Budget Deficit Plan.








17 thoughts on “Budget Deficit Plan.”

  1. I have to agree with Max. But for Lisa, you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. But in agreeing with Max all I’m going to say is – Action speaks louder than words. Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t remember ANYTHING being done since those empty-headed folks passed the HO. What ideas has his highness come up with to save the city more money? All I’m hearing is more of the same; excuses – perhaps more intelligent excuses – but excuses just the same. A plan really isn’t a plan unless it has some hard ideas to back it. What’s the plan, Stan??? No need to be coy, Roy. Make a new plan, Stan!! There must be 50 ways! La, la, la, la. No. That sounds like the old plan. WE NEED A NEW PLAN!


  2. Max

    I put her comments on the blog for two reasons.

    1. I like her and consider her a very nice person.
    2. I want to support her in trying to get the message out about anything she might be working on for the residents.


  3. Kathy,

    Please tell me why you allow Lisa Hicks-Clayton’s self promotion on this blog? She continues to talk about how efficient, effective and competent she is. That message should be saved for her own blog and/or Facebook page. If any of the council members want to address a specific issue, I think that is great. I just disagree with the continual self promotion.


  4. I would like to know who you have heard, Private, is interested in running. And Kathy, you say – four to run against him. Who, people, are these people? All I know of is Tom Berry and I’d even be willing to vote for him rather than see Paletko in office again.

    Really??? He had a fundraiser? I would have thought the HO would have been his fundraiser. Anyone who gives him money to run again hasn’t been paying attention or really doesn’t care about our city.

    And Lisa. As far as Facebook is concerned, I don’t go there. I’ve tried two different times and the last time I had 3 viruses in one day. My personal information is much more important than going on Facebook. I do have to say that I’m happy for you that you’re on so many boards. I don’t really care, though, except for my city council. As to someone calling the mayor and most of the council incompetent – you’re right. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. We’ve watched the mayor do his tap dance and the council sit back and watch. Incompetent is a nice word.


  5. Just an update in regard to EFMs. I was informed they are Emergency Mangers (EMs). I attended a very informative seminar/workshop today, Sunday, March 11, 2012. I continue my quest for knowledge, enabling me to be an efficient and effective ( competent) government leader. It appears there may be enough verified signatures to get the “no EM” (repeal Gov. Synder’s EM legislative piece) on the ballot in November. I wanted to share this information with our residents.

    In addition, I have accepted two appointments to the Michigan Municipal League’s board/ committee. The first is the Municipal Service Committee, dedicated to bringing valuable resources to municipalities around the state of Michigan ( including Dearborn Heights). The second appointment is to the Elected Officials Academy Board, which will support and provide resources and educational opportunities to elected government officials, at all levels, enabling government officials to become more efficient and effective leaders. I feel both of these appointments will be of great value to our City and our residents.

    Please check out Lisa Hicks-Clayton, Dearborn Heights Councilwoman on Facebook for details and updates. I want every resident to have an opportunity to access information.


  6. lisa
    How about we enforce and be accountable to an effective plan.This is not an effective plan. I do not know how you would know if it was on target or not. The last year of the plan that gets the city out of debt is total foolishness. The get out of debt in the fifth year was done to put off the cities collapse . How can responsible people accept this garbage as anything but. Nothing stays the same year after year. Healthcare costs are going up 13 to 15 percent a year. The five year period doesn’t reflect that. Within the five years social security will go up. Just in general costs go up. Nothing remains flat. I will not finger point but this plan is nothing more than someone’s wishful thinking. I would have thought an effort would have been made to come up with a document that was based in an attempt to deal with reality. If you really want to change things demand a plan that is reality based.


  7. As an responsible and dedicated elected official, I have and will continue to follow up on the progress with the Deficit Elimination Plan. Yes Lisa, you and I agree, an EFM is not our best option. Unless we are ok with cuts in police, or possibly cut so much that Wayne County Sheriff will take over our patrols. Do you think Wayne County Sheriff Department can effectively patrol multiple municipalities at once? What about fire and our EMS. Ready to possibly lose it? Ok with the number of private EMS available? Not enough private EMS available for the surrounding communities plus us? How about potential job loss? Home loss? Blight due to increase in vacancies? How about we enforce and be accountable to an effective plan and work together for our community. Time to be a part of the solution and not the problem. No more blame game or finger pointing. What do we accomplish? I am on board to change this situation. Are you?


  8. A good place to start is to attend the meetings and discuss your concerns with your elected officials. How unfair to call someone incompetent with out the facts. Of course, everyone is entitled to his or her opinion.

    In the meantime, I will continue to represent our residents and make decisions based on facts, consultation and conference with professional consultant (objective thirds parties) and the residents I meet everyday at our City buildings and locations throughout our City.

    I am always available to meet with any and all residents at YOUR convenience.
    Be sure to attend our next Council meeting, as I will continue to follow up and hold our Mayor, and our Council (including myself) accountable.


  9. I still think that he is better then any of the other people that I have heard are interested in running.


  10. Linda,

    I was at the council meeting and you basically have it. They haven’t done bargaining on the next contract yet, so they basically plugged that number. It was said multiple times, the plan is a living document – it will change many times in the next few years.

    An emergency manager is not desirable, but I’d like to see the state require more details. However, it’s likely they won’t unless the month-to-month tracking shows a lack of progress.

    Lisa F


  11. He should expect Four to run against him, Four to run against him, Four to run against him. If he can handle what’s going to be coming out against him good for him and you.


  12. Look at all the duplicate numbers in years 4 and 5. Even a bad homework assignment shows more creativity than this.

    And how do they account for the reduction in Public Safety in Year 5? Maybe they think it’s far enough out that no one will care (or notice).

    If the State accepts this, I will be VERY disappointed!


  13. This is indeed a “fantasy plan” and why anyone with an ounce of common sense would even consider this a plan much less vote yea on it is beyond all reasoning and common sense. Shame on council members Baron, Berry, Apigian and Hicks-Clayton.

    My household budget is more detailed than this.

    $3,725,000.00 Reimbursements from other funds. What the heck other funds? Give me a list of what is expected from each and every fund that makes up this “other funds”.

    $5,968,450.00 Other Revenue. What the heck other revenue? Again give me a list of what is expected from each and every thing that is part of this “other revenue”.

    Don’t even get me started on the court revenue.

    That’s it. I am going to start writing every state official I can and ask them to please send an EFM to our city as it is clear our mayor and the majority of our city council are incompetent to make sound financial decisions for our city.


  14. Thirty years ago and for seven years after, I tried to get Attorney General Frank Kelly to prosecute Wayne County for violation of the Uniform Budgeting Act which along with the State Constitution required a balanced budget. When they did finally get around to it, they came up with this crazy Idea of the 5 year plan to balance the budget which for most years they just extended another year. At least I think that is when the came up with the idea. In any case I have been unable to find anywhere the authority for five years to abide by the Constitution.

    Last time I heard, our council, state legislators and the governor have sworn to uphold that constitution. Would or should we be given the same choice to make exceptions to the constitution and legislation? How about giving the citizen a year to collect signatures to throw them out of office?


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