Was it Just Talk or are They Going To Do The Walk.

Was “Talk” of closing the Eton center just that “Talk?”

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During the months of September and October 2011 there was a lot of talk about closing the Eton Center. Some seniors got the impression that if they voted for the HO this would save the Eton Center. Well I’m starting to get a very funny feeling that maybe we’ve been had. What if the Mayor never had any intention of closing the Eton center. What if he just used that “hot button” issue to get the largest bloc of voters on his side. That’s right think about it, how else could the Mayor and others get the seniors on board to raise their taxes? A group that has a history in this city of never voting to raise their taxes. Well make an issue that they can get behind threaten to take something away from them. If the Mayor couldn’t get the seniors on board well chances are the HO wouldn’t have passed. Even better the mayor now can come in and look as if he is saving the day by not making any move to close the Eton center he wont even talk about it at council meetings. He said that this is a topic that should be talked about “one on one.” The topic is so controversial that the mayor doesn’t want to talk about it at open meetings why would he on camera no way. Much better to do it behind closed doors where he isn’t on record for anything. Not to mention he’s run for re-election and he needs “his seniors” behind him. He won’t have those votes if he doesn’t look like the one who saved the Eton center. If there’s anything done with Eton center the move it looks like will have to come from the council. I hope not before they let the public know that they were left with no choice because of the Mayors inability to deal with the problems the city now faces.  Before you all go off the deep end let me say I have no evidence of this its just one way to look at the facts on the ground now and looking at them tells me we’ve all been had.




21 thoughts on “Was it Just Talk or are They Going To Do The Walk.”

  1. I’ve said this a few times before but I’ll say it again. You need to find some way to advertise this site, Kathy. I was at the meeting yesterday and attending was someone from the City Planning Commission. Even HE didn’t know anything about it. When I voted, even the ladies there didn’t know about this site. This site is what opened my eyes to what has been going on in this city. I’m pretty sure this site would have gotten you elected. It would certainly open people’s eyes to the mayor and his assistant’s antics. As for flooding the city with paperwork detailing how the mayor’s administration has impacted the city, to my mind it would be better to wait a few months before the election. Then we see if he is foolish enough to run again and if so, we put it in front of people on a timely basis so it’s still fresh in their mind when it’s time to vote. My idea is to flood the city with the site address. In that way, we’ll have more citizens informed about what’s going on. In that way, hopefully people like Ned Apigian won’t be re-elected.

    From what I’ve seen of Janet, I do hope she runs for Mayor. She’s invested in this city and seems to be the only council person who “actively” informs us and is willing to stand up in front of us and explain. I don’t know Lisa Hicks-Clayton but from what I’ve heard, it sounds like she’s going to care as much. As far as the rest of the council, I’m not impressed.

    I will say this, though. We had SIX PEOPLE at Janet’s meeting yesterday. So many people complaining on this site and when you have a chance to tell it to a council person, you don’t show. My suggestion to you, then, is to look up the e-mail addresses of the council AND THE MAYOR and let them know how you feel about what’s going on and how you’d like to see the vote come down on certain issues. One way or another you need to make your feelings known directly to the people who run our city. Don’t just complain on a site of which very few are aware.


  2. Marie

    I decided long ago that if the Mayor ran again even if it’s unopposed that I was going to form a committee and put together a campaign explaining to the public why this city can’t afford another 4 years of the Mayor. “Save Dearborn Heights From Dan Paletko”

    He’s gotten away with far to much for far to long he’s never been accountable for anything he’s done. One very large problem we still have residents who are unaware of the facts. There are more then I care to admit that didn’t know there was an election in November even more that are unaware that HO was on the ballot. More still that are going to be very surprised come August.

    I hope when the time comes there will be a very large group of us willing to get the message out.


  3. I agree, we have been had. However, excpet for a few all anyone does is talk, talk, talk and the mayor knows it. He knows we are a city of residents who talk but don’t take action and that is why he is able to get away with the things he does..

    What we need is a group of residents that are willing to organize. Then write a truthful factual statement regarding the mayor and how his administration has negatively affected the city, put it to print and flood the entire city with these bulletins. It might mean walking house to house for each member of this group but it would be well worth the effort.

    Anyone interested?


  4. Margaret Van Houten asked about a 5-year plan during the Q&A part of the City Council meeting. I’m going to watch that part of the meeting again for any clues.


  5. “Anonymous”:

    Since it was required to submit a 5 year plan, how could the plan be submitted for 5 1/2 years? Seems pretty basic. Also seems typical.


  6. As I understand it from attending the meetings. The deficit reduction plan runs for 5 years – not 51/2 years and because it was submitted at the halfway point in the fiscal year ( Jan – our year year ends in June) this was an issue. The deficit from 2011-2012 is being addressed in future years as a result.

