High Tech Making it’s Way To Council

Watched the last city council meeting and noticed two things right away the picture has gotten worse, and couple of council members are using tablet pc or lab tops . Even heard councilman Apigian has brought his Mac to council meetings. This is great I love to see it and no taxpayer money did not buy these. These are the council members personal property.

Now if we can just get~

A digital camera
New recording equipment
Lab tops for all council members
Council meetings on city web site
New sound equipment
New council chambers
WiFi in the council chambers
A new website

Baby steps lets just start with the IT contract special meeting on that tonight. Only took three years to bring it this far. Major update for the city major I hope they pick the right people to do the job.


4 thoughts on “High Tech Making it’s Way To Council”

  1. Is it true that a police officer drives the agenda packets to each council member for delivery – because many of them do not use e-mail? If this is true – it should be stopped immediately. If they can’t or won’t accept e-mail they can pick up the packets themselves at the Justice Center – which is open on Fridays. In this day and age businesses can’t operate without e-mail, why would any city allow such an outdated practice?


  2. How can we possibly have decided on a support contract when we still don’t know how we will upgrade the hardware needed to run it? Amount of money needed and where it will be found in the budget during this distressed time. I think the council should have tabled the vote on he principal until ALL questions were answered and an actual plan exist.


  3. Anonymous

    They voted for Dearborn, but I’m going to write a post on this considering Corporation Counsel had just taken a look at both proposals, and had problems with both. The Mayor said he had problems with both, but never said a word to the council about what he thought was wrong with them. He said that this will have to be negotiated with them. Will write about it later but Dearborn won the contract/proposal no contract yet no one has signed anything.


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