m now wondering is who are the two who may be giving up their seats on the council. Let’s hope, along with Paletko, it’s Apigian.

    I know. I’m livin’ in a dream world.


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