Plan Rejected By State

The plan submitted by the city to the State of Michigan Treasures office was rejected.


9 thoughts on “Plan Rejected By State”

  1. Max,
    I don’t work for the city. I just attend the meetings. At this point we just have to wait and see if the state accepts the revision.


  2. According to Anonymous – it was minor timing errors -whatever that means! Sounds like the mayor’s office is reading the blog!


  3. I’m not glad about it, but I’m happy to know that the state takes their responsability seriously. So good, now we can stop living in the world of rainbows and sunshine forecast and get down to real business of creating a plan that is realistic.


  4. I heard the same thing about the property values. The plan was based on unrealistic numbers. I guess the mayor tried to pull what he pulls on the council and gets away with. I wasn’t expecting a different out come based on what the mayor was saying when he got the audit report.

    We should keep in mind that he stated he didn’t know the plan was due when it was. Can only imagine what ended up with the state based on what he was saying. Just one more example of a last minute half assed job. Some said that the city wouldn’t be hearing from the state for months because they’re short handed themselves and with what is going on in Detroit. This shows the state is watching the city very closely.


  5. Maybe it was all wishful thinking and “projections” rather than real cuts.

    The longer they wait, the harder it’s going to be to get the job done.

    I hear that property values are still falling and that more foreclosures will be going on the market this year once the “robosigning” issue is dealt with.

    Wishing the problem will go away isn’t going to make it happen.


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