State Rep. Bob Constan Trying to Close the Revolving Door…

LANSING — State Rep. Bob Constan (D-Dearborn Heights) and George T. Darany (D-Dearborn) are supporting an ethics and campaign finance reform package that would close the revolving door between the public and the private sectors and provide citizens with greater transparency and accountability from elected and appointed officials.

“We as lawmakers are entrusted with the well-being of Michigan workers, families, schools, businesses and communities, so it is very important that the public has confidence in our ability to make sound policies without questionable pressure or influence,” said Constan. “There is a time and place for everything, but running a campaign on the public’s time cannot be allowed and using the House as a rest stop on the road to personal financial gain must stop. I am committed to doing all I can to see to it that this legislative package becomes law in Michigan.”

The package contains 16 bills and one constitutional amendment and looks to address corporate accountability, campaign finance and ethics reform. Among other things, the House Democrats’ package of bills would:

— Create a two year “cooling off” period for elected officials and a one year period for department directors who attempt to move directly into lobbying to close the revolving door between public and private work.

— Require personal financial disclosure from appointed and elected officials. Michigan is one of only three states with no financial disclosure requirements.

— Strengthen conflict of interest provisions for legislators, prohibit state elected officials from applying for or accepting state grants, and make it illegal for individuals to solicit or accept campaign contributions while in a state facility.

— Toughen campaign finance disclosure and corporate accountability after the U.S. Supreme Court lifted limits on corporate spending in campaigns and prevent state contractors, companies that accept federal bail-out money, and foreign-controlled corporations from spending money in Michigan elections.

— Increase transparency by forcing corporations making expenditures in campaigns or for lobbying purposes to comply with the law and publically disclose funders.

— Eliminate “Pay to Play” politics by banning the state from awarding any contract over $100,000 to a contractor or vendor who made campaign contributions to elected officials.

— Require “robo-calls” to clearly state the name and address of the organization paying for them.

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1 thought on “State Rep. Bob Constan Trying to Close the Revolving Door…”

  1. Sent an e-mail to Rep. Constan. In short, told him – IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME! We ALL need to take steps to curtail the activities of our elected officials who think nothing of taking money for their campaigns and then selling their vote to those same people for their special interests. I’ve heard for years about numerous politicians saying they were going to do away with lobbyists and special interest groups and to date, I don’t believe anything has ever been done. Just like Mr. Hoekstra who chided Debbie Stabenow as the “spenditnow” candidate bu who himself spent over $300,000 on the ad for the Super Bowl. Huh? He’s also been endorsed by Governor Snyder and Michele Bachmann. Now there’s two endorsements that should really make a difference to all good Michiganders; the “takeit” Governor and the idiot candidate who embarasses any intelligent woman and for God’s sake, should totally embarass the Republican party. Debbie Stabenow, to me, seems to have our best interests at heart. Pete didn’t even want to run but was “convinced” by the Republican party, probably because they didn’t have anyone to run against Debbie. As far as I’m concerned, they still don’t. I’m glad to hear we have more politicians such as Constan and Darany that seem to be of the same caliber as Stabenow. Is that a light at the end of the tunnel or the train?


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