Show Me The Details I’ll Show You The Money..

Sample invoice
Image by bjmccray via Flickr

Two and half years, that’s how long I’ve been hearing the same complaint about the lack of details on the invoices from lawyers working for the city. The council time and again has asked and demanded detailed invoices from the law firms working for the city. Corporation Counsel has no problem doing it, but not the case when it comes to Acho.

Dear taxpayers, your money pays these bills don’t you want to know what it’s going for I do and the council sure does. There is no violation here to put City vs ——— no one is asking for the details of the case. If someone wants to know that they can go down town and get it once it’s in the court system it’s all public information you can even get it online if you want to. So what is being hidden in these invoices? Why doesn’t the attorney for the city comply with councils repeated request for detailed billing? Who is the one signing off on these invoices to get paid? That would be the assistant to the mayor, why hasn’t she asked for detailed billing before she signs off on them? Why has the council paid these invoices if they are not sure what they are for?

Councilwoman Badalow suggested that a number be assigned to all cases and they as council can call and find out what the case is about based on a number. Sorry to say I don’t agree, as someone who is paying the invoice with my tax money I want to have a name, something tangible not a number that only council can call and ask about. I want to know what case my money is going to.

Invoices for the attorneys are available to the public in the agenda packets online. Good luck trying to find out what the charges are for, most times Acho just puts labor matter or some other non-descriptive term. Someone told me the council should just stop paying the bill until they put in the details. I couldn’t agree more No Details No Money!!! That’s what I would do anyway, but I’m so controversial and confrontational that just might be too much..


1 thought on “Show Me The Details I’ll Show You The Money..”

  1. This has nothing to do with “teens charged” I would like to know how one can get a hold of the council on the phone number that is listed on the web? I have tried to contact a few of them and no answer or voice mail.They do not want us to call them on their personal phone which I understand so what does one do????


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