IT Proposals..

January 31 2012 a special meeting was held by the council to vote on whose proposal was going to win out for the IT job in Dearborn Heights. The city of Dearborn or the IT company the city now has, the City of Dearborn won. The council voted 6 to 1 in favor of Dearborns proposal after 3 years the city is going to finally have a contract with someone to do the IT work in this city. An actual plan with goals to meet how novel, not so fast because the Mayor said at the special meeting that he has problems with both proposals. Problems MR. Mayor I would have thought that might have been something that you would’ve brought up at the 3 meetings before the council voted. Oh sorry I forgot you don’t like to give them any information that might let them make an informed vote. It’s so much better to let them vote and then tell them that the problems you have will have to be solved through negotiation. What if you can not come to an agreement? Does the city go back to the company that lost and say oops our bad. Once again it’s doing everything last-minute never fails.


7 thoughts on “IT Proposals..”

  1. I sent Janet an e-mail and asked her. This is what she said:

    I voted against the IT proposal simply because there wasn’t a bottom line price and clear obligations for the contractor were not defined. This vote does not reflect my avid interest in updating the City’s IT so that employees can work more efficiently.

    I also told her that in reading Kathy’s article about Ned Apigian, it was “my perception” that council was going to do something about him. She never answered me.


  2. Ray,

    I don’t know why Janet voted no, but I would have on principle. At the table the Mayor says both quotes have issues, but we’ll work them out. No you negotiate before you sign. Janet seems to be the only person with business sense at the table.


  3. I’m just curious why it was a battle between only two companies. Why not go out for bid like the city does for most things? It is obvious to me that there are plenty of IT people or IT companies that should/would qualify for this type of thing. An IT company that wouldn’t charge as much as an attorney to do basic computer functions. I do know a lot of what went on with the prior IT company and I am 100% positive that Dearborn is the better choice. Still, I don’t think there should have been only two proposals.


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