    The council had to approve these changes and it was due to be mailed back today. The council voted 4-3 against accepting changes and then after discussion 4 approved to send it in. Council member who changed her vote was clear – this is being done to get the process started, we expect and will require monthly updates to stay on track or amend plan as submitted.


  7. What did they do with the $70,000 grant?

    If they spent it on something else, I’d think they’d be in some serious trouble.


  8. Anonymous,

    Can you please explain the minor timing error? Sounds like something from the mayor’s office. If it was so minor, why has it not yet been resubmitted?


  9. It is so nice to hear more city officials getting involved.. I have had many meetings with the mayor gor the last 5 years. Some personal and some with my commission of 7 members. I have resigned from being the Chairman of the disibility Commission here in Dearborn Heights because of all the lies and nothing being done about the complaints from the disabled. There still is no handicap bathroom in the Berwyn center even though they received the 70,000 dollar grant money for it last year. The citizens of Dearborn Heights are still are calling me asking why isn’t Dearborn Heights Handicap friendly? This is not the priority of the Mayor. He has promised and pledged the same as I hear him say to everyone else with a problem and nothing is done.
    The citizens of Dearborn Heights who are handicapped and can’t use your city buildings and businesses are tired of it . Don’t bother to run for Mayor we don’t need more of your lies. Hopefully the Department of Justice will investigate the City before we are millions in the whole.
    Linda Butler


  10. I commend Councilwoman Badalow for offering more opportunities for the residents of Dearborn Heights to meet with her and other community leaders. As a community, we need to work together toward a viable solution to our City’s current state of affairs. If you are unable to physically attend a meeting or any face-to-face opportunity, as a resident, please call your Council members, e-mail or write a letter.


  11. That is because it is on agenda for Tuesday, Feb. 21 and Councilwoman Van Houten made mention of it on Tuesday, Feb 14th, as I was prepared to make the same comments she had made. There are Council members prepared to hold the Mayor accountable. The Deficit Elimination Plan is of utmost important to all of us.


  12. Hello Residents! For the record, Janet and I have been in discussion in regard to open communication, i.e.e face-to-face discussion, for some time. As I had stated during my campaign, I will offer the same opportunities. In fact, I have made myself available at several public meetings and events over the course of the past two months, since my election to office. I choose to come to the residents and make myself available to answer questions, hear concerns and welcome opportunities for improvements.

    There are other council members working to represent and serve the residents of Dearborn Heights.


  13. You are right. He knows the Eton center should be closed, but he will force the Council to make that decision because Seniors vote. He believes the Eton Center should be closed, but he will not make the decision because he has no ……… He will make the Council do it because then he can say, I didn’t close it; the Council did; assuming they will vote for him and not for the City Council members that are on there now. He doesn’t completely control the Council anymore, so he would be happy if some of them were taken off.


  14. Just got an e-mail from Janet Badelow in answer to the e-mail I sent to the council and the mayor and she says:

    “I am holding the first of monthly meetings I am calling “straight talk” this Friday at 11 a.m. in the Caroline Kennedy library. I will be answering questions and providing information to residents. I hope you will be able to attend. Please feel free to pass this along to others.”

    I’ll be there and I hope some of you will be, too.

    Why is it that Janet is the ONLY council member who wants to provide answers? Those of you who criticize her should pay attention.


  15. When we all vote NO on the things he wants.

    It would be refreshing to see a lot of new backbones in the City Council when votes are cast.


  16. My understanding of the rejection of the City’s Budget plan is that it was rejected for some minor timing errors that didn’t sync with state’s calendar. It is being corrected and re-submitted. No major changes.


  17. Kathy,
    It is about time that someone said out loud what a lot of us were thinking and chatting about. The mayor has a history of doing just what he did for the HO and the Eton Center. Pull the wool over the heads of the voters, then look like the hero that he is not. For those of us who have been in the city for a long time, we should be able to pick out his blunders….he does have the convincing attitude though, doesn’t he? If I didn’t have to take the brunt of his faux pas I would just shake my head in amazement, but higher taxes, lies upon lies, refusing to answer to our elected council members, it is all the same old thing. Just when are we going to put his butt on the carpet and refuse to let him blow us off?


  18. RE: Eton

    I’ll be curious to see how City Council votes when the contract is awarded to REPLACE THE ROOF on that dinosaur.


  19. In the last Council meeting, there was one other topic that was noteworthy by its absence: the state’s rejection of the City’s budget plan.

    No one is talking about it. Anywhere.



  20. It reminds me of Karl Rove’s approach to getting George Bush reelected. Right before the election, he brought up all the conservative “hot buttons” that really don’t have anything to do with running a country (you all know what they are) to energize the voter base. And they followed like sheep. It was both laughable and predictable.


